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  1. My son is desperate for an xbox 360 but there seems to be so many deals types on the market -arcade edition, elite, premium etc. He wants to play xboxlive, can anyone recommend the best deal package?
  2. Thanks, have done that -this is what showed, is this what you mean? Title c5fs90vpf8 Filename C:\WINDOWS\system32\c5fs90vpf8.exe Params Required Unknown Startup Location CU Run Memory Usage N/A (unable to retrieve program memory status.) Peak Memory Usage N/A (unable to retrieve program memory status.) Comments No information was retrieved about this program. If you know what this program is please click here to submit your information. Find more on
  3. Hi all Yes have followed all the advice so far still appear when pc is booting up. Its the usual microsoft error format, where it gives you the option to send an error report to microsoft. I used to get the CAPI worker module error in the same format but followed the advise on here and got rid of that. I do have full virus protection and firewall. Cheers
  4. c5fs90vpf8.exe Think I may have put a capital 'F' in by mistake, this is error copy & pasted from message
  5. It happens when I switch on, I get the option to send error report to microsoft. More annoying than anything else.
  6. Can anyone help me get rid of this error message? Any help much appreciated
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