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  1. Appears to be OK now, assume they have reset their clock
  2. Has anybody who has installed this new version set up a "Scheduled Scan"? If so have you had problems with the timing start time?
  3. Thanks. I'm OK now Vivaldi must have had an off Season!
  4. Done it, seems OK. Thanks, will monitor
  5. Boris, Thanks Ref your ideas:- 1 No error in date/time 2 Using AVG but not Link Scanner 3 Don't think so 4 No Malware on Computer, scan daily with AVG & weekly with Malwarebytes 5 Yes Firefox version is 53.0 Do you suggest binning last Bookmark & setting up again?
  6. Going into this forum as a "bookmarked" site gives a message "Connection not Secure" ---- it has been configured incorrectly. I'm using Firefox as a Browser but get same results with "Edge" & "IE" Any reasons/advise??
  7. OK, just a bit of panic on my part, it has now installed. Thanks
  8. Win. 10 was updated yesterday, my version is now 1607, O/S Build 14393.953. But looking at the "Settings" area it says that KB3150513 is available to install & I can do it now or it will be installed during a non active period. Questions 1 I thought KB3150513 had been installed as an "enabler" pre Win. 10 release, correct? 2 Why was KB3150513 not automatically installed? 3 Is it a large installation?
  9. Anybody else tuned in that may have an idea? Irene, Status of these is as PDF attached Untitled 1.pdf
  10. Anybody else tuned in that may have an idea?
  11. See my Notification structure attached, which shows I'm requesting e mails, but they have ceased to come Untitled 1.pdf
  12. Thanks understand now. Please note I'm not getting e mails to inform of posts on this forum, has something changed?
  13. Is what I'm trying to establish is there any method of establishing that an update is taking place, & hence not use the m/c during this period of time. Reference your IIRC comment, this is my M/c spec. is that low? Intel® Core™ i3-3220 processor running at 3.30GHz, and 4GB of RAM
  14. Thanks, but :- Ref 1 I wanted to know if there was any way of establishing an update was being carried out at the time of the update so as to avoid using m/c during this time Ref 2 What's a IIRC?
  15. Thought my machine was running slow today. later found that the above monthly update had been deployed. Is there any way of:- 1 Finding out that this is occurring so I can keep of the machine to let update progress at faster rate? 2 Find out how long update will take to deploy? 3 Delay update until night time? Must say this month the updates were installed with no problems