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  1. one more thing i forgotten is I am unable to view my mails in yahoo. this page is loaded but immedietel an alert is coming and saying that 'We can't read your cookie file' and forcing the wildow for closer
  2. I tried all as suggested by tou but still my home page is being hijacked. I tried even with IE tweaks in spybot but even then page is being hijacked. I tried spybot,AVG, avast,rogueremover I tried even with system resore off, booting in safe mode and performed scans but still problem not solved help me
  3. I set my IE7 home page as mail.yahoo.com many times and I even kept my home page as blank in either case the home page is being over ridden by http://www.goog1e.co.nr/. I removed many times this but every time it is coming same. what is the problem. I checked with antivirus but no virus was found. Any one can help me
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