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  1. I solved the problem. thank you anyway guys.
  2. okay. so i'm on the computer when on the taskbar, a box or something appear. I click it and it reads: Window is downloading updates. When it finishes, I click START. right next to the shutdown button, there is shield. Pass the mouse over it and it reads: install updates and then shuts down your computer. before the computer does, though, it installs the updates. when it finishes it shuts down. i go to turn it back on but before it completely boots up, there is a message that windows is configuring the updates. so i wait until it does it thing. when i went through this before, all went
  3. Thank you for the help. i'm confused, however, about the disconnecting from the internet part. how do i download my Comodo software if i'm disconnected.
  4. okay. just recently i got a new laptop. along with the laptop came a free trial of Norton Antivirus program. now in a few days it expires. i searched around and found a new antivirus (Free) called Comodo. i plan to download it along with its firewall. my problem: not exactly sure how to go about and doing it. i read that before i download a new antivirus, i need to unistall Norton completely. Also, i have to disconnect from internet. see, that's where i run into a problem. if i disconnect from internet, how do i get my new antivirus? please help.
  5. I'd used another's laptop and i don't like the screen --it's too low. a monitor is higher up.
  6. i'd used my brother's laptop and i don't like the screen plus it's too low.
  7. i plan on getting a laptop - my first. I heard i can connect a monitor to it but i'm not sure what cable i'll need to do it. will this do? Eforcity Black 6FT /2 Meter HDMI Male to DVI Male Cable also, what should the laptop have? what sort of port?
  8. Has anyone used Darik's boot and Nuke hard drive disk wipe?
  9. It's me again. okay, so my oproblem is this: ever so often, I ge this message: the application failed tol initialize properly (Oxcoooo12d) Click to terminate the application. OK Lo and behold, I click OK and it doesnt't terminate. i click again--still nothing. i press Ctrl+Alt=Delete, but the task manager doesn't work. I hit Escape--that doesn't work. so I decided to turn the computer off. that just make everything worst. the computer stalls or freezes
  10. I did as you suggested Dencandy and that seem to have done the trick. Thanks for your help.
  11. If you tell me precisely which version of Windows you are using I might be able to help. I'm using window Xp. Yes...but 32 bit or 64 bit. Both were produced. You could try downloading http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html This should give you a clue. since you said either 32 bit or 64 will work, i ran the 32 bit. i have no virus. i then did what Dencandy suggested and disabled EWP add on. So far i'm error message free. Thanks to you both for all your help.
  12. If you tell me precisely which version of Windows you are using I might be able to help. I'm using window Xp.
  13. It may be something to do with Easy Web Print. But first go to :-/>http://housecall.trendmicro.com/uk/?id=trendcloud and download and run Housecall. That will check for any nasties you may have lurking. okay, Catgate. i went to the site. which version do i download? the 32 bit or the 64?
  14. ok, so i'm having problems, it just started a day ago, out of the blue. I keep getting this message: EWP Core SetImportedFunctionsFailed in EC_EWP Core Ipl:: On Library Loaded I searched around for a solution for this and all I read was about folks experiencing this while using IE 7. I'm using IE 8. What do i do? Btw, i just happened to have installed, the previous day: Webroot Spy sweeper. Does that have anything to do with this sudden problem? Please help
  15. In my computer you have all the drives listed, your DVD drive is the one under devices with removable storage and it should be the name of your cleaner if the cleaner is in the drive, click or double click it and it should run. Is this what you needed to know? I did everything you instructed, but no go. well,i guess there is something more i have to do but i just don't know enough, actually almost nothing, about computers to knolw what that something is. i'll just use my compressed air and blow into the drive and hope that works. i read i could do that, no? i don't have to unpug it or di
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