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  2. We haven't been getting out much either, except for walking, both of us having reached our 70th year, and myself with asthma and hypertension. Mrs B had a TIA in February, so she is now on similar meds to me as well. She is OK and got the green light to drive again in March, but then the lockdown arrived and she hasn't driven since. However she is going to drive to get her hair done on Monday ☺️. Neither of us has been in a shop for about 3 months. Gardening and tinkering with my garage stock of old PCs to get them running Win 10 has kept me occupied. Mr Sainsbury home delivering has kept us going, plus our lovely next-door neighbour collecting our prescriptions for us. Very sorry to hear you are having health issues Irene, make sure you take care of yourself !!.
  3. All hunky dory here, I put Mum under lockdown a good week before Boris got his act together. Although she's not on any official high risk register I decided that at 91 and having had a mini stroke a couple of years ago I wasn't taking any chances. We're slowly easing off and as she was going stir crazy and needed the exercise she now gets a weekly walk around a shopping emporium of whatever type takes her fancy but we're all wearing trendy masks cleaning the shopping trolley and dousing ourselves with copious dollops of disinfectant hand gel when we get back to the car. This is Mums, funky init ? Mine's a bit less girly, they're not surgical standard but as they're mainly to stop asymptomatic spreaders coughing and sneezing the lurgee all over the shop, should be OK. Sorry to hear about your health issues, you take care. Leave the experimentation with the afterlife to Gandalph, Doug and Pat.
  4. Hi there you two! I am here, but struggling with health issues - the latest being Heart Failure. 😟 I have been in lockdown from the rest of the world throughout. Hope you’re all well. 😷
  5. System duplicated my post, probably a stuck relay in the switchboard or maybe rust on the connections .
  6. Boris


    v5.68.7820 (23 Jun 2020) This version of CCleaner brings improved cleaning to Firefox and Chromium browsers. Cleaning - Fixed browser extensions not being shown in Firefox and Chrome - Fixed cleaning of ‘Last Download Location’ in Chromium browsers Health Check - Users can now provide a comment with their rating Software Updater - Software Updater displays a message when offline and a ‘Try Again’ button
  7. Gives a new dimension to River Dance ?
  8. Hey ho it's that time of month again so try this.
  9. Behold Amabie a Japanese Yokai whose image has miraculous powers to cure contagion. Very popular in the nineteenth century, Amabie has made a big comeback in the modern pandemic, so in order to provide assistance in today's chaos I provide your very own anti viral monster picture. Now I'll handily admit it may not be that helpful and I'm not aware of any reputable clinical trials. It is however guaranteed to be less harmful to you than following Donald Trumps advice and drinking disinfectant.
  10. Boris


    v5.67.7763 (28 May 2020) This version of CCleaner brings more cleaning to Firefox, improvements in the delivery of our Professional trial guided experience, and some stability fixes for Windows 7 users. Cleaning - Added optional cleaning of Firefox crash reports General - Fixed a potential crash when CCleaner Professional, Business or Tech Editions launch on Windows 7 - Fixes to the Professional trial to improve the delivery of its guided experience
  11. Coincidentally, I had an international call this morning from a lady telling me that my Internet service was to be disconnected for updating purposes. For further information I had to press button 1 in order to speak to a technician. I just put the phone down without answering. That must be six hours ago, now, and my connection's fine.
  12. When I attempt to use a Viking 64 GB USB, I am told it cannot be used until it has been formatted. However, when I attempt to format it, I am unable to do so. When I go into Disk Management, the attached image is what I see. There is nothing of any use to me on the USB, so I just want to format it. Any help appreciated.
  13. It's an odd look but Maria Franz can carry it off.
  14. Let's forget the heavyish rock which is my comfort zone and get weird in a big way. Very Mahler. NOT. Hang in there, it will get back to what we perceive as normal eventually.
  15. I recently bought a Zotac Z Box barebones machine and installed 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD with W10. The machine is fanless and, with the SSD, i.e no moving parts whatsoever, is totally silent. The whole thing clicked together very easily and I am very happy with it.
  16. I am a blogger and also a do or die lover of pubg but now I am stucked in the middle of decision. I need a new PC with good ram that can help me handle my blog and also be able.to enjoy my self with pugb whenever I want to. So if anyone know any good PC for recommending then please I am open enough to accept. Thanks I look forward to good replies and recommendations.
  17. Any views are always slanted towards the view of whoever writes them. I use 4 different browsers and the main thing I like about CCleaner is that (unlike the individual browser's own cookie removal processes [all or nothing]), you can keep whatever ones you actually specify. The comment about it reporting everything back can also be turned off easily.
  18. I've been reading this article which advises not to use C Cleaner, & i don't want to give myself any more problems, so what do you think? https://helpdeskgeek.com/free-tools-review/why-you-shouldnt-download-ccleaner-for-windows-anymore/
  19. OK, thanks, to expand, I use MWB weekly & run AVG as security so still good to use C Cleaner? Also are there any conflicts with Windows 10?
  20. I have "Speccy" installed, worth a look:- https://www.ccleaner.com/speccy
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