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  1. Operating System Support

    1. Windows Client OS Support

      For assistance with all Microsoft Windows client operating systems, such as XP, Vista, 7, 8 and the all new Windows 10.

    2. Windows Server Technologies

      Assistance and support can be found in here for all Windows Server, Exchange Server and SharePoint Server.

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      If you are looking for help and support or just have a query, and you are not running Windows, this is the place for you.

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    1. Hardware Support and Discussion

      Problem installing a new piece of hardware, then post in here.

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      For assistance and support with all Microsoft applications such as Office.

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      Problem installing an application, can't find a setting, then post in here.

    4. Internet, Networking and Security

      If you are having Internet related problems, network troubles or have a security related question, take a look in here.

    5. Miscellaneous Support!

      Not sure where to post? Post it in here, chances are you'll be right. Use this forum when the others do not apply to the problem that you might be having!

  3. Essentials

    1. Essential Guides

      A catalogue of step by step instructions on various subjects. Submitted by the members, for the members. This forum is also home to 'Essential Guides' created by Powerless.

    2. Essential Reviews

      A catalogue of reviews on various products. Submitted by members, for the members.

    3. Essential Headlines

      Keep up-to-date with news and information in the computer world.

    4. Essential Software

      Come across some great software? Then tell us about it...

    5. Essential Updates

      Keep up-to-date with new software releases in the computer world.

  4. Everything Else

    1. The Game Zone

      If you're looking for fun and games, take a look in this board and see what you can find!

    2. Programming, Debugging, Scripting...

      C#, C++, PHP, VB, etc.

    3. Websites, Design and Code

      Need a helping hand with that HTML? Don't know what the difference is bewteen HTML and XHTML? Still trying to figure out what CSS is all about....then pop in and we'll see what we can do!

    4. Home Cinema, Television, Sky, Virgin Media, Freeview, Freesat

      Don't know your DLP's from your Plasmas? Wondering what a LCD TV is? Are you wanting a 5.1 surround sound setup in your living room? Lets's see what we can do...

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    1. Windows Forum Related

      Please use this forum to discuss any forum related issues. Windows Forum staff will also use this forum to update you on critical information that affects the forum.

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      Something on your mind? Then debate it, or create a poll and let the voters vote."

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      Post a joke, post nothing to do with a computer and welcome new members.

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    • I always use Acronis media (CD or USB) to do any cloning type jobs. Much simpler and less frustrating than trying it from a running system - as you have found out 
    • I have an Acer Aspire R3 131T Windows 10 Celeron N3050 Dual Core 1.6/2.16GHz flip laptop which has a normal keyboard and can be folded 360 degrees to become an 11.6" tablet.   Its a great little machine for use away from home.   It came with a 500 Gb HD and 2 Gb of memory which restricted its performance more than a little.   A few months ago I installed 8 Gb memory instead of the 2 Gb - which made a noticeable difference. However I was left to wonder how much the standard hard drive held it back.   I ordered a 500 Gb Crucial SSD yesterday which arrived this morning and it has taken me most of the day getting it installed and working.   Being gullible - I understood from the Acronis bumf that it was easy to clone the existing hard drive to the new SSD.   It isn't.   I have Acronis 2016 installed and the instructions are to plug a SATA/USB adapter lead into the new drive, plug it into the laptop USB3 port, fire up Acronis, select "Clone" and it would turn the  new SSD into a bootable replica of the existing hard drive.   It didn't.   First off you have to activate and format the new SSD - they don't tell you this.  After doing this and starting over again - part way through the cloning process Acronis needs to re-boot the computer - which it does. But it fails to continue with the cloning process after the computer re-boots and the clone fails.   So after much googling it mentions on the Acronis web site that for a laptop you must install the SSD in the laptop and connect the old Hard drive via USB. After doing this you discover that this doesn't work either.   More Googling reveals that the re-boot problem is caused by having a card reader built into the laptop which you have to disable - which I did. This didn't resolve the problem and the computer still didn't complete the cloning after the reboot.   More Googling suggested that with some laptops you could only clone the HD to an SSD by using the Acronis Emergency media to boot the computer and them clone the disk. I have a memory stick loaded with Acronis and the laptop configured to boot from the USB before the HD - so this was the set up which eventually worked.   So my laptop now has more memory and an SSD instead of a conventional hard drive.  But was it all worth it?   Well - it kept me amused for the best part of today and it added to my fund of knowledge.   Before swapping the drives I had timed some of the operations to make a comparison after the conversion. This is the result.   After pressing the start button on the laptop :-   The user name appears in 17 seconds (was 32 seconds)
        The desktop appears in 38 seconds (was 68 seconds)
        The desktop is fully loaded in 56 seconds (was 104 seconds)   Shut down is 11 seconds (was 14 seconds)   Loading Word takes 5 seconds (was 9 seconds)
      Loading Excel takes 4 seconds (was 7 seconds)
      Loading I.E takes 4 seconds (was 8 seconds)
      Loading Edge takes 4 seconds (was 5 seconds)
      Loading Firefox takes 7 seconds (was 11 seconds)
      Loading File Explorer takes 2 seconds (was 3 seconds)
      Loading CCleaner takes 3 seconds (was 5 seconds)   So I have enjoyed a full day's pleasure sorting out the problem and probably saved myself about 2 minutes per day hereafter waiting whilst stuff loads. With a pocket £120 lighter.   Other than feeling that glow of success - it wasn't really worth the bother.  
    • Vivisection Often Upsets Ridiculous Optimists   C A R V D