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  1. Is it best to close a Browser down when not in use? Or better to leave it running?
  2. Thanks, the 18.5" one looks to be the one. Got what I want, VGA + Audio & reasonable price. Why only a few with speakers, do most people have seperate speakers these days?
  3. Thinking of getting this one, 18.5" & VGA connection:- https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00I46KEWQ/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza BUT, question, there is no mention of "Audio" My current monitor has a green wire connection from Monitor to PC, assume this is Audio wire? Does this mean that the one I'm thinking of does not support Audio?
  4. Second thoughts ,it is a bit old! Could you recommend a reasonable priced/good quality replacement? Don't want anything large, as I'm satisfied with the 15" Hanns. Also, are they just plug in & go or do you have to install software?
  5. Yep, more like 16 years, & the MTBF is 50K,but is it just a component failure within the unit? Or is it something to do with M/Soft drivers on Win 10? Any idea?
  6. Have a Hanns G JC151A monitor, the menu keeps coming up on the screen & then disappears. Also the control buttons on monitor do not function. Any ideas on how to cure problems? Note:- I've carried out a full Lenovo diagnostic check on computer & no problems found. Am using Windows 10 version :- 21H1 & it's up to date
  7. On a regular basis I clear all history. These are the parameters that are cleared:- Browsing & Downloads/Forms & Search/Cookies/Cache My one problem is that this clears out e mail addresses/User names set up to enter web sites. Which parameter do I de select to stop this happening?
  8. Boris, Thanks, uninstalled Adobe Flash & used link supplied. The web site/live feed works with Firefox, so looks like I do not have a problem. Thanks for help, & hope it helps others
  9. Boris, Have read that & looked at the link stated in Para. 7, but I don't think it sums it all up. It does not indicate what web sites etc. use Flash & it does not state what happens on these sites when Flash is uninstalled. So is it best not to uninstall Adobe Flash?
  10. Keep getting message that this is at "End of Life" & I should uninstall. Questions are:- 1 What happens to the features that use Adobe Flash when I uninstall? 2 How do I find what these features are?
  11. I know it's not a TV/Audio forum, but can't think of anywhere else to post! Watching the England v Ireland Rugby yesterday on Channel 4 , the false stadium sound totally overrode the commentary, did others have this problem?
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