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  1. Thanks for the reply. Which tabs should I be looking at in the event viewer?
  2. I am hearing one of my hard drives clicking. It is not all the time and last anywhere between 1-3 minutes and it stops. Just once a day maybe once every other day it's happening. I don't know which hard drive is causing it since I have 7 currently installed. I can rule out one of them since it is a SSD. Without having to open the pc and connect one at a time and wait to see which one is making the sound, is there a tool or software I can run? I've tried HD Tune Pro and ran several of it's test, but I can't replicated the sound. My drives are stacked flat, one on top of another with spaces in between towards the front of the case. Right now, I can access all drives. The clicking occurs when the pc is at idle. Meaning I am not by the pc while it is on. Hoping to find the cause and back the drive up before it's too late.
  3. I got xampp setup on my Windows 7 for website testings. I have created multiple sites and am able to view them all on my machine running the server. I would like to view some of the sites on my iPhone, but am not able to. My server ip is '' One of my sites: 'siteNumber2.loc' On my iPhone host file, I have added this line. siteNumber2.loc I get a 'unable to resolve the server's dns address' message. My iPhone is connected to wifi on the same network.
  4. I mostly use safari for windows and very little of IE9. However, I did remembered seeing the same message in the past on IE. At the most, I would probably have no more then 5 tabs opened at once on safari using one browser instance. There are only one connection to my network; sometimes 2 with my laptop. That's all. I am not sure if that is the answer you wanted to know. The error message is not from a pop up windows but from the browser itself.
  5. Every so often, I get this message from my browser(safari for windows) when I am surfing the web. I've never seen this before. Is there a settings I can tweak?
  6. Also, I noticed my HDD and cd rom led are on all the time now. The hard drive disk doesn't seem to be spinning nor can I eject the cd rom tray. When I swapped it out with another hard drive(sata 1TB), the drive does spin, but the hdd led doesn't lit. When the pc is first power on, is there an order of what is to be turned on first? I would assume any power that is plugged in to the hardware, it will be on. Now if the video card is fried/bad, would the system act the way I have described? I have been searching for a video card and the price is not too bad. I just hate to fork out the fund and find out it is not the video card afterwards.
  7. Here is an update of what I have done to no available. I have either replaced or swapped out different hardware to test. psu motherboard cpu hard drive In addition, I have 4 ram chips in total and have tried to run pc with one ram chip at a time to eliminate a possible bad ram. Is not possible for all 4 ram chip to go bad unless there was a static discharge? What I have not replaced is my video card and ram. I have spent many hours tinkling on a pretty old system and shelled out some $$ already. At this point, I think it is the video card, but I do not think it is worth the $$ to fix it. The card must be fried to not have any signal outputting to the monitor. I do have a question though. What is the bare minimum (hardware) to have the pc turn on and go into bios only?
  8. Are you referring to all the plugs connected to the pc both internally and external?
  9. My video is up to date. Its a Readon hd 6850. Updated from the vendor site. Ran Windows update and no new updates either.
  10. Every so often, my Windows 7 Ultimate taskbar turns grey. Before it happens, the screen flickers to black for half a second. What is the cause? The os is fairly new installed on all new hardware. Windows update is update to date as well.
  11. I am currently with zoneedit and have been before they migrated to new system and started to do away with 5 free domains. They offered a deal with their existing customers where they pay a one time fee of $10 and they can keep their 5 free domains. I went that route; however, now they are telling me that may domain has expired and I will need to by their 'credits' to continue. I thought my domains will never expire and I will only need to pay for credits if I add more domains. I may not have read their plans carefully I suppose. Anyways, I feel I am being cheated and I want to look elsewhere for free dns service. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  12. If the hard drive can be connected to another machine, grab Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows which can be found within the above link. Let us know.... Cheers For some reasons, I am not getting email notifications when new posts are posted. Anyways, I will do more testing and let you know what I find or not find.
  13. The monitor was purchased last November; I use it for my other pc. I don't have another monitor to try. The lifeguard disk is for scanning hard drive only? I can put that hard drive in question in my other pc and test it.
  14. Well, I tried to run the Data Lifeguard disk, but the monitor will not even turn on. The pc is not giving any signal to the monitor apparently. Only once it did, but it went as far as the pentium 4 logo and froze.
  15. Are you referring to the latest firmware of the motherboard? the firmware is dated back to 3/18/2005. this might be the latest from my quick search on the net.
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