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  2. What are you having for dinner today?

    I gotta find me some penguin !! I wonder if you could use Ostrich as an alternative, I've got some Ostrich in the freezer.
  3. What are you having for dinner today?

    Pasta with onions, garlic, and canned tomatoes and lashings of tomato puree. One of our favourites and quick and easy.
  4. Certainly a peculiar thing to happen. The only other thing which occurred to me was, is there a call-back feature on the Samsung which might come into action if the recipient's phone was engaged when first dialled? Alan, your idea to ask O2 to inspect the phone is a good idea. You certainly wouldn't want that to happen again. It requires an explanation.
  5. What are you having for dinner today?

    Lamb casserole today.
  6. What are you having for dinner today?

    I wonder if penguin tastes similar to seagull? If it does then I have it on good authority that its eating qualities are quite disgusting, resembling oily rags soaked in rotten fish.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Android Mobile Phone Expert Needed

    It is a Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 Limit - 450 minutes of free calls to end of month. The contact entry in the address book lists her friend Grahams mobile and landline numbers. I have tried everything I know to inadvertently touch the mobile icon when closing a call - but it is impossible because the address book is not on the screen at that time. Even if she were able to do it by some hidden fluke - why is the call not registered in the log? I am thinking of asking O2 to have the phone for their engineers to examine because they have software to display all calls - including those deleted or failing to show in the log. If the phone did make the call - and if Graham did not close it properly - why did it run for 9.5 hours and only close at 02:00 am the following morning without human intervention. Also - Graham used his phone 2 hours after the phantom call closed - hence for sure the call could not have been longer than the two hours. Something strange happened that is for sure - hence, I am anxious to find what caused it - to ensure it cannot happen again. Thanks for your thoughts though Irene.
  9. What are you having for dinner today?

    Lunch today was one of my improvised home soups, when you've got loads of stuff get creative: Roast carrot, Apple & Coriander. Definitely sweeter than most of my soups but quite palatable and full of vitamins and minerals. As to bacon chops we find the supply a bit unpredictable, Aldi used to have nice ones then they stopped, Lidl have them as specials but they aren't reliable. M & S usually have them but at a price and Morrisons have them most of the time but they're cut rather thin The problem with the penguin recipe, the more I think about it the more I want to try it
  10. What are you having for dinner today?

    See... I pay attention! I like Bacon Chops. Haven't had them for a while though - food for thought. When I do them, I usually serve with New Potatoes, Broad Beans and Peas, plus a seasoned butter.
  11. Whatever you do don't forget the G

    Maybe they are arsing about.
  12. Sometimes you know what they probably meant.

    I didn't know that lettuce had feelings.
  13. What are you having for dinner today?

    Well to be honest it's bacon chops again, but I've posted that at least twice already and I didn't want to look as if I was stuck in a rut. I was also wondering if anybody actually pays attention to what's posted on this thread, seems they do. PS getting good quality penguin in the midlands is rather difficult and the Sealife centre get ratty if you try to take any of theirs.
  14. Sometimes you know what they probably meant.

    Exactly what did they mean?
  15. Special container for Corbyns speech drafts

    I couldn't agree more.
  16. andsome be warned, this means you !

    Best place for vermin.
  17. What are you having for dinner today?

    I am going to make carrot and coriander soup, to have with cheese and onion baps.
  18. I don't have any specific answers in mind, but... What make and model is the phone, Alan? Is there an individual time limit on the 450 inclusive calls? Does the Contact entry for Libby's friend include both mobile and landline number? If so, the call to his mobile may have been touched inadvertently when the call to his landline was ended.
  19. Android Mobile Phone Expert Needed

    No positive help from me either except to say this sort of thing is one of the main reasons I don't have a contract mobile phone. I use PAYG and never have more than £10 credit. Another advantage of PAYG is that you are not tied to a number so that if you start getting barraged with unwanted communications you can quickly change the SIM. There are disadvantages if you're a frequent user but I am not.
  20. Last week
  21. Android Mobile Phone Expert Needed

    I can't say how, only thing I can see looking at google is that there have been contaminated aps with adware on Android store and at some unaffiliated sites. It may be worth downloading a reputable android antivirus like avast! or Kaspersky and scanning the phone. All I can say is that as there's nothing in the phone log presumably O2 will correct it.
  22. Android Mobile Phone Expert Needed

    I can’t help I’m afraid. I hope it gets sorted soon. The only thing that I can offer is that Malware bytes now have an Android app. You get a trial of the paid version free, then pay or continue with the free version. Worth consideration when it has been sorted. All the best with getting it sorted.
  23. What are you having for dinner today?

