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  2. Emma Chambers RIP

  3. Angst technology

    You edited it
  4. Today
  5. Angst technology

    I've linked to this in the past, but well worth doing again.
  6. Happy Birthday, Boris...

    So no barbed wire or razor blades then ?
  7. Happy Birthday, Boris...

    The local Lidl had none of the soft-closers, besides Mrs B is anti-plastic re. "seating" - so a trip to Screwfix sourced me a https://www.screwfix.com/p/cooke-and-lewis-standard-closing-toilet-seat-moulded-wood-white/1056t Unfortunately my command of the 8 ? languages the instructions and weird diagrams were in didn't appear adequate. So I winged it. I don't think they could have thought of any more parts for the hinge fitting - 5 separate bits for each one and you needed 3 hands to hold the seat in place whilst assembling/tightening the mechanisms. I'm just off to get a bottle of Rioja from the rack to soothe myself, so don't expect any sense from me if anyone has a Windows problem today !
  8. Keep One Drop One

    Mountain top
  9. Keep One Drop One

    Top Trumps
  10. Happy Birthday, Boris...

    One of my cousins has a transparent acrylic toilet seat in which is embedded razor blades. (below the surface of course)
  11. What are you having for dinner today?

    Roast chicken, paprika spuds and veg with Marsala and Cointreau cream cheese sauce accompanied by a bottle of sauvignon blanc wine. Followed by a snooze
  12. Happy Birthday, Boris...

    Is there somewhere more exotic ??
  13. What are you having for dinner today?

    Got some real (undyed) smoked haddock so it's kedgeree today.
  14. Happy Birthday, Boris...

    You could try lidl unless you want something a bit more exotic
  15. Happy Birthday, Boris...

    Well spotted, you usually find the deliberate mistook
  16. Write A Ten Word Story

    That ten word sentence is the best one yet posted. (You were absolutely right deciding to omit the word commendable)
  17. Keep One Drop One

    Top ten
  18. Happy Birthday, Boris...

    Happy birthday Boris
  19. Happy Birthday, Boris...

    Oooops - spill chucker grammar fail. I guess you mean throne.
  20. Happy Birthday, Boris...

    Nowt like a comfortable throne A broken hinge could lead to catastrophic injuries
  21. Happy Birthday, Boris...

    Happy Birthday ...May your next one take years to reach.
  22. A Manx gentleman

    I am pleased we have at last managed to bring three cornered circuit boards into the daylight after all these weeks since it was first mentioned. Neva Bend, the brand that Robert was pushing, seem to be loosing favour due to the angularity of their bends. Even though we do not use them, they really should be made neatly. On the other hand, if just going across the road, to clip in the dredge valve every three hundred yards, is a chore, then Stanley should be moved to another tower. The new one in Clitheroe, next to the back door of the barbers in Chapel Street, is a prime example on how not to dispose of unwanted dredgings.
  23. Happy Birthday, Boris...

    Thanks - my first task is to go out and buy a replacement toilet seat, as Mrs B (or the grand-children) seem to have broken the metal hinge on the bathroom one overnight. Not quite what I was expecting to do today
  24. Happy Birthday, Boris...

    Have a truly scintillating day.
  25. Happy Birthday, Boris...

    Happy Birthday, Boris! Have a great day.
  26. Yesterday
  27. Last THREE letters into 3 New Words

    Debilitating and yucky
  28. Keep One Drop One

    hill top
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