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  2. RAM requirements depend on what programs you will be running, have a look on their web pages and check out the RAM requirements of each. Total up the figures for whatever you're likely to run simultaneously and that'll give you the bare minimum.
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  4. Which OS should be use in all kind of Computer
  5. Hi I am using 1TB Core i5 7th Generation how much ram I need to use for?
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  7. You better upgrade to Windows 10,this is what you should do,as Windows 7 is no longer supported,Windows 7 will be easily violated by viruses in the future.
  8. Can I set up a login and registration page form for my users
  9. No problems here either, both running fine and both have just installed updates.
  10. Have any other forum members been experiencing problems with Firefox and Chrome loading? Today is the second time I have experienced this problem while not having any difficulty whatsoever with Opera. I realize networks are experiencing more traffic now than before and also that Firefox and Chrome are more popular than Opera. Today when I downloaded the new version of Firefox, I was using Opera at the time, I couldn't even install the program. It would install probably 95% than would give me a message that it couldn't finish the installation. When I tried again later in the evening the new program installed as normal with no problems. Just curious if others are also having this difficulty. If not I suppose it may have something to do with my provider. Wednesday and Thursday my internet speed was not near as high as normal and I excused that to high internet traffic. Anyway, just asking. As always I will appreciate all replies and would thank you in advance.
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  12. Ideal temperature 50 to 75 degrees. higher it goes will slow the CPU down until it will finally stop, gradually lowering the clock speed. For you its 39 which is completely fine. No need to worry unless you see hikes upto 80 degrees or 100 degrees
  13. To begin with, it’s not something that should be fixed in itself. The message is there for a reason. Windows simply can’t find a keyboard. Ok, either you don’t have a keyboard, or you are connecting it to a dysfunct PS/2 port, or a bad USB-port. if first: buy a keyboard. if second: buy a keyboard. ( with USB ) if third: Try another USB-port. If still doesn’t work, buy another keyboard. If still not detected then try updating your IO drivers
  14. AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (or 3600X if you can find it cheap), some B450 mobo with Ryzen 3000 support (for example, with MSI those are the ones ending with “MAX” - with others potentially also supporting it, but not guaranteed without update; not counting A320 and similar). 16 GB (2x8) DDR4-3200 or, if it’s not much more expensive, higher (3400, 3600…). Some RTX 2060 (e.g. there was one from Gigabyte that was factory-overclocked and very decently priced). About storage, if you think 1 TB will be enough for you, then just get a 1 TB SSD (or 960 GB or whatever). Otherwise… maybe get a small SSD for the OS and a HDD. Case, the Fractal Design Meshify C looks fun, and it’s not expensive. If, however, all you’re after is RGB, and don’t care about having a good time building the PC, Deepcool Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB: You could also try windows virtual desktop on azure Monitor, I don’t know, depends on what games you play, and whether you prefer higher resolution or higher refresh rate. For CS:GO, LoL and similar, I’d look for a 144 or 240 Hz monitor. For RDR2 and similar, I guess some 1440p IPS monitor would look great, even if it’s only 60 Hz (not that you’ll get much more than 60 FPS in that resolution anyway). Keyboard - depends, but the Cooler Master CK550 if you’re going with the “RGB everywhere” theme 😄 Mouse, the HyperX Pulsefire Core looks interesting. Mousepad, SteelSeries Qck Edge.
  15. The computer will be unable to see the SSD if it is not properly connected. The devices use two cables and ports -- one to connect to the computer through SATA and the other to power the device. Laptops connect to the ports through a docking mechanism. If the computer isn't recognizing the SSD, make sure the SATA and power cables are properly connected to the SSD, motherboard and power supply. If this doesn't help, replace the cables to ascertain that a bad cable isn't causing the problem. External SSDs using USB or SATA may need to use a separate power cable to work as well. Windows 7 may be unable to recognize the SSD if there's a problem with the file system. The file system arranges the data on the device; without it the computer can't make sense of the SSD's data. You may be able to fix the drive by clearing the partition table -- and all stored information on the drive -- with the DiskPart tool. You can use the "clean" command to completely wipe a SSD's contents.
  16. Hello everyone, could somebody help me with this issue that i have for school please ? Windows Server 2012 Client : Windows 10 Enterprise The request sais "the OU delegated admins must have access to the following snap-ins consoles : 1.AD UC 2.Group Policy Management 3.Group Policy Management Editor 4.Administrative Templates (Users) 5.Administrative Templates (Computers) So i installed the RSAT tools on the client workstation, set the 2 GPO on the server : User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Microsoft Management Console\Restrict user access to explicitly permited list of snap-ins and User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Microsoft Management Console\Restricted/Permited snap-ins then set the permissions, and now, the delegated local admin can add the first three snap-ins in his local console, can create users, groups, he can create and link GPO's, but noway nohow I cannot add the last two snaps in the console (Administrative Templates Users/Computers)... What am i doing wrong ? Any suggestions are welcomed... Thank you !
  17. DBX to PST Converter tool will convert OE DBX file to Outlook PST format and its work without any issues for you. The tool assures you no loss of any data file and no compromise with file quality. The tool works on all Outlook versions without any disturbance. download the free trial version of the software and understanding the software.For more info visit: https://www.tooltoconvert.com/dbxtopst.html
  18. Reading, I did try to write one once but after a couple of chapters concluded it was crap and it sort of fizzled out.
  19. Are you writing ? or reading one ?
  20. You should try to reinstall Linux to that drive ..... As you are saying that you were using linux and then turn back to window 7 .... So linux create Ext4 partition which are not readable by window ..... but if you will install linux then your SSD can detect easily and then after try to install window by format complete drive and change partition at time of installing window. You can add also your SSD as external device to other linux operating system and use Gparted to create partition in Fat 32 or NTFS and then install window ... it will be detected by window also.
  21. In the current situation it's a total irrelevance covid-19 and an elderly mother means we went into a near lock-down state a week before everybody else, there's way more important stuff to consider. I suppose I was surprised and maybe my ego took a hit as having been rendered a non person nobody seems to have noticed or cared. Makes you realise how utterly meaningless all the "friends" people have on social media are. Not that I Facebook or anything never seen the attraction. Ho hum back to the book.
  22. Install Xampp on your computer. After install start Apache and Sql by click on xampp window Create a folder "yourfolder" under Xampp/https folder and put all your website file in "Yourfolder" Open in browser localhost/phpmyadmin Create a database Import your sql file in your database. Edit wp-config.php file in yourfolder according to created database Now open in browser localhost/yourfolder Your site is ready to go on your computer (local)
  23. How can we ..... You did not share any example URL or your niche market or your own site URL (If any). To get help in design best suggestion from my side is google once "Responsive HTML Templates for (Your niche market like business agency)" and you can lots of free and paid templates to get designing ideas.
  24. nulleddirectory is place where you can find pirated software or cracked premium templates or themes for free. If you are professional developer then you can change according to your need and make it own but if you have no coding idea then after some duration you will get issue when wordpress or similar platform update and ask you to update plugins .... So best choice is spend small amount and buy themes from original origin and get regular support and update for free.
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