    Goujon of penguin in a tempura batter served with a wasabi and uglyfruit sauce and a side order of shredded pickled Kohlrabi and Quinoa.
  24. Are there any android experts here. My wife Libby has a costly problem. Neither of us are mobile phone experts – far from it – perhaps why we can’t understand it. Today she received an Email and separately a text from her mobile phone provider stating that she had spent £197 on calls yesterday and that they had blocked her phone until it was paid. She has a contract giving her 450 free calls and 250MB of data for £10 per month paid by direct debit from her bank account. She assumed it was a scam – but I insisted she opened her account from the O2 web site – and not by the link in the Email – to check it out. Her account did indeed show a phone call made at 16:59 on the 19th November lasting 9.5 hours to a mobile. The number of which was a friend of hers. The cost was £197. She admitted phoning her friend yesterday – but to his landline and not his mobile. I checked her mobile, opened the phone log and found that the last number listed was to that friend’s landline (not the mobile) at 16:41 on the 19th lasting 18 minutes. Hence the phantom 9.5 hour call started at the time she closed the call made to the landline. I then checked whether it could still make phone calls but it was barred. I asked her to ring her friend (using my phone) to discover whether he had received a call from Libby’s mobile at 16:59 yesterday – he confirmed he thought it strange that when yesterday’s landline call ended, his mobile was ringing. The screen showed the call was from Libby’s mobile but when he opened the call there was silence and no-one there. He therefore assumed she had dialled in error and he switched his phone off. He used his mobile a couple of hours later and didn’t see anything strange. Libby had not used her mobile since yesterday until she received the Email on her laptop today from O2 with the bad news. When she tested her phone and found it barred for outgoing calls. By now she was in a panic and called the O2 customer services who looked at her account and told her it was a scam and to ignore it. She had her smile back. I insisted that it could not be a scam – her phone was barred and her web account, accessed safely, showed the rogue call - but she wanted to believe all was well. I was not at all happy with this situation and took her off to the O2 shop to get some help. The guy looked at her phone and confirmed that the last call made was to her friend’s landline. I told him that her friend confirmed he had received a call from her mobile but it was a silent call and he had ended the call immediately. So how does he explain that her phone had been barred for a call she did not deliberately make which was not recorded in the phone log. Furthermore, why did customer services confirm it was a scam. He rang customer services himself – spoke to another assistant who found that the account had indeed been charged with the call costing £197 – but that they would not take the payment until her next direct debit on December 10th. However – they were not able to clarify why the call was not logged on the phone and would refer the matter to their investigating team who would check the network traffic. This would take 5 days, meanwhile they would clear the bar on the phone as a goodwill gesture. I then asked the guy in the phone shop how it was possible for a phone to make the call without Libby instigating it – but he said it was impossible. He said that if her thumb had slid from the red close call button (unlikely) onto her friend’s green phone icon in the address book (very unlikely) to make another call – it would have gone to the landline which is the default and definitely not the mobile. He called a second assistant over and they discussed the problem with much head scratching and trying various things on the phone but could see no way that Libby could possibly have instigated the call. Furthermore – even if was assumed the phone somehow made the call without her knowledge and her friend had not closed the call properly – the fact that he used his phone later would have meant the total time would have been 2 hours and not 9.5 hours. Since getting home I have played with her phone and mine trying to find a way to make a call by accident when I close a call, without success. Neither can I see how a call made does not appear in the log. Someone, somewhere might be able to throw light on the problem. If I don’t get to the bottom of it we will both be nervous wrecks every time we use our mobiles. HELP
  25. andsome be warned, this means you !

    May be DUMPLING CATS would be more acceptable???.
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