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  1. What i mean is, since i intend to make a back-up of all tabs that im currently have in Chrome on android, it wont help me to instead use another browser like this guide seem to suggesthttps://www.digitbin.com/install-chr...sions-android/
  2. Hello I think all advices in this thread https://www.quora.com/How-can-you-make-a-backup-of-open-tabs-in-Chrome-for-Android was rubbish excluded the last tip Since my plan is either this or nothing, when i purchase a new phone i wanna be able to restore my current 500 open tabs onto the new installed chrome, and they gonna reopen with it. "Hi ! We have Google chrome extension for that.”Tabs backup and recover” is used to store all your opened tabs and reopen with one click.Please find the step to add it to your browser. 1.Select SETTING — >MORE TOOLS in your chrome browser. it will list all the extension you have added earlier. 2.Click EXTENSIONs link . 3. Click GET MORE EXTENSION link. 4.Search TABS BACKUP&RESTORE extension in chrome store. 5.Add it to your chrome browser. you can backup on automatic scheduler. and recover that backup tabs. no need to Store individual tabs." However this installation steps describes Chrome computer version. But i ignore that and visit this page with Android Chrome instead and install "place on desktop" (this is a Android thoug...but a smart phone is also ia computer so i cant decide what to make of that) https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tabs-backup-restore/dehocbglhkaogiljpihicakmlockmlgd So now what? its installed....i dont know how to open any settings though...,and there is no new desktop icon on my android Why would this indian hi-tech man give us such instructions if it doest mean extensions can be installed on Chrome? cause that was the topic he was answering to :)
  3. I have windows 7 and im going to attemp a manual playlist-reconstruction inside an old M3U8-file The only way to succed with this mission from where i am....im gonna need a trick/work-around how i can manage to mass-copy their filenames (the highlighted songs) into notepad
  4. I cant say that i know what Virtual CloneDrive could achieve differently...but i tested to create an image with Imgburn but i received an installation error message i don't have ready here, but im gonna test this program...even though i most move my ass over one block to get to a computer who can recognize the CD!, i want you to do this for me instead!
  5. I see your point, but why does it only appear dirty :) in-front of Monkey island disc?, another complication for that theory is that i have 2 dvd-drives! of identical model, and then both have to be dirty to Monkey only.. You cant guarantee that if i purchased a new dvd-drive this would fix?
  6. I got mail, and removed the plastic from this cover inserted the disk and noticed a none reaction, not even an installer icon have ever been seen on this computer, do i have to mention that all other discs i own works parallelly in this dvd-driver?. However i instead inserted the disc into my old crappy laptop with Windows XP with a special dvd-reader (that can never be duplicated unf) this Monkey disc then started to behave as expected and i have installed the came successfully on that computer, so the disc works obviously after all. I have tested everything on this computer you can ever? imagine...including now latest install a dual copy of Windows 7 on another hard-drive on this computer, but there is no effect, we have concluded on a Swedish internet-board that it must be my dvd-reader that are incompatible in some irrational way, and there seem only to one thing left to test...purchase a new hyper-modern? dvd-reader! But i don't think Swedes have the competence to neither give me tech-info why my current reader fail, and maybe you therefore have a tip what dvd-drive might have what it takes instead?. Namn TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223C ATA Device (from 2006 i believe)
  7. If Aoone doesn't keep up to date what can you do? You wanna fight with this for how long?Use up to date software on your machine and let the dead weight go. Does AnyAudioConverter work for you? And did you ever get your HDD (allegedly) overheating issue sorted? AnyAudio worked fine it looks like now, so yeah i stick to it over Aaone, still i can be pissed as long as no one who also have their software in windows 7 tells me thei also get this generating failure, its harder to live witrhout knowing if this is global or not vs that we can conclude that its not evem meant to work on windows 7, and the replies in this thread have not been managed to cealr out any of the 2, but its ok :) thanks for helping me find a replacement though Yes all temp are down on 30 this days after updating to windows 7 lol, excluded my new USB HDD that allways have been 45 grades wharm
