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  1. Pops Thanks for reply i my self don't use windows firewall but as my pal hardly ever uses his computer it is set up with the SP2 windows firewall which suites him fine. It was only when I was setting up AVG that this file query came up, was just wondering if they needed to be added to the exceptions list in Windows firewall. Merc
  2. Hi Have just installed AVG 7 for pal on checking through site on what to set up the part about the windows firewall has me puzzled. Do you have to put the 4 files into the exceptions list in the windows firewall setup. If so i can only Find 3 of the 4 files required, can not find file "avgemc.exe" in the list in the AVG free edition. Merc
  3. Djohn Thanks for quick reply I should have said I did try about 4-5 times today will try later tonight Merc
  4. Due to computer troubles I had to download a version of AVG 7 when I went to update the new one it keep cutting out with the following message, Please check if correct server is set in settings of update manager component. What is this setting cant find it in settings. Merc
  5. merc43

    disable AVG 7

    spikeychris Thanks for reply did see that option but was not sure just what it ment? Merc.
  6. Hi all How can I disable AVG to let me install some programs that tell you to stop any programs that are running. On my desktop which has Norton i can right click the icon and disable from there but my laptop has the AVG, when I right click the icon there is nothing to disable it. Any help thankyou. Merc
  7. merc43

    AVG 7

    my AVG updated tonight and no restart required. thanks to all that helped in my WONT AUTO RUN post it is starting up OK and updating by itself now Merc
  8. Adobe Reader 7 Just downloaded it and installed, did not take the tool bar and photoshop options. Merc
  9. Good to see it has work thanks again all, will keep the alt-print screen option in mind. Merc
  10. Hi all well here is my first try at the screen shot using the print screen button on my laptop. Thanks all for comments Merc
  11. merc43


    Djohn thanks again it appears that i have been setting the wrong box, after looking at your box i have been setting the update one, got it sorted now, silly me. Thanks again for quick reply good site. Merc
  12. expertec Thanks for relpy will have to try some time, will sleep easy to night Merc
  13. merc43


    Djohn Yes i am using the Linksys firewall that is with my wag54g wireless router. Running xp with sp2 with the windows one off. Thanks Merc.
  14. Just a problem that been annoying me. How do you put those screen shots onto your posting that you some time see in the forums. Merc.
  15. merc43


    Hi all Since installing AVG7 from 6 it wont autorun to scan. my old avg6 used to start every night at 7.PM I have AVG7 set to run at 6.00-7.59pm but it never runs. any help appreciated. Merc.
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