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  3. @Boris No problem , fortunately my problem solved , Gs Richcopy 360 did the job in just few steps Have a nice day
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  5. That is really weird. Sorry that I can't help you.
  6. I know this is weird , after the transferring done to the new laptop we found that all files have the date 2001. however, the time and date in the old and new laptop are correct
  7. I've never tried doing what you are asking. How did the (2001) date stamp year arise ?
  8. Hi @Boris I know that there is a ton of copy/backup tools as an alternatives to Robocopy like FreeFileSync , Duplicati, Gs Richcopy 360 , Carbonite ....etc , but the question which tool has an option that can allow me to copy time attributes only for 270G data without without re-copying files , this is depends on the users experience ! It would take so much time If I will try many tools , so your experience is appreciated in this case
  9. Anything here which helps ? https://freefilesync.org
  10. We transferred a large amount of data( about 270G ) from the old laptop to another new one , but we found that the files on the destination laptop are there but with the wrong year (2001). I would like to copy just the time attributes from the old laptop to the new one without re-copying files. I found a way via Robocopy but unfortunately, it will re-copying files again and this will take so much time.
  11. I do not use OneDrive myself, but, what OneDrive version do you have ? This may clarify things as to what has/has not been "clouded" for you ? OneDrive Basic gives you 5GB of Cloud storage Free. OneDrive Standalone gives you 100GB of Cloud storage for £1.99/month Microsoft 365 Personal gives you 1 TB (1000 GB) of Cloud storage for £59.99 / year Microsoft 365 Family gives you 6 TB (1000 GB per person) of Cloud storage for £79.99 / year https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/microsoft-365/onedrive/compare-onedrive-plans?activetab=tab:primaryr1
  12. Dear Anyone. I've got a 232-gig hard drive. Discovered it was down to 60gig free. Listed folders on size and discovered I had a OneDrive folder with 75gig of stuff in it I THOUGHT I'd saved to the Cloud. Now SOME of the files/folders have got little clouds next to them, and no size numbers. Some have little clouds next to them AND size numbers. One has a green circle with a tick in it. Here's the bit that's got me absolutely and totally baffled so please be nice to me. If I select them all and right-click and choose Show Properties, it says Size In Folder 75gigs. BUT - Size On Drive 5.9 Gigs!! Yet if I go by the first number and add the free space on my hard drive to it, it totals up to what I THOUGHT my free space should be. Which is about 135gig. If I believe the Size On Drive 5.9 Gigs thing, it leaves me with ROUGHLY 75gigs unaccounted for. IF the Size In Folder number's right, and the Size On Drive number's wrong, I want to be able to delete them all from the hard drive and just leave them in the cloud so I get my 75gigs (or thereabouts!) hard drive real estate back. If the Size On Drive 5.9 Gigs thing is right, how do I find out where the other 75gig's gone? Just so you know, none of the folders with no size numbers next to them are empty. They've all got stuff in. Or rather they all SAY they've still got stuff in. As they're not coming up with any size numbers I'm very worried. I don't know if the stuff's there in reality or not, or if the files have gone just leaving the headers behind. Which would explain the lack of size numbers, if they're really just empty folders with file names in but no actual files. Please, is the stuff on my hard drive or in the Cloud? If it's in the Cloud, how do I convince Windows 10 it's in the Cloud so it gives me my 75gig hard drive space back? If it's NOT the OneDrive folder that's taking up the 75gig - and I'm only ASSUMING it is because the numbers totally and accurately tally up when I add the OneDrive folder to the spare hard drive space - how do I find out where the hard drive real estate's gone? I've tried Tree Size Free and Sequoiaview and can't find any other likely culprits that tally up as accurately as the OneDrive folder. Not saying there AREN'T any, just I can't FIND any!! Tried selecting all the files in the OneDrive folder, right clicking and doing the Free Up Space thing but I can't, it's greyed out. If I right-click in the OneDrive folder WITHOUIT selecting anything, THEN the Free Up Space thing's black and usable. But I clicked on that and it didn't say 'Freeing up space in OneDrve', it said 'Freeing up space On DESKTOP' (my capitals!) I didn't want my desktop files either deleted or moved to the Cloud, so I stopped it. I just wanted the files/folders in the OneDrive folder moved to the cloud and off the hard drive. Why was it doing my desktop folders? I'm very confused on all of this. But I'd love my 75-gig hard drive space back! Wanted to put a screenshot in to show you the problem but this website won't let me upload one from my hard drive. Yours puzzledly Chris.
  13. If you are looking for a professional tool to transfer Apple Mail to Outlook then I suggest you use MailsDaddy MBOX Converter. Apple Mail stores data in the MBOX file format and it exports the MBOX file to the Outlook file format. It is easy to operate by both technical and non-technical users, so there is no need for technical knowledge. It includes more advanced features such as email preview, bulk migration, multiple email conversion formats, date filters, search email filters, and more that make the conversion process easier.
  14. Linux Mint also designed to be user friendly for people who use Windows. I've used it for years.
  15. Linux is a family of open-source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel. Linux Mint is one of these - a community-driven Linux distribution based on Ubuntu
  16. As the title says, what is the clear differences between Linux and Linux Mint? Also, what are the advantages of downloading Linux Mint?
  17. Not aware it causes any security problems and if it's on a static page it isn't going to have any effect on band usage. If it's a live update page it'll use up some data but if you're on unlimited who cares. With most modern PCs a browser isn't going to make a huge hit on RAM or CPU. If you're using antique hardware however it may be worth shutting down, depends how much you're doing simultaneously and what the PC resources are.
  18. Google is your best friend 😀 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Server
  19. Have you seen this ? and read the comments about it ?
  20. Has it got a stock cooler ? or an after-market one ? EDIT - if this is a Triton 500 RTX 2080 SUPER Gaming Laptop - ignore my question and check if the internal cooling fan is blowing out anything at all ?
  21. Is it best to close a Browser down when not in use? Or better to leave it running?
  22. Hi there, Lately my acer triton 500 machine gets really high tempatures. when im playing COD or any game really... i get as high cpu reading up to 90-92C is that not to high? and what can be done to change that? even when just browsing the net... its around 51-58C Could it be it needs new thermal paste? or could it be anotherthing? OH machine has 1 rtx2080 and intel I7 16 gb ram
  23. my cpu is alway a range of 50, but there isn't any issue
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