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  1. Thanks Everyone, Havnt really been on the forums lately but i think i might pop back in now and again =)
  2. Lately i've been having problems with my Mouse and keyboard turning off in the middle of typing or Playing a Game, Initally I though it was a problem with my USB ports but if i reboot my computer they turn back on. My Keyboard and mouse are both wired and There are links to them below. I have no idea whats wrong to be honest :P Saitek Eclipse Keyboard Saitek Gaming mouse
  3. I currently use a Dlink Wireless Router and i share it with my Pc, My Brothers Laptop and my Family Pc.. My Brother recently bought a laptop and now basically is always downloading fron itunes etc.. And as i like to game .. I cant anymore.. It ends up that my Ping goes into the hundreds and i either get kicked for high Ping or leave because i cant move with the lag im getting.. My Question to you's is.. Is there anyway i can Split my Internet Speed with My Brother so he isnt constanty using it all..?
  4. My Clan recently Bought a 26 man Ranked Server.. Easy enough to get into and it runs smooth.. Only problem is the bug with Linux servers.. The Score board feature was turned off by Multiplay.co.uk as The score board caused peoples games to crash. (Should be fixed with a patch) The ip is
  5. Just had a look.. Dont get you hopes up too much.. Theres some of items that you cant do this option with.. But it is a Good saving.. Thanks DJohn
  6. i think this is Bestys first account....but its not his birthday
  7. Snow in Northern Ireland.. well at least round belfast :D
  8. Sorry to Hear of Your loss... My Deepest Sympathys Aaron
  9. No the taskbar is there... The windows just dont show up....
  10. For some reason the windows that i have open dont seem to show up on my task bar anymore... Does anyone know why.. Because im getting fed up of using Alt Tab to navigate through them...
  11. AHHH! Il be having nightmares for the rest of the week!!! :D Just kidding Andsome B)
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