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  2. I've tried nice stuff, with limited success so here's something lound N narsty !
  3. I download a website playwithatif How to download games from these.
  4. You should have used any piece of iron near you...and rubbed it continuously for 5 to 10 min....it is really effective.
  5. Keeping an I phone is status symbol now days and of course it gives the best picture quality too.
  6. High Sierra is far from Apple's most exciting macOS update. ... But macOS is in good shape as a whole. It's a solid, stable, functioning operating system, and Apple is setting it up to be in good shape for years to come. There are still a ton of places that need improvement — especially when it comes to Apple's own apps.
  7. High security, high stability, ease of maintenance, runs on any hardware, free, open source, ease of use, customization, education and support are few reasons to use Linux over anything.
  8. The Mac AppleMail to PST Converter is the best option for your file migrating. This is a user friendly application that you can run without getting technical assistance. The Converter tool is very easy to use, you have to just follow 3-4 steps and its easily migrate, configure, install and filter your all files. Compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003. This application can keep the entire data without leaving any error. The easily runs on Mac 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13. Visit here:- https://www.toolscrunch.com/mac-applemail-to-pst-converter.html
  9. Possibly/probably ? - I don't use Chrome unfortunately
  10. Also just noted from the Programs installed function that Chrome did update the night before the problem so could it have been this update?
  11. Interesting, I have Chrome installed but do not use. The next day all was OK it's a Lenovo M/c so I ran the Hardware scan, no problems found. Again today M/c is OK. If you happen to find solution could you please post
  12. Happens to me with Chrome and I haven't pinned it down yet, though it looks as if something is running a background cookie sweep.
  13. Check out: https://www.techluence.tech/2019/10/google-chrome-dark-mode-for-android.html
  14. Well, at least thanks for the reply. Let's see what happens tomorrow at switch on
  15. Attempting to add a "Recovery Software Program to my system and was hoping for suggestions or recommendations. As I wouldn't expect to use the software often I am looking for a free or very inexpensive program. I have looked at "Recuva" but it seems to be very difficult, at least to me, to find specific deleted files. Part of this problem is I have a one terabyte laptop and "Recuva" returns all files just not the deleted ones and I haven't figured out how to zero in on only the deleted files. I have no doubt there is a way I just haven't found it yet. Regardless, if any of our members knows of a simple to use, accurate program, I would very much appreciate their sharing the name and their experience with,the program. As always I appreciate all replies and would thank you in advance. John
  16. I always keep my self logged in to a couple of web sites, BBC/Trip Advisor etc. Switched on this morning & found that I had been logged out of them. I'm using Windows 10 & F. Fox as a browser with AVG as security Software. Have checked program updates & can't see any major updates. Have run MWB & no problems reported. Any ideas why it occurred?
  17. Boris


    v5.63.7540 (15 Oct 2019) General - This release contains an important security update and some minor bug fixes and UI updates You can read more here: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/55747-ccleaner-v5637540/
  18. Good one B .. 👏 looks like your avatar is singing to it. 😄
  19. Fifa 14 NFS Underground GTA San Andreas GTA Vice City MotoGP '08 If you want to know more 25 games then click here for best low specs games
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