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  2. I also suggest using the free app Patch My PC https://patchmypc.com/home-updater
  3. Yes I recommend that you clone your old H/D to a new SSD - you should find a great improvement in booting up speed.
  4. It is normal hard drive not SSD I know SSD is faster and time to migrate to SSD
  5. What sort of drive do you have as the boot drive - an older "spinner" SATA Hard Drive or a modern Solid State drive ?
  6. Hi I am using windows 10 64 bit I don’t know if I should believe myth that says do a fresh windows installation every 4 or 5 years as it gets clogged and I feel windows slows down comparing when it was fresh installation Although I use utility Revo Uninstaller (there are others) that is supposed not to leave a leftover in windows registry when you uninstall a program I do not let unnecessary program to run in the background https://imgur.com/a/mMfp5zV Only I have ESET and MalwareBytes running when windows start In past I used many utilities that check and tweak windows OS but it didn’t restore windows to its origin state when it was freshly installed Is this true myth Is there a trust program that check windows 10 health and advise accordingly ? Am I missing some important steps? What are most trusted programs worth to have / buy it ? Thx
  7. it now 2021, windows 11 is on the market , although personally i think windows 7 is the best one😀
  8. have you use antivirus soft to check your pc?
  9. i think you shall contact microsoft support
  10. why not post the content on the forum?
  11. i prefer a usb stick install, there are few people have cd rom today, and it works great
  12. i think op should upload some pic about disk partitioning, just text is not enough
  13. Welcome to the ghost forum, so called because you will require a Ouija board to contact much of the membership of this once great forum. It is however still moderated and those of us that lurk here are moderately friendly. Think of it as a blank slate to make of what you will. The more the merrier.
  14. Hi All, I am new here. I am from Australia and working as a sr.seo with Digitalplux.
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  16. This fault is usually due to a poor connection made by the ribbon cable. Sometimes the fault will show as two vertical white lines. You can also get horizontal lines as well. Check the seating of the ribbon cable connectors between the display panel and the motherboard.
  17. One day some white bars showed up on my Dell Inspiron N7110 laptop. Now I crowd-source my diagnosis. Symptoms: - white bars show up in BIOS/Diagnostics - they are not shown on external display nor screen captures - funny thing: they're not "covering" the screen, rather the screen is "split" at these areas (see video) - screen is actually being pushed off the side! Attempted: - reseating LCD cable at both ends - problem persists - praying https://i.ibb.co/xSkQzSg/screen1.jpg https://i.ibb.co/W0xxHQm/screen2.gif
  18. I'm overwhelmed, it seems I've been given a badge by the forum, it seems I'm a one year newbie ! Who knew it somehow seems longer. Then they do say time is an illusion, maybe I imagined it all. Which would make andsome a figment of my imagination a thought that is somehow worrying in the extreme. Try this
  19. v5.83.9050 (20 Jul 2021) Cleaning improvements New support for Windows 10 Snip & Sketch temporary files Improved cleaning of Microsoft OneDrive logs Driver Updater Improved error handling messages and options Fixed a bug where driver categories were not displaying correctly Fixed a bug causing UI issues when navigating between tabs Fixed a bug causing the program to hang when scanning for drivers to update
  20. Hey! This is to inform you that if you have less specification of laptop or computer then please don't install windows 11 either your computer or laptop will be working slow..
  21. Hello Every, I was facing this problem while using window10 x64 . Actually, I need guide how do we update firmware in win 2010 server. This was the question asked in my last interview. I told them using WSUS. The guy told me it is not. Kindly help me out Thanks in Advance Regards; Diksha
  22. So, this is something that took me hours to figure out because it's so unbelievable. I use a game trainer program that is blocked from executing in an AppData temp folder because it uses code-injecting behaviour associated with malware. Usually, I just have to disable my AV program and Windows Defender Antivirus, but it kept being blocked. How? Because Windows 10 continues its arrogant trend of taking control out of the user's hands, by making it impossible to disable Defender AV. It used to be that you could disable it only temporarily, which was bad enough, but one of the updates over the last few months (I haven't figured out which one, and I don't know how I will reasonably be able to) broke this toggle. Now, even if you disable it via the toggle or using Policy Editor, it STILL RUNS. It still functions normally, blocking files it believes are bad for me, because it thinks I can't make this decision on my own. I finally figured this out by creating exclusions in my Comodo AV, rather than deactivating it. When Comodo is active, Defender actually deactivates for real, so by making these exclusions, I was able to finally run the program. The reason I was so confused is because Defender used to silently block this program, but I just had to disable the toggle and it worked just fine. Now the toggle is broken, and the only reasonable explanation for this is that it was patched in one of the many MANDATORY updates, to give the illusion of choice when there is none. I swear Windows is becoming more like Mac every day. So, this is just my own findings from my own trial and error research, and my conclusions based on those findings. Maybe I'm wrong about something, but the objective fact is that following some unavoidable update, Defender now continues to run silently, despite appearing to be toggled off, and I'd say that's a pretty despotic move on Microsoft's part. I'd be interested to see if any one else can corroborate this.
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