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  1. Got it fixed....come to find out all i had to do is reset cable modem and then reset router then it automatically configured the IP adddress. I spoke with a very nice person @ comcast in technical support. He told me that the only way comcast runs is dynamic and to reset the cable modem and then it should work. It was easy like falling off a rock.
  2. Yes, it has two ports. I am plugging the cable modem into the one labeled "internet" Then plugging the one labeled "LAN" into my built-in ethernet port of my computer. Is this the wrong way to do it?
  3. The thing that has got me so confused is that up plug your cable modem into the router pci card then plug a patch cable into the ethernet port on the card and then plug it in to the ethernet port on my computer. The network card in the computer automatically accepts the ip that the router has set for it. It setting the ip for the router itself that seems to be the problem. As far as i know it doesnt work like a regular card. All it does is draw it power from the PCI slot. According to gigabyte site it doesnt need drivers because it is a stand alone card. :D
  4. I called comcast last night. They told me that they could not help me and that I would have to contact the manufacturer of the card. They were not much help.
  5. Hello I bought a Gigabyte wireless GN-BC01 PCI router for my computer. I have no idea how to set it up. I am completely lost. When i first start up my browser it asks my for WAN addresses? I am going to attach a screen shot of the screen that way maybe someone will know how to do it. I am on a comcast high speed connection. The computer I am using is a Dell dimension 3000 with the ethernet card built in to the motherboard. Any help is appreciated.
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