  8. Yeah i seem to have succeded to miss that soft, thanks even though im still pissed at Aoone :) It means generating all kinds of sounds from a video file,
  9. I have become a tired on my soft "Aone Easy video to audio converter 2.0.6"/>http://www.aone-video.com/video2audio.htm (download this demo and try yourself) cause its fails to open all video file i insert, well it doesn't fail in a straight meaning it just that the generating of the input takes an eternity, this is the working message "Opening the source file, please wait" And i must kill it after a while, i wonda if this is related to the fact that i have started to use windows 7 (64x) but i have also started to use the latest version 2.0.6 now first, and i could off-course test to go back to version 1, so this is the only way forward to succeed with 2.0.6 or skip this soft..muhaaaaaaaaa!!! Yes i did sett "easy_video2audio version" installer to admin mode and start as service pack 2-3 mode, but doesn't help. I know that the software haven't been updated for 6 years right? lol, i still wanna have a debate about that and create a Watergate scandal about it since the software are still being sell d at Aone's site and flashing with various awards..that should demand to live up to the real time we live in now :) And to be honest this was the best video to audio converter that is out there, thats why i wanna be stubborn So is there anyone in here who have used this soft on windows 7?
  10. Hmmmm....... You dont get out a lot do ya ? :) />http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/products/trueimage/index.html - You have to pay. />http://www.macrium.com/reflectfree.asp - You dont have to pay. John. Thats correct, i rather get the most proven program tip from other people..rather than myself just chancing on my own! im going for the free version, (if i run into trouble i start a new thread, and i expect John to show up there then ;))
  11. Nah ! Calm down Chopstick Kloppstock. This is a computer not *The Hadron Collider* Like I said earlier in the thread: "Keep running that thang until it starts screamin' "Momma" ! and finally bites the dust. 2 years later when it probably hasn't happened write in to this forum again and update us. We like to keep our finger on the pulse." I also said: "Just backup everything that you've got on the "Hot" hardrive." C'mon Chopstick, backtrack a bit, read stuff that's already been written, and get your ducks in a row. :) You didn't read what was said and have written in 2 years prematurely. :P John. I actually have read it all sire, i just needed to hear more opinions from different people, that may possible even go deeper into the "technical-mumbo jumbo" that interpret it to the situation i have described, cause my pattern for this disc can just as well suggest that my type of heating are not damageable to this Pentagon? HD of mine Why is this so important for me? to obvious stay away from just backuping the whole shit like decent people..and then feel safe and sound about heat issues I don't know how to backup a HD in a compressed way..cause that is what i wanna! cause i don't feel such great lust to copy and paste the whole content into one of my other hard drives i have a USB memory from Starcraft 1 following in the Starcraft 2 package!!! on 2 Gb that i could off course erase, i dont think any USB can take in so much more than that? And i don't wanna waste money on a portable hard drive just like that, it probably just have enough space to backup this dangerous drive probably and not my other 3 this dangerous drive is on 232 Gb... and with my luck this hard drive will off course never crash to prof to me that i did the right thing by investing a portable HD backup! :) The best would be if there are some programs that could backup and entire hard drive and compress it into something...?
  12. Bump! i have speed-fan showing the same temp as HD sentinel now, so your worries seem to be right and if i just turn of this computer or 3 minutes now...it will pretend it just rained and go down to 33, make sense? what i did to trigger the temp on this disc? i just installed a firmware to my DVD-player from another hard-drive... i have not backuped this drive yet, cause this seems to work for an eternity without crashing..do you still think im playing with death here?
