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  1. VAIO have a lot of resource hugging proprietary stuff from sony on them as well ...is it all needed ?
  2. Most I've ever won on the lottery is a tenner .........don't think it would get me very far methinks ....
  3. 3 years for me......!.....I like the layout
  4. Different Gandalph No I"m not. I'm the same one as always. :D But different to the one on IDF50.:lol: I'll bet it's that one from Manchester (or thereabouts) that used to be on the PC Forum by the name of Gandalf, the one that used to disagree with everything other people had to say. :D Deuces wilds long lost english cousin perhaps ...the geezers just a blinkered left wing two jags wannabe ....fairly harmless......much entertainment to be had there perhaps
  5. Its on the internet 4oD should get all the series on the above link Its worth a look ...each episode is around 48 min
  6. http://www.channel4....-04-20_p_1.html This has to be one of my fav. series's on the box at the mo ...... click here Quite simple ....3 different landlords get to stay and score each others property and businesses to see if they are worth the money asked .! Its a little gem ..............with some right characters ... maybe worth looking at if your struggling with the mortgage I did feel a bit sorry for the Fallen angel owner He had a theme and an image ...but I think he would have been better keeping the £2m investment in the bank ... £300 per night ?........ but then towards the end it stated that he was giving 70% discounts Ive just had a look at his page fallen angel and it is now called a hotel ...He now charges £120 per night , so it looks like the programme has given him a pricing policy rethink ...much more sensible ! Good TV ...
  7. Good job it wasnt a bloke standing at the tills
  8. heh ...Im not spartacus ... I'm just a naughty boy
  9. Toasted teacakes just have to be buttered, even sans waistcoat , otherwise its just not british ,apart from yorkshire where any discussion may actually be fruitless , where it then becomes a bap if your a southerner. holes are for donuts.......... ..........nuts can be universally counterpaned in a semi-decimalised triangulation, but only on orange Wednesdays if you text for your ticket.
  10. I've got one of these , best opener I've ever had , even got me mum one ! squeeze the ears over the neck, and plunge in and pull out ,easy peazy
  11. This is the beach next to the village where my dad was brought up , It got hit by the sea empress disaster in milford haven 1996 (texaco chevron) Massive damage to a world heritage and the UK's only national coastline park. You can still find pockets of rubbery black stuff on the beach if you dig in some places ,14 years later ... I no longer go cockling there ...... />http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_Empress_Disaster This is a fairly high energy environment with 35ft tidal races, increasing its chances of it being broken down , the Everglades will have no chance , and once its in the reed-beds , that's it. It will take decades to recover . Lets hope the residents get a better deal than Bhopal
  12. Blimey ..... Sir T ...I thought you were dead ........ ! or moved to Norfolk where's there no BB (as good as)...hows moonie ? Another blair with a tan as many have said before ....... just watch his property portfolio after his removal from office .....! Maybe you could flog him something something cheap from the wharf !
  13. If its been a long time since you used it cats , its well worth another look ....... googles done a good job with it
  14. I've been using it before google took it over ...To resolve andsomes problem just link Picassa to your "My Pictures " folder , and it will just ignore everything outside this folder ... Its excellent for me as "my pictures" folder is now close to 250gb in size ....Also if you do this , you can use Picassa to import, and it will store them too ... Its worth doing as you can then add the tags when you import , and it will flag up copies if the photo has already been imported before (useful if you have a lot of datacards) My main use is tagging and indexing , plus , the fairly recent facial recognition option has been a useful bonus ... I usually edit in cannon digital professional or gimp if I need layering ,... but picassa has been doing RAW for some time ,and its a nice and easy quick edit if I'm feeling lazy! An excellent freebie
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