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  1. I used MDL to download several rogue scanners, several worms, several trojans, and tested a few IE exploits. Rebooted and the system and it was clean. There was the odd temp file left behind but nothing that was executed.
  2. Java is cross platform I am right? You know any good tutorials for starting off?
  3. Didn't Microsoft do something to Internet Explorer 8 which stops Google seeing what "sites & keyword" you are interested in, resulting in non-targetted adwords. Isn't that whats Chrome all about?
  4. Why is there no section for the new Windows 7? I'm sure having its own section it would bring more people to register.
  5. Its possible, should always use a behavior blocker along side anyway.
  6. OR You could install VirtualBox and run 32 bit Windows XP from within Vista
  7. I am wondering if it is worth learning C++. There are only so many "dos style" application you can make before wanting to start with a GUI. Wouldn't it just be a lot easier for me to learn Delphi or VB instead? Whats are your views on this?
  8. Unable to connect to Microsoft website - thats not a bad thing though :P Makes me laugh really the topic is "Unable to connect to Microsoft website", and the solution is download the update from microsoft.com. LOL
  9. Don't just rely on one anti-virus, you should also run a online antivirus scan every now and then to pickup threats not detected by your AV. Trend HouseCall is a good free online scanner, ESet and Panda also offer a free scan-only service. If ESet is missing 11 trojans, maybe its time to change it :P Might be an idea to download ThreatFire to detect unusual behaviour. Also remeber Rootkits can hide from your AV, UnHackMe should sort those out.
  10. I have only ever used 4 online backup solutions. IDrive - Fantastic, best backup ever used. Diino - Some bigs bugs in their new software. LiveDrive - Another good provider but with bugs in software. XDrive - Files become corrupt. Thanks AOL!
  11. I use Acronis TrueImage, but the CD linux bootable version. Works for me everytime, well worth it.
  12. Chances are that S&S has scanned the file, your AV has picked up the file being accessed and reported back as being a virus. If its sitting in your temp folder is may have come off another process or been dropped by Internet Explorer. If you still have the file it might be worth running it through VirusTotal to see what is actually is.
  13. If you computer / internet is running unusually slow then you could possibly have been infected with a rootkit (hidden trojan). I suggest you have a look at UnHackMe.
  14. The only reason Norton is so popular is because they pay to have it pre-installed on new computers. Their scanning engine sucks and database is not that impressive. Recently found out it doesn't even detect this AutoRun Worm which has been going since March 08.
  15. Most decent AV have anti-spyware in now. However, I would recommend EMSI ASquared. If run your browser in a sandbox and install HIPS and you won't need anti-spyware
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