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  1. Thanks, I re installed Printer Drivers & all appears OK. Will check again later.
  2. Recently when I switch on Printer I get message that it is off Line. But itis connected to computer. If I disconnect from computer & then reconnect it clears the problem. But how do i solve on permanent basis?
  3. All is now well. Unplugged & re plugged. Windows key now functions.
  4. Any ideas on how I can get the Windows Key on Keyboard to work? I've unplugged/re plugged in but still a problem!
  5. Boris, Many thanks, did it this afternoon, took 4.5 hours Only problems were that two default Applications were reset to how M/Soft like them, so I reset to how I like them. Also got confused with new workings of Windows Key - but solved it. Windows key on Keyboard not working, could be keyboard?
  6. Just been advised that I can download & Install this version. Are there any known problems? Should I wait a while?
  7. Great to see that members are not reporting problems perhaps due to better technology & also expertise of members. But are the Moderators looking at ways of changing/enhancing this great old forum to keep interest alive?
  8. Thanks, back to normal now. Hagd
  9. AFAIK I have not done anything, but the RH bar is missing!
  10. Has on my system, the RHS list of current topics is not showing. I've also gone into the forum without using Bookmark & still the same Also what does AFAIK MEAN?
  11. A step backwards? Please bring back the old design, especially the righthand side bar of current posts Thanks
  12. Chrome is too hard & it's only a very thin layer. I like the firey fox, it's mint!
  13. Milly, Try KLS also free:- http://www.kls-soft.com/klsmailbackup/
  14. Because I'm with BT Yahoo & I have got very annoyed about Adverts/Spam getting through/Log In procedure. Also T.Bird has more capabilities, examples:- Templates/Ability to "Save As" mail to "C" drive/better search facility
  15. Andsome, Very interesting because I suffer from same problem with 2 organizations & e mails from them. They are well known UK groups & I have the e mail address set up in T/Bird but their e mails go to Bulk Mail. Have no idea how to correct but you are not alone!
  16. Alan, Suggest just sit back & allow M/Soft to sort it out, but it may take some time!
  17. Have posted this problem onto the M/Soft web forum, this was the answer received:- The new update has introduced a new problem into Windows 10 - it is no longer able to calculate space used on a folder or drive which contains sub folders, lots of users are reporting this problem since the new update. Hopefully, Microsoft will resolve this issue in the next cumulative update . . . So problem solved, for now!
  18. Just to be sure I have run the defrag again, but arrived at similar results. If I now look at the (C) Usage/Free Summery the figures are 400/43.5Gb But if I go through the individual elements within (C) the usage is 74.3Gb, the details of this are as follows:- Documents 6.78/Music 2.66/Picturs 15.7/Prog Files 1.91/Prog Files X86 5.02/Prog Data 16.7/Users 4.93/Windows 20.6/plus a few Mb's This sums to a total usage of 74.3Gb as against the Summery figure of 400Gb Also to confirm, using Windirstat:- This shows as a summery Used 400.4Gb, Free 43.6Gb But looking at the details the usages are:- Users 34.8/Prog Data 16.8/Windows 15.9/Prog Files 5.0/Files 3.2/Prog Files 1.8 This sums to usage of 77.86 ( including a few small items) So the individual details by adding the usage of elements in (C) are usage of 74.3 with Windirstat showing usage of as 77.86 So why is the top level usage figure by checking on (C) showing as 400Gb? I'm confused, are you?
  19. Went into "Cortana" on Task Bar typed in Defrag, & it came up with Desktop App. "Defragment & Optimise Drive"
  20. Thanks now done that & updated results show (C) capacity of 444Gb with 45.2Gb free Questions:- 1 I would have thought that the "Old Stuff" would have been deleted when new version is installed, why does this not happen? 2 Does a (C) usage of 398.8Gb seem reasonable for Windows 10 version 1803? 3 Does a free capacity of 45.2Gb, ie 10% of the drive seem acceptable? Now for a glass of Wine!
  21. This, windirstat, shows Win (C) 97.7Gb, comprising of Win Old 21.8/Users 32.9/Windows 15.8/Prog Files 5.0/Prog Data 16.8 See pdf attached So why is it only showing 97.7Gb utilized when looking at Win (C) on computer shows Capacity 444 with only 24 free?? Have done a pdf of results but too large to upload!
  22. OK I've run the Disk Clean Up & also carried out the Defrag process. Now if I look at Properties within (C) drive it's still showing Capacity 444 Free 24.1Gb Looking at Setting it shows that version 1803 has been installed, but I only had 1 restart so could there be a problem? Or should I just wait 24 hours & see what transpires?
  23. I have a Lenovo Edge 72 M/c with a 500Gb Drive. Windows 10 Version 1803 has just installed, with 1 restart. Looking @ my (C) Drive data it shows that the Size is 444Gb & only 24Gb is free Clicking onto the data within the (C) drive gives the following usage figures in Gb's Pictures 15.7/Music 2.66/Documents 6.7/Program Files 1.92/Prog Files x86 5.0/Prog Data 16.7/Users 3.2/Windows Properties 20.0/Windows Old 5.49 This adds to approx 77.37Gb So if 444Gb are available on the drive & 24 Gb is showing as free I would have thought the above figures would sum to approx 420Gb & not the 77.37Gb that I've summed. So I think my questions for help are:- 1 If only 24Gb of the 500Gb drive are free what is causing the high utilization? 2 Why when I sum the utilization in (C) do they come out to 77.37Gb & not 420Gb if I have only 24Gb free? 3 Is there any way of reducing the utilization of the (C) drive?
  24. EUREKA It came to me in the night, but before I enlighten you all with the solution could I just say many thanks for all of the input on this major problem. We hope to go to the show, when tickets become available, on the 24th December & if any of you are there I would welcome to buy you a pre performance drink! Now the solution ----- It's my Monitor It's a 4x3 type, yes colour not Black & White. If I reduce the zoom size from 100% to 80% I can check onto the "Purchase Tickets" section This problem has frustrated me, & no doubt you as well, but thanks again for all of the input & investigations. PS Wife now wants a 16x9 TV!
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