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  1. Boris


    v5.70.7909 (06 Aug 2020) Important information for Firefox users If you use Firefox with a Firefox account, we strongly recommend that you update CCleaner to version 5.70 before cleaning. This version of CCleaner fixes an issue that can cause extension settings to be lost in Firefox. The update also includes performance improvements and improved support for Opera GX. Important fix for Firefox users -Fixed a bug where CCleaner could wipe extension settings in Firefox if using a Firefox account Cleaning -Added Smart Clean support for Opera GX -CCleaner now differentiates between Opera and Opera GX processes -Fixed a rare bug where Health Check would not close all selected browsers General -Fixed a performance issue where CCleaner could use more CPU than it needed -DetectOS syntax correctly supports full Windows build numbers in WinApp2
  2. Boris


    v5.69.7865 (21 Jul 2020) This version of CCleaner brings all-new cleaning for Opera GX browser and bug fixes. Cleaning - Added cleaning support for Opera GX gaming browser General - Minor UI improvements - Fixed DetectOS from|to syntax functionality in WinApp2 - Fixed occasional missing information in the Licence Information screen
  3. Much rather a grass snake than an adder or escaped boa constrictor/python 😀
  4. Did you re-select the NVMe drive as the boot drive in the BIOS ?
  5. We haven't been getting out much either, except for walking, both of us having reached our 70th year, and myself with asthma and hypertension. Mrs B had a TIA in February, so she is now on similar meds to me as well. She is OK and got the green light to drive again in March, but then the lockdown arrived and she hasn't driven since. However she is going to drive to get her hair done on Monday ☺️. Neither of us has been in a shop for about 3 months. Gardening and tinkering with my garage stock of old PCs to get them running Win 10 has kept me occupied. Mr Sainsbury home delivering has kept us going, plus our lovely next-door neighbour collecting our prescriptions for us. Very sorry to hear you are having health issues Irene, make sure you take care of yourself !!.
  6. Boris


    v5.68.7820 (23 Jun 2020) This version of CCleaner brings improved cleaning to Firefox and Chromium browsers. Cleaning - Fixed browser extensions not being shown in Firefox and Chrome - Fixed cleaning of ‘Last Download Location’ in Chromium browsers Health Check - Users can now provide a comment with their rating Software Updater - Software Updater displays a message when offline and a ‘Try Again’ button
  7. Gives a new dimension to River Dance ?
  8. Any views are always slanted towards the view of whoever writes them. I use 4 different browsers and the main thing I like about CCleaner is that (unlike the individual browser's own cookie removal processes [all or nothing]), you can keep whatever ones you actually specify. The comment about it reporting everything back can also be turned off easily.
  9. Did you format the drive as NTFS before starting the install ?
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