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  1. Boris, Thanks, uninstalled Adobe Flash & used link supplied. The web site/live feed works with Firefox, so looks like I do not have a problem. Thanks for help, & hope it helps others
  2. Boris, Have read that & looked at the link stated in Para. 7, but I don't think it sums it all up. It does not indicate what web sites etc. use Flash & it does not state what happens on these sites when Flash is uninstalled. So is it best not to uninstall Adobe Flash?
  3. Keep getting message that this is at "End of Life" & I should uninstall. Questions are:- 1 What happens to the features that use Adobe Flash when I uninstall? 2 How do I find what these features are?
  4. I know it's not a TV/Audio forum, but can't think of anywhere else to post! Watching the England v Ireland Rugby yesterday on Channel 4 , the false stadium sound totally overrode the commentary, did others have this problem?
  5. It was for the wife, see has decided at a late age to dabble with computing. Ended up getting a Huawei Media Pad M5. She appears to be getting on OK at the moment. But one odd thing about design, there is no socket for esar Buds, can only connect by "Blue Tooth", felt this to be strange?
  6. Boris, I laugh at some persons called Boris, but not you! Thanks will look at it
  7. So is there a Tablet you would recommend?
  8. Thinking of buying this:-2020 Apple iPad, 10.2", A12. But questions, which may be totally stupid:- 1 Can you install Firefox Browser? 2 Can you install Thunderbird e mail? 3 Any other comments/advise?
  9. Today went to clear some past items from "Task View". Two days worth cleared but 2 other days refuse to clear. Is this a known problem?
  10. Thanks, reading the links you have given it appears to be a disaster! Think I will keep well away
  11. Currently using version 1909. What would be the D/Load plus install time for the new features version?
  12. I've been reading this article which advises not to use C Cleaner, & i don't want to give myself any more problems, so what do you think? https://helpdeskgeek.com/free-tools-review/why-you-shouldnt-download-ccleaner-for-windows-anymore/
  13. OK, thanks, to expand, I use MWB weekly & run AVG as security so still good to use C Cleaner? Also are there any conflicts with Windows 10?
  14. I have "Speccy" installed, worth a look:- https://www.ccleaner.com/speccy
  15. I used to use C Cleaner before installing Windows 10. But for some reason on installation of Win. 10 I uninstalled C Cleaner. So question is with Win 10 is CC Cleaner worth using as a free version?
  16. Can't solve, but the experts may be interested in the version of Windows you are using, could be idea to add this to your post
  17. I have a similar problem, see this post:- Using Windows 10, Mouse appears not now to be unresponsive. Keep getting small "Icon" of black circle with line through it. Have been into Control Panel & changed settings but not helped Solution? Do you get a "Black circle with line icon?
  18. Using Windows 10, Mouse appears not now to be unresponsive. Keep getting small "Icon" of black circle with line through it. Have been into Control Panel & changed settings but not helped Solution?
  19. Also just noted from the Programs installed function that Chrome did update the night before the problem so could it have been this update?
  20. Interesting, I have Chrome installed but do not use. The next day all was OK it's a Lenovo M/c so I ran the Hardware scan, no problems found. Again today M/c is OK. If you happen to find solution could you please post
  21. Well, at least thanks for the reply. Let's see what happens tomorrow at switch on
  22. I always keep my self logged in to a couple of web sites, BBC/Trip Advisor etc. Switched on this morning & found that I had been logged out of them. I'm using Windows 10 & F. Fox as a browser with AVG as security Software. Have checked program updates & can't see any major updates. Have run MWB & no problems reported. Any ideas why it occurred?
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