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    The middle of nowhere, somewhere in Lincolnshire
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    Like most sports, in particular, cricket, table tennis, badminton, football, tennis and rugby union.<br />Also like darts & pool.<br />A fan of Southend United FC<br />Im from southend, essex, but live near Grimsby, Lincs.<br />Am doing A levels at the minute; Modern History, Physics, Biology & Economics, want to go to Essex uni to do economics. <br />Spend a lot of time on the computer, and like to fiddle about with settings. <br />Quite an inquisitive person as well, like to read up on things that confuse me (so technical stuff i read a lot on!)<br />Love Music, particularly Gothic and Metal Music.<br />Quite friendly and outgoing :D

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    AMD (ATI)

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  1. alex_333

    Broadband Questions

    If your mate is using AVG, cant he just connect using the dodgy dial option, get his internet going as per norm, and manually click "update" on AVG? Thats what i have to do on my Dial up connection, anyway. ( i did on my old broadband connection, because i got fed up with it making the computer go laggy for about 10 minutes whilst it did it, so i turned off auto update.) Thinking about it, maybe he's turned off auto update somewhere as well ? It might be easier to have a fiddle with the AVG settings than the internet settings. It has been for me with various applications over time, ive spend hours of my time re-installing various broadband connections because ive messed them up! hope that helps :D alex
  2. Hey, i suppose for anyone to help id better let you know the situation =] Im 17, and ive just moved into my own flat (im at college) and i need the internet for most of my work, as coursework in particular relies on it. I cant afford a proper broadband connection at the minute (and need to use my current connection as i need it now, i cant wait for bband to be installed and active) so im using my samsung u600 phone, with a T Mobile Sim in it (connected via usb) , hence using the phone as a modem. I use T mobile because Web 'n' Walk is only £1 a day, and i tend to usually only use it weekends and occasionally one or two days in the week, which doesnt work out too much. Now i have a problem, in that t mobile have a content lock on a hell of a lot of sites , varying from hotmail, to myspace, to MSN, to some searches on google, etc. I was wondering if anyone can come up with a proxy site or other method for me to get onto a web messenger? ive found one (www1.kproxy.com) to get onto hotmail, but i cant find one for www.meebo.com, or www.ebuddy.com. I know that most of them dont work because they dont have javascript enabled, and i cant change that. God only knows the number of the proxy sites ive tried to get onto the MSN sites, and ive looked in a few forums, but to no avail, so i thought id give this one a bash! Incidentally, with the signal that i get where i am (about 2-4 bars) my actual connection speed is about 9kb/s at top speed, (maximum says it can be upto 115.2, but i notice i can alter that to above 900kb/s in the settings, but i presume that wont make a difference) so downloading anything is pretty much out of the question. I would get a lot of work done (or any downloads for MSN at home) at school, but their internet security is better than T-Mobiles!! By the way, i would get the Content lock removed, but i cant as i need a credit card, and im not old enough to get one, nor do i have any means of getting hold of any details) Many thanks for reading this, and thanks in advance if anyone can help me out! Happy Easter!! Alex :(

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