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  1. Boris


    v5.51.6939 (13 Dec 2018)
  2. Boris


    v5.50.6911 (29 Nov 2018)
  3. Boris

    A Steam Enthusiast's Dream Day Out

    I spotted your personal plate on the lead vehicle
  4. Boris

    Home Contents Insurance

    Alan Ho - Just a thought, have you thought about a joint approach for Central Heating cover on your 15 houses ?
  5. Boris

    What has happened?

    Where did you post these ? I haven't seen them at all - mind I've not logged in all day until now.
  6. Boris


    v5.49.6856 (12 Nov 2018)
  7. Boris

    New Home page design

    Post a screen shot (like mine) of what you actually see.
  8. Boris

    New Home page design

    Must be something you have done ? Mine is as below. AFAIK = As Far As I Know !
  9. Boris

    New Home page design

    johnoo I'm not really sure what you mean ? AFAIK nothing has changed for months ?
  10. Boris

    Especially for pops

    Shouldn't you have chosen something by these - They are even named after him !
  11. Boris

    What are you having for dinner today?

    I never know what we are having for dinner until A) I make it or B) Mrs Boris makes it - we don't do advance meal planning in any way. That way life is far more interesting ? Today for example we had swede/parsnip/potato mash with poached eggs, baked beans and cooked baby tomatoes. Tomorrow ................................... who knows ?
  12. Solution here :- http://www.techieinspire.com/split-pst-file-microsoft-outlook-2007/
  13. Here is your FREE solution :- http://www.pst-merger.com/
  14. Don't use this add-on myself (After the Deadline) https://atdfirefox.wordpress.com/ but a friend does.
  15. Boris

    What are you having for dinner today?

    I don't think you are allowed to use "chicken" any more ? - as this is apparently a term which may offend a person who is easily frightened and avoids dangerous or difficult situations. I would suggest you call it poltroon and mushroom instead ?

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