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  1. You know how when you right click the desktop a menu opens up and there is the new option, when you hover that option another menu appears and there you have about 10 options what to create. Well my menu does not include Text file for some reason. Why is that?
  2. Yeah I wouldnt mind myself either... I got like 30 bookmarks that I need and thats it, anything else I got on stumbleupon - I would actually invite people to review my bookmarks
  3. Hi, are your own bookmarks something you consider as private? Would you mind if someone knew what you bookmark
  4. Honestly this is the first forum that finally gave me some solid, relevant reviews. thank you. (You may be surprised but I was actually looking for some hard / real criticism because I am not gonna learn much unless criticised am I. That is why I came to this forum in the first place and I am glad I did)
  5. Hello, I cant figure this one thing out that my wifi connection on my Windows 7 keeps going into "no internet connection" quite often, the only thing that helps is to reboot system to get it working again. This is how the wifi icon changes... Strange is that this keeps happening only at school (one wifi source) does not usually happen anywhere else. Any idea how to get rid of it, or at least what might cause it?
  6. Hi, recently I have released two new projects of mine. First one is SimpleAnswer a web app where one creates a profile and asks questions seeking anonymous (sincere) answers from friends Second one is ConfessionHall, originally the domain was meant for a completely different project however it didnt not work. Please if you could drop any comments, ideas, thought about either or both. (I didnt do separate posts not to spam too much)
  7. Hi guys, So which .me sites are you using as they are pretty popular lately? I use a lot formspring, SimpleAnswer, Facto Are there any other worth knowing about and maybe using?
  8. I dont get it. On my desktop I got installed 3GB of ram and all of it is used well enough. also a 64bit system The wikipedia article is pretty interesting. I would like to see a system where 8GB are present, how much would it trip than?
  9. I tried to set in MSCONGIF full 4096 MB rebooted the system and suddenly the system showed RAM : 4GB (usable 2.80 GB) That didnt turn out so well. I switched it back to automatic recognition and I am back to my 3.75GB
  10. I believe there is a 128MB dedicated graphics memory (not integrated). If you add it up it kind of makes sense however 64 bit system shall be able to allocate far more memory if I am not mistaken.
  11. Hi, My new laptop running Windows 7 home premium 64bit and integrated 4GB of ram can only allocate about 3.75gb. Why is that? I am absolutely positive it is a 64bit. Funny thing is that the system RAM: 4GB (3.75GB used) why does that happen? Can I avoid it somehow?
  12. You got it fixed? It natively does not happen with Version 3 (no fix applied), dont know about version 4. I guess the version 5 is not debugged yet, because it crashes all the time too.
  13. I can see the native hard drives seem to be as if they were in network, so I guess the XP mode is not much of a virtual machine after all, in terms of protecting the main system.
  14. Does not happen with Version 3, I just noticed
  15. I am curious whether Windows XP mode in Windows 7 is completely safe like if I was using any other virtual machine. Can viruses penetrate through this virtual system?
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