  13. Yes off course, what im trying to determine is if it really can go from 100 % health to non function in a second?, with no further warnings before the crash..other than the drive just was hot just before, now i have HD sentinel running the whole time, but if it can go from 100 % health to 0% so to speak, HD Sentinel will not be able to warn me in time offcourse so the question is how mutch trust i shall put in all bechmark scans that all say the same...there is no problem with the drive
  14. What makes you think I was offended? As a senior there is not much that I haven't seen before. This is a public forum attended by a wide audience - including minors - and posting porn here is totally unacceptable. I'm afraid that your second attempt at posting an image has also fallen foul of the forum rules because instead of porn, you have now (unwittingly?) attached commercial adverts which are regarded here as spam. Regarding your problem, I don't understand the reference to the heat sink and thermal paste with regard to a hard drive - it is the cpu that is kept cool in this way. If your hard drive really is getting too hot (and not the result of a faulty monitoring program) it is likely to be a case ventilation issue or signs of an imminent hard drive failure. First of all i was sarcastic there with the word "senior" cause i can never take for granted that people who have avatars of a random senior are truly their self portrait, so i just wanted to joke with you...by using the avatar against you, but i guess this was the eye opener that seniors don't only play bridge with each other...........on the computer ;) but the possibility that the picture could be indeed really you...woke only 1 suspiciousness, you must be one of those American conservative christian seniors who gets upset of everything even though thei have seen it all allso ;) but that was in turn based on the fact that we didn't see the same things on our screens in the first place if i understand you all right?, i saw some small small previews under my hosten HD sentinel picture, feat some vulgar dressed temptationers, but not to classify as disturbing porn can anybody inform me what you guys saw? it cant be the same can it? Now i have learned the rules (im overactive minded) im gonna attach the controversial picture correct here I apologize for the out of place post.I was just on the phone with a friend and we had a drawn out discussion on CPU overheating.I had a moment....I'll blame it on PTS. Kloppstock's box has 8 controllable fans-if I'm not mistaken-3 for HD assemblies;"The front of the chassis features three removable hard-drive cages. Each holds three drives, and Antec has added rubber grommets to the carriers to absorb vibration and reduce noise. Every cage a 120mm fan, each with its own LED and a knob that helps you set its speed anywhere from 1,200rpm to 2,000rpm—much more convenient than having to open the side panel, as with previous Antec cases."(Taken from a review).There are also removable and washable filters. Maybe a fan isn't operating as it should?Maybe a little cleaning?Possibly a failing HD as AlanHo suggests.The review mentioned "Excellent cooling",even "Tremendous".So I am going to step back from this one. If anyone cares to read the review:HERE is the link. Good luck,Kloppstock.And remember,discretion goes a long way.... Yeah it have a knob to control the winds, and thei are on full everywhere, when purchasing this i hade my high tech friend over watched if all fans where active..and thei where indeed at least then, i know there are some temperature free wares out there the problems is that this drive get affected by so little pressure, it allays rush upwards to "yellow class" temperature as soon as Perfect Disc intend to perform a STEALTH De-fragmentation of this drive, why i believe it have nothing to do with anything on the current chassi is the fact that it was the same thing on my old chassi worthy of 1992 in airiness capability, the best would be if i could take control over the global SMART settings, and force certain wind powers? but i don't think i can handle it myself manually..especially not inside BIOS, i know there is some settins there "automatic fan control" i think the name is? i don't know if it can be worth it to sett it to "ON", cause we already did that earlier when we installed this new uber-chassi, and that caused the extra-fan we borrowed from my old chassi to not spin at all, but when we setted "automatic fan control" to "disabled" all fans finally spined that former problem extra-fan is currently located near the plexiglass window on the ANTEC chassi, so it chills on the motherboard only basicly, but there are so many fans even if you chose to not add any extra fan yourself to this package, it should be enough to disable it...if that instead open up for taking full control of the other HD fans? if you wonder what my BIOS looks like, all i can tell you is my computer specifications AMD Phenom 2™ X4 945 I have used the little application FAN-speed earlier, but i uninstalled it when i purchased this ANTEC chassi, i was wery sure it where not needed any more to use settings like "automatic temp change" perhaps i was wrong? and i shall install it again or something better? it was hard to config for newbies
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