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  2. Last THREE letters into 3 New Words

    Mankind Evolves Nonetheless
  3. 5 Letters game

    Soiled Nappies Are Particularly Yucky S T I N K
  4. President Trumpety Trump

    1001 things to do with stale shredded wheat, no 666 wear it on your head as a toupee.
  5. Alternative culture

    Look for some clips of Black Oak Arkansas playing and then see if you can still say/type that with any degree of sincerity.
  6. Today
  7. Meteorology question

    topped up my vitamin D. That's the first time I have ever heard a Gin and Tonic called that Irene.
  8. Alternative culture

    Whomever put that lot together is out of their Vulcan minds. He is worse than Big Jim Dandy.
  9. Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update

    They could have kept it for me as well andsome. Wasn't worth the time to install it.
  10. 5 Letters game

    Some Nasty Arsonists Ordinarily Run S N A P Y
  11. Last THREE letters into 3 New Words

    Many Angry Men.
  12. My (late) Manx Friend's Garden

    Very interesting Garden that. I'll bet he found a lot of that stuff on local beaches and probably rubbish Skips. You can tell there is a lot of time and patience went into it.
  13. What are you having for dinner today?

    It's Friday. Fish and Chips night tonight. Aldi Breaded Haddock fillets with Spicy Wedges. Drop of Lime juice and a little sprinkle of Salt, lovely.
  14. President Trumpety Trump

    I thought you may want to see that Brilliant American President again, so here he is. You could run a roll of Toilet paper through your printer, there again what a waste of ink that would be thinking about it. Or, you could save it as a Desktop Wallpaper.
  15. Sultana Slab Tray-bake

    I love cake but I darent eat it these days.
  16. What are you having for dinner today?

    Well having hacked my way through the frost and ice that was encasing the fish drawer it's turned out that today it'll be battered haddock with chips and either runner beans or peas. Note to self time to defrost the freezer again.
  17. What are you having for dinner today?

    My dinner is akin to Irene's (including Actifry chips) but with Tesco mushy peas. I think the Harry Ramsden brand is grossly overrated. Note: I always Actifry my chips in goose or duck fat for the best crisp finish.
  18. Sultana Slab Tray-bake

    Reminds me somewhat of a cake my granny used to make. The main difference being was that the sultanas were steeped in orange juice. I remember a great treat was to drink the excess juice after the soaking the fruit.
  19. Sultana Slab Tray-bake

    Plenty of damage round my waist.
  20. Ha Ha Hoo Hip Hooray

    Great minds think alike! Not that I dared say it to her face
  21. Ha Ha Hoo Hip Hooray

    That's her excuse bet she just liked sniffing old underwear.
  22. Sultana Slab Tray-bake

    Love it!
  23. My (late) Manx Friend's Garden

    How wonderful ... I love it .... a garden with real character to reflect the owner. Funny ... me and Mr M cleared an overgrown area this year under some bushes. I call it the cemetery because it looks like one ..or will do, if only I could find a slab like rock to stand up like a Henge. Failing that a sword like Excalibur stuck in the ground might look good.
  24. Sultana Slab Tray-bake

    And only then on birthdays and Bank Holidays or during power cuts.
  25. Ha Ha Hoo Hip Hooray

    Ooer, that safety pin could be nasty. Just go commando ...
  26. Sultana Slab Tray-bake

    Perfect attitude!
  27. Ha Ha Hoo Hip Hooray

    Ugh ... that make me swallow me tea the wrong way. How disgusting. Years back, on another forum .. there was a lady who worked at a local charity shop who bragged she was their 'sniffer'. Yup, 'sniffer' and she could tell if it was a despicable dastardly smoker who donated the clothing. She was quite proud of this ability to detect social lepers. She hated smokers. Oh boy .. do I wish she worked where your dear lady wife does. It'd serve her right.
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