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  1. I have a Latitude D530 Dell laptop with SigmaTel HD soundcard. I also have an external Creative Xmod soundcard. What happens: When I play Midi files, the players start going, but No sound comes out. Both Winamp, WMP and a player called MidiYodi specifically for windows. When I try to convert a Midifile to Mp3, dBpowerAMP says: "CLI Encoder has not been configured, open the file \program files\Illustrate\dBpowerAMP\Encoder\CLI Encoder\encoder.txt and change the extension." In this file, there is Only the line ".ext", so I have No idea what to do. I tried in childish ignorance to add ".midi
  2. That is true, if your windows already has the .dll file in it's system, however my windows didn't. It had american, and that was it. Probably sounds strange, but that's a fact. In March 2007 there was another one, with the exact same problem. I know it is suppose to be simple, but when you are a special kind of person, with a special kind of windows, this tutorial is necessary. -BT
  3. This is Not a question, this is a tutorial, which is based on a question from March last year. I hate when I cannot find easy tutorials, and have to guess what I need to do, to fix problems. I searched for over an hour, to find all the bits and pieces and even after finding what I thought was some answers I had to guess half of it anyway. That really annoyed me, and so, here is how you do, if you have a "special" windows, that does not support you particular keyboard layout as a default: Firstly, you need to know what the .dll file fitting your keyboard layout is called. I'm a Dane, so mine
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