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  1. Maneman, I owe you big time. I looked over several of the links that you provided to me first thing this AM and gave Gizmo a shot and to my surprise, not only was it easy to use, but it worked perfectly!!! Thanks!!!!!!!! I have my files back!!!!!!! Throwing money at a bad situation doesn't always get the required results. Logical thought and calmness are better. Re-phrase the whole thing to: "I'm willing to spend any amount of "TIME" necessary to get this situation resolved," - and you will be on far stronger ground. You can get ripped off real bad if you start offering money as an incentive to help you. (Dont do it !) (A) Duplicate your VHD files. That way, you will know that the originals are "Safe" and that you are only working with the duplicates. Not all of my links were to do with "Command Prompts." have a look again at: http://arainia.com/software/gizmo/overview.php?nID=4 I am sure that by this time that "Panarchy" will be wanting come forward and fully explain to you, and us all in detail and by means of tutorial the "virtualisation Hypervisor & frontend included with Server 2008" method of reclaiming VHD files, which he posted.
  2. Thanks for the response. I'm running Vista 32 bit SP1 as of the return of my computer. At this point, I'm willing to spend any amount of money necessary to get this situation resolved. Yes, I consider myself to be NOT computer savvy. Seeing command prompts scares the hell out of me. I'm afraid that I would end up doing irreparable damage to my files.
  3. I recently had to send my computer back to the manufacturer to have some warranty work done. In the process my internal HD had to be re-formated. No problem-I thought, They warned me that this might happen. I have always backed up to an external HD. I thought I was leaning on the cautious side by choosing to back up the "entire computer" in the windows back-up and restore section. Come to find out that by doing so, I only created snapshots of my HD in the form of .vhd files. Well, I got my computer back and went to restore my files. Windows is telling me that no back-up files exist. For some reason windows is not recognizing the .vhd files that were created during the back up process. I know the files are there because I can see them on my external HD. Basically, what I need is for somebody to help/explain to me how to go into my external HD and retrieve and/or convert my back up files in some way that I can load them back onto my computer. Can anybody help? I have tried VirtualPC, but the file is too large (5GB). I also tried WinImage but to be honest, I'm wasn't to sure how to operate the software correctly, so instead of possibly damaging my very important files, I decided to stop.
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