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    A large number of children these days are unable to speak properly, never mind read or write.
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    Win. 10 was updated yesterday, my version is now 1607, O/S Build 14393.953. But looking at the "Settings" area it says that KB3150513 is available to install & I can do it now or it will be installed during a non active period. Questions 1 I thought KB3150513 had been installed as an "enabler" pre Win. 10 release, correct? 2 Why was KB3150513 not automatically installed? 3 Is it a large installation?
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    OK, just a bit of panic on my part, it has now installed. Thanks
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    I believe that it needs to install after the Cumulative Update KB4013429 (OS Build 14393.953) - mine did
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    1) Looks as if being a Compatibility check it has cumulative updates. Read Here . It looks as if it gets updated if you :- 2 & 3) No idea, I never did get round to accepting the W10 update.
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    Microsoft - Two BIG Windows 10 Cumulative updates released within four days !! Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems Do they not know that some people in the world aren't on fibre, just 2MB broadband. I've had 4 people ring me up tonight asking if I know why their machines are crawling when online. All have their broadband delivered via overhead wires - 3 only have a 10GB monthly limit too ! This new update approach is not all I thought it would be :ermm: