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  1. Please - I really need some help on this. Just finished doing two "bare metal" installs of Windows 7, one of which acts as a server, the other as a remote user. Both machines go into "hybrid sleep" beautifully. I have "wake up on lan" working properly on the server because I can manually send a "magic packet" from the remote system and it wakes up. Users on the remote Win 7 systems have mapped drives to the server. I want the server to wake up when any remote user logs onto his/her system. I don't want them to have to run a separate program to make this happen. I had this working with my XP home network. The "server" would wake up when any user logged on to the remote system. When all remote users shut down their systems, the server would go back to sleep. How can I get the remote Windows 7 system to automatically send a magic packet when any user logs into his/her computer? Thanks.
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