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  1. Typically charging or powering a device from USB is safe and is now a norm for many things (phones and tablets, for instance, don't need a battery inserted for them to power on and run), if that's your concern. The DPI and all other specs look rather good for a good quality print so if that's the one you have your eyes on and can't find one just as good for less anywhere else, you can't go wrong with this one. Reviews also look good but if you're really in need of advice before you buy other websites will have written a professional tech review as they usually do for ne
  2. How does F8 not work? Do you mean it continues with boot? If so, it may be another F key.
  3. It may be an out-dated registry setting. You might even be able to sort this by getting rid of unused clutter in installed programs list or a registry cleaner. This would be one of the only times it's worth using one of these... Could you copy the contents of the .bat file? Right click and open in notepad. If UAC complains, copy-paste to desktop, rename to something.txt, change the permissions/security options and open in notepad. It may contain references to executables that are safe which your antivirus or firewall deem unsafe or it may be doing things those wizards-in-training from
  4. Have a read through this: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/restore-files-backup#1TC=windows-7 Give that a try, in case you created your backup with some software. In my experience, backups should be done manually - and in BASH, but we can't do that for you.
  5. I don't get it. You get a free upgrade if you buy an upgrade in the first year?
  6. The general rule of thumb for all Windows development, whether IIS or mobile app development, MSDN is the place to turn to. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/br211377.aspx
  7. I don't entirely understand... You have a hard drive which you divided into four partitions, three of which running a Linux OS and one for your data. You then removed the first two partitions and Linux OSes in favour of another Linux. You then proceeded to burn something the size of 1.7 gig to the USB, however, writing it to the drive instead? I would suggest providing us with a reply quoting the response from fdisk. fdisk requires sudo to run but it'll show us all of your device blocks and you can try to explain your problem another time, hopefully more clearly. What tool, if any, did
  8. It's a little difficult determining the exact cause of the problem but you could help by describing, or copying, the error device manager gives you from this problem. It may indicate a problem, which I suspect, with drivers, however, it may be due to dodgy ports, unreliable bluetooth adapter and so on. I suppose it could also be caused by interference from two different mice though I doubt that. It should be noted that if you have two mice plugged into the laptop only one will take precedence on the machine; computers are not able to operate mutiple mice inputs yet. Drivers are essential s
  9. Browsing history I doubt unless there's a mid-way sync service you can or are using but I doubt there are ways other than sniffing to be honest...
  10. Mouse > Device Settings > check Disable internal pointing device... yadda yadda yadda should do it. If not you'll likely need to install the touchpad on/off utility and right-click the system tray icon to disable it via the right-click menu. You can also set it to not display on the system tray in the device settings too.
  11. Hi all. Very long time no see. I do hope all is well Recently I've been at a loss as to what to do with my graphics driver. I was running a very old version of the driver previous but was in dire need of an update due to some DirectX 11 components with some MMO games but now each time I use the update straight from AMD's website itself, as well as AMD's ATI detect & Install application a few hours of use later I get an error (Used imgur.com because file was way too big to upload here. So I don't think it has anything to do with the adapter itself; I have checked device manager and c
  12. Hey all. Long time, no see. Hope you're all doing well. Thought I'd pop in a little bit and start posting now but life bought me to a problem and chose to do it now and ask for help to the question instead. :lol: I have two questions; more or less about the same type of thing though. I'm trying to use the standard Linux BASH shell for both. I don't think there are many differences between the Linux differences but just in case there is, the OS I'm doing this on is Ubuntu. Basically, I have a 26.7GB text file which I would like to "split" into 5GB files. I have tried using the "split" command
  13. Get wasted and spend new year's day in bed. :)
  14. I doubt I will be on much longer and all of tomorrow so I just wanted to wish everyone here a merry christmas for tomorrow. Have a good one. And a happy new year. Obviously, if you celebrate it. If not, sorry if I offended you. Merry Christmas anyway. :) hope the day goes well.
  15. What are the adsense policies in general? Is there some page rank qualification needed? Trivia|Factology Reading here should answer your question. No page rank at all; the spiders have to crawl around your website "learning" what type of material can be found on the website so it knows what type of ads to place. Like a computer forum would have ads about computers or a mental health one would have ads about shrinks and stuff. Okay that was helpful One more question sir, My website is about a month old and is not getting enough traffic. Is that going to affect its adsense' approval? No. N
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