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  1. Unavailable UID Fetch

    2008 & counting, will clear down
  2. Unavailable UID Fetch

    OK, thanks done that & it shows + person I sent to has replied so I will forget about the message until later. But should I clear down my "Sent" box to stop further messages?
  3. Unavailable UID Fetch

    OK, thanks I've checked the compacting & it's set to copact more than 20 mb's I'm using BT Yahoo a/c, if that is what you mean by mail server Don't understand this statement:- As to finding out if it was sent I'd check on the appropriate webmail page and see what shows up there.
  4. Using Thunderbird e mail on my standby laptop. Sent a mail today & got the message in the title. Did trial by sending another e mail to myself & it arrived & is shown as sent. So questions:- 1 What does "Unavailable UID Fetch" mean"? 2 Did my first e mail get through?
  5. I have heard today that this is to be killed in the "Fall" update of Win.10 Rumor or fact?
  6. Wot! M.Soft admitting to an error, as you say, we wait & see
  7. I think there is some very strange wording in the link that I gave, for instance:- "The feature Windows Media Player is still available on machines running the Fall Creators Update of Windows 10, but it is not installed by default (at least on those machines affected by this)." Does this mean it will or will not be installed when the Fall Creators edition is released? Also if WMP is not installed does this mean that all CD's that I, have copied to my M/c will be deleted?
  8. Monty, I'm learning as well, but very slowly! I don't know about timing, all I can refer you to is the link in my post & ask an expert to advise additional details. But it could just be a scare & they decide not to install KB4046355 in any future update. But think one has to ask why are they even thinking of doing so, or have I missed the point?
  9. Same here. I've got it set as a "Default Ap." within Win. 10 just wonder what will happen. I've also heard that Windows Photo Viewer will also go, rumor? Again I use, what will happen?
  10. If this is implemented in the next Win. 10 update it will be Bye Bye:- https://www.ghacks.net/2017/10/09/beware-update-kb4046355-removes-windows-media-player/ Thought I would warn the forum
  11. What Browser are you using ?

    OK, understand, as I use Firefox I've not noted this facility. But thanks for pointing out
  12. What Browser are you using ?

    Alan, Don't quite understand, do you mean when you type something into, say this Forum, the past titles are displayed?
  13. What Browser are you using ?

    'ah memory!
  14. What Browser are you using ?

    So, what is wrong with Edge, other than losing Bookmarks & Crashing after installation of W10 Creators edition? Would just like to know some thoughts
  15. What Browser are you using ?

    Exactly the same. Edge kept losing my "Bookmarks" so I ceased using moving to Firefox which I find to be very good. I was using BTYahoo mail but it kept logging me out so I moved to Thunderbird. Took a bit of getting used to but now it's a firm favorite. Also for both of them there is a Back up program which could be useful:- http://mozbackup.jasnapaka.com/