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  1. Exactly the same thing applies to another game using the terms bias, jack, heavy, rink - at least with golf you get a nice long walk PS - I play neither game.
  2. Boris

    Familiar faces (well, usernames)

    Hello John, Long time since you were here ! You've still got the old dead lycos email in your profile, didn't you change it to gmail at one time ?
  3. Boris


    The problem - to cover over/block off the hole left by a no longer required cat flap in a UPVC back door. I am trying to avoid the expense of buying a new UPVC back door for as long as possible. PLAN A - DIY quick fix Use a small 300mm x 200mm sheet of 3mm white acrylic, to stick to the outside of an otherwise excellent white external UPVC door panel to cover the hole. When stuck on, there must be a waterproof seal where the materials bond, as the door is facing directly into the prevailing weather. I’m looking at Everbuild “Stick 2” Hard Plastic adhesive ? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Everbuild-stick-hard-Plastic-adhesive/dp/B0012R9Y98 or Bostik Hard Plastics Clear Adhesive ? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bostik-Plastics-Adhesive-Blister-501560/dp/B00R368QSW Any suggestions as to whether one of these will be adequate to make the seal, or do I need something more exotic ? Thanks for any help you can give. PLAN B - fit a replacement panel 750mm x 750mm replacement panels on Ebay seem to be about £30. (depending on whether you need 20mm, 24mