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  1. Africa A Cappella

    Listen again, it's a storm in Africa!
  2. Africa A Cappella

    Thia has 20m hits on U Tube :-
  3. Run Time Error

    First problem is that I am not as confident as you when it comes to deleting aspects of programs etc. For instance when i go into Task Manager there are two Logitech entries, KHAL & Event Manager but no Setpoint.Exe. After this deleting "msvcp110.dll" scares me, although it's easy to get to this part of the program package. As I say I'm not as confident as you in dealing with issues such as this but thanks for your help/support Boris. PS The original problem has not reoccurred since Friday so I will leave well alone . PS The initial problem of the error message has not reoccurred since Friday so at the moment I will leave it alone
  4. Run Time Error

    Thanks , yes I found this late last night, but have not got a clue as what to do:- But I have not got a clue as what to do!
  5. Run Time Error

    Since installing Win. 10 Version 1709 I keep getting this error message:- See attachment. This "Setpoint" program gives information as to if Caps lock is on & also Battery condition in Mouse & Keyboard. I don't want to uninstall but how do I get rid of error message? Thanks Untitled 1.pdf
  6. How to post a picture

    Just testing
  7. Back Up of E Mail Address Book

    Thanks, will ask, but you must admit it does seem strange that Pictures are included but nothing else!
  8. Back Up of E Mail Address Book

    No, I was using the KLS Mail Backup that you kindly supplied & not KLS Backup. The version of the KLS Mail Backup downloaded/installed was Version If you go to the "Profile" page of KLS Mail Backup, click right to add to Profile, a list of inclusions is given. This includes "Files & Folders" I selected this to be added to my Profile. When I ran the backup only my "pictures" folder was backed up & not other Files/Folders. I accept that the description on KLS is "Mail Back Up" but why is it that within the profile selection "Files & Folders" can be added but when this is selected only the "Pictures" are added to the profile?
  9. Back Up of E Mail Address Book

    Boris, Thanks, I was aware of this but unsure as to reinstall Profile, but foreget that. Have been playing around with KLS this morning. Constructed a Profile of :- 1 Files & Folders 2 Thunderbird 3 Firefox Ran this & located resultant "Mybackup" Only one problem! For the "Files/Folders" part of the profile only "My Pictures" was selected. Can't see how to add all of the "Document" Folders I have on my "C" drive. Any ideas how to correct this?
  10. Back Up of E Mail Address Book

    No, have not, as I don't know how. I just keep "MosBackup" & T.Bird profile on external drive. If I have major problem I know a man who would be able to reinstall. But if you would/could advise method I would be obliged
  11. Back Up of E Mail Address Book

    Boris, Very interesting, but does this mean that "MozBackup" will now not function? Perhaps I'm going over the top as I keep a backup using "MosBackup" & also a copy of my T.Bird profile on External drive. Now I have to investigate KLS
  12. Back Up of E Mail Address Book

    I'm aware that "Systems Restore" is a part of Windows. I'm not talking about that. I'm taking about restoring Thunderbird Profile as described in this link:- https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/profiles-where-thunderbird-stores-user-data I have a copy of my Profile saved to an External Drive. But I dont think there is any way of doing a Test Reinstall, again correct me if wrong
  13. Back Up of E Mail Address Book

    Agree, but I don't think that Thunderbird/Firefox have a "Test restore" facility, please correct me if wrong
  14. Back Up of E Mail Address Book

    With Thunderbird I'm also saving my full profile, including e mails to an external drive. Just hope I never have to use!
  15. Malwarebytes

    I used the new free version today, "C" Drive of 254Gb, it took 16 minutes 36 Secs.

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