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  1. EUREKA It came to me in the night, but before I enlighten you all with the solution could I just say many thanks for all of the input on this major problem. We hope to go to the show, when tickets become available, on the 24th December & if any of you are there I would welcome to buy you a pre performance drink! Now the solution ----- It's my Monitor It's a 4x3 type, yes colour not Black & White. If I reduce the zoom size from 100% to 80% I can check onto the "Purchase Tickets" section This problem has frustrated me, & no doubt you as well, but thanks again for all of the input & investigations. PS Wife now wants a 16x9 TV!
  2. Alan, The link that Boris gave also works for me with the date of 20th April, just have you have shown. But if I change the date, on the web site, top right the problem returns. Could I ask you just to try again but change the date I'm at a loss to know why it's occuring!
  3. I've tried it again Win 10 + AVG using F/Fox/IE/Edge Still same problem Think I'm about to give up on this, except to say AlanHo said he had same problem on post 29/March & he was not using AVG
  4. Bel, Thanks for the idea. I've looked @ AVG & turned off the "Web Shield" element, however same problem when I went into the offending web site. But must say, no I have not got AVG on the Laptop
  5. I'm using AVG Free Version, up to date Version 18.3.3051. Also have MWB set up, only run weekly, so it's not running in background.
  6. Very strange, I'm using Windows 10, version 1709 on the M/c that gives the problem. If I use my old, very slow laptop which uses Windows 8.1 there is no problem. Using F/Fox on both as a Browser
  7. Boris, Thanks, but does not work for me. I click on change date top right, select new date & then have to go to bottom right of web site to "Order Tickets" When I try to select this "Order Tickets" disappears!
  8. Sorry to come back on this, but I've got a problem! When I enter the link supplied by Boris:- https://tickets.reallyusefultheatres.co.uk/42ndStreet/en-GB/events/42nd street/2018-4-20_19.30/theatre royal, drury lane?hallmap I go to change the date on the theatre site & again the "order tickets" note disappears. I've tried changing the date in the link but the site always seems to open with tickets for 20th April. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Nor do I & I wish we could find out!!
  10. Andsome, Yes both links work for me as well. But on the initial link posted by myself what happens when you select a date, go to Bottom right to see show available & then try to select "Buy Tickets", for me this "Buy tickets" box disappears & you can't select it
  11. Boris, Thanks for the link, that works! But why the problem on the other web address?
  12. I'm using a Tower computer running Win 10 Version 1709 which is up to date. But when I go into this web site:- https://tickets.reallyusefultheatres.co.uk/42ndStreet/calendar/2018-04-20 The "Order Tickets" block bottom RHS disappears & I can't select it. I'm using F/Fox as a Browser but have also used IE & Edge with same problem. The web site owner says they can't find any problems BUT, when I use my old slow laptop running Win. 8.1 I can select the "Order Tickets" block So any ideas what is causing the problem & how to cure?
  13. johnoo

    Africa A Cappella

    Listen again, it's a storm in Africa!
  14. johnoo

    Africa A Cappella

    Thia has 20m hits on U Tube :-
  15. johnoo

    Run Time Error

    First problem is that I am not as confident as you when it comes to deleting aspects of programs etc. For instance when i go into Task Manager there are two Logitech entries, KHAL & Event Manager but no Setpoint.Exe. After this deleting "msvcp110.dll" scares me, although it's easy to get to this part of the program package. As I say I'm not as confident as you in dealing with issues such as this but thanks for your help/support Boris. PS The original problem has not reoccurred since Friday so I will leave well alone . PS The initial problem of the error message has not reoccurred since Friday so at the moment I will leave it alone

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