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  1. This is actually how found out that a USB could be made bootable and the OS can be installed via it, but the tutorial just runs through assuming that the boot folder is already all together and the program will find it and put it to work ^_^;; its the action of the boot folder and the files inside it that i cant work out ^_^;;; im asking a little much maybe ~ also recieved my actual xp instal CD from home this morning so its legit ~
  2. so a few weeks ago i purchased an Acer Aspire one netbook with Linux Linpus lite as preinstalled OS i have tried to adjust, i have given it a chance but the installs are unnecessarily troublesome and i am fed up with not being able to use the programs that i am used to from windows or mac my plea is that i would like to wipethe hardrive of the previous OS linpus lite and reinstall windows XP professional that is where the problem begins, the thing with netbooks, as great as they are they have no CD rom drive so it leaves me unable to install by CD, i have obtained a batch of files containing windows XP proffesional and i know its possible to install via booted USB but i have no idea which files need to be on the USB boot folder i probably seem like a complete noob but linux really has killed my mind, if anybody knows any easier ways to wipe linux and reinstall xp by USB or other means then please let me know any help would be greatly appreciated, i just want to return to good old familiar XP or vista
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