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  1. Also just noted from the Programs installed function that Chrome did update the night before the problem so could it have been this update?
  2. Interesting, I have Chrome installed but do not use. The next day all was OK it's a Lenovo M/c so I ran the Hardware scan, no problems found. Again today M/c is OK. If you happen to find solution could you please post
  3. Well, at least thanks for the reply. Let's see what happens tomorrow at switch on
  4. I always keep my self logged in to a couple of web sites, BBC/Trip Advisor etc. Switched on this morning & found that I had been logged out of them. I'm using Windows 10 & F. Fox as a browser with AVG as security Software. Have checked program updates & can't see any major updates. Have run MWB & no problems reported. Any ideas why it occurred?
  5. Thanks, I re installed Printer Drivers & all appears OK. Will check again later.
  6. Recently when I switch on Printer I get message that it is off Line. But itis connected to computer. If I disconnect from computer & then reconnect it clears the problem. But how do i solve on permanent basis?
  7. All is now well. Unplugged & re plugged. Windows key now functions.
  8. Any ideas on how I can get the Windows Key on Keyboard to work? I've unplugged/re plugged in but still a problem!
  9. Boris, Many thanks, did it this afternoon, took 4.5 hours Only problems were that two default Applications were reset to how M/Soft like them, so I reset to how I like them. Also got confused with new workings of Windows Key - but solved it. Windows key on Keyboard not working, could be keyboard?
  10. Just been advised that I can download & Install this version. Are there any known problems? Should I wait a while?
  11. Great to see that members are not reporting problems perhaps due to better technology & also expertise of members. But are the Moderators looking at ways of changing/enhancing this great old forum to keep interest alive?
  12. Thanks, back to normal now. Hagd
  13. AFAIK I have not done anything, but the RH bar is missing!
  14. Has on my system, the RHS list of current topics is not showing. I've also gone into the forum without using Bookmark & still the same Also what does AFAIK MEAN?
  15. A step backwards? Please bring back the old design, especially the righthand side bar of current posts Thanks
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