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  1. Have, I think, found the solution. There is a conflict with Program "Trusteer Rapport". If this is uninstalled "Edge" works Hope this helps somebody
  2. THe version I have installed is the latest which is, as you say Version 1703 O/S Build 15063.540. So it looks as if all the bugs have not been solved.
  3. Thanks, I've read it & it scared me stiff! Thought there may have been a easier method. My problem is, as stated already, I only keep "Edge" as a standby, mainly using F.Fox, but also have IE set up NOTE:- Have now re read the end posts are interesting as it appears this problem has occurred over last few days on installation of "Creators" edition of Win 10. I'll just see if a "patch" is issued
  4. Win 10 Version 1703 was installed yesterday. Have now found that "Edge" Browser screen says on screen for few seconds then disappears. Also all Favorites have been deleted. I generally use Firefox as Browser but would like to keep "Edge" as standby Is there a simple solution to get "Edge" to work?
  5. Mozilla are now not funding this e mail system, & I've hear rumours that it is to be disbanded. Questions:- 1 Are the rumours true? 2 If it does stop, what is the best alternative e mail system? Many thanks
  6. Boris, Thanks, yes quite helpful.
  7. I'm now mainly using this e mail system. I have it set so that at the beginning of each day I sign in with my password. Then when I send my 1st e mail of the day I have to enter my password again. After this I do not have to enter my password. I am happy with this procedure But Question:- What do I change on the settings to stop entering passwords?
  8. Thanks, good to know, but my CPU has reverted back to a range of 25/28C So no problem, I hope
  9. Thanks. The type is a Intel core i3 3220 "Ivy Bridge" Looking at the guide sheet Idle Temp is 28/35, Normal 50/60C Max 65C So as you OK, but I will keep watch & vacuum out the dust
  10. Don't know why I do it, but I use "Speccy" monthly & note running temperatures. Generaly the CPU Temperature is 25/28 C. Today it was recorded as 39C Is this within normal range or have I a problem coming?
  11. Appears to be OK now, assume they have reset their clock
  12. Has anybody who has installed this new version set up a "Scheduled Scan"? If so have you had problems with the timing start time?
  13. Thanks. I'm OK now Vivaldi must have had an off Season!
  14. Done it, seems OK. Thanks, will monitor