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  1. johnoo

    Windows 10 Version 1903

    All is now well. Unplugged & re plugged. Windows key now functions.
  2. johnoo

    Windows 10 Version 1903

    Any ideas on how I can get the Windows Key on Keyboard to work? I've unplugged/re plugged in but still a problem!
  3. johnoo

    Windows 10 Version 1903

    Boris, Many thanks, did it this afternoon, took 4.5 hours Only problems were that two default Applications were reset to how M/Soft like them, so I reset to how I like them. Also got confused with new workings of Windows Key - but solved it. Windows key on Keyboard not working, could be keyboard?
  4. Just been advised that I can download & Install this version. Are there any known problems? Should I wait a while?
  5. johnoo

    No Problems?

    Great to see that members are not reporting problems perhaps due to better technology & also expertise of members. But are the Moderators looking at ways of changing/enhancing this great old forum to keep interest alive?
  6. johnoo

    New Home page design

    Thanks, back to normal now. Hagd
  7. johnoo

    New Home page design

    AFAIK I have not done anything, but the RH bar is missing!
  8. johnoo

    New Home page design

    Has on my system, the RHS list of current topics is not showing. I've also gone into the forum without using Bookmark & still the same Also what does AFAIK MEAN?
  9. A step backwards? Please bring back the old design, especially the righthand side bar of current posts Thanks
  10. johnoo

    What Browser are you using ?

    Chrome is too hard & it's only a very thin layer. I like the firey fox, it's mint!
  11. johnoo

    Moz Back Up

    Milly, Try KLS also free:- http://www.kls-soft.com/klsmailbackup/
  12. johnoo


    Because I'm with BT Yahoo & I have got very annoyed about Adverts/Spam getting through/Log In procedure. Also T.Bird has more capabilities, examples:- Templates/Ability to "Save As" mail to "C" drive/better search facility
  13. johnoo


    Andsome, Very interesting because I suffer from same problem with 2 organizations & e mails from them. They are well known UK groups & I have the e mail address set up in T/Bird but their e mails go to Bulk Mail. Have no idea how to correct but you are not alone!
  14. Alan, Suggest just sit back & allow M/Soft to sort it out, but it may take some time!

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