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  1. artist

    Oh yeah I'm back

    altogether - calm, calm, calm - and breathe......
  2. artist

    Ever blown up a vacuum cleaner ?

    Try to save a few bob - blow up the house, why don't you! :P Typical - just the sort of thing my hubby does. Still have to spend in the end. For example - the back door lock has been playing up for ages - he's had it out of the door numerous times. A couple of weeks ago the lock refused to play anymore. I had to go out of another door. New door £250..............
  3. artist

    Happy Birthday, artist!

    Thank you. I wasn't here........... I still look in now and then...
  4. artist

    IDF 50

    Try IDF50 Lifeboat. The IDF50 site closed. The chap who rang it had a fit if pique and got rid. Apparently he's done it before but it looks permanent this time.
  5. artist

    We are off on Saturday....

    Oh, super clear picture...........
  6. artist

    We are off on Saturday....

    Wednesday - That weather doesn't look too clever down in Cornwall..........What with the water from the sky and sitting in a boat on the water - I hope they haven't drowned.
  7. Blimey! You're a name from the past! Nice to see you........ :)
  8. artist

    We are off on Saturday....

    I missed you - we just came back - from East Sussex...........Hope you have a good holiday.
  9. artist

    Father and Son Keytar

    Off you go again! You just can't help yourself. We all have problems - we just don't bore everyone else with them! I'll be gone for a week so you'll have to hold all that vitriol in until then. :D
  10. artist

    Father and Son Keytar

    What ever is wrong with you....... Why do have to be such a prat all the time!! Yes ! - Correct ! - Dang. -Dang - Dang. :D - for your age, I swear you are growing sharper by the day Pat. - How in hecks name did you work that one out so quickly ? - - Would you ever consider being a moderator on a forum that had anything at all to do with computers or technology ? I wonder if now you would please give us your feedback and review of the "Tweaking.com" product that I mentioned as the last post in this particular thread: http://forums.windowsforum.org/index.php?showtopic=50712
  11. artist

    Maths Puzzle

    I'm going to have to brush up on me maths - or something. This forum is getting too intelligent for me........
  12. artist

    Fancy a spot of 'number' crunching? (quiz)

    These are TOO hard for me...........
  13. Love those Alan. :P :P
  14. artist

    Happy birthday Doug

    Happy belated. Hope it was a good one.
  15. artist

    You wanted "Nice" art, I deliver !!

    I like the landscapes. SOoo many women though. He's got a fixation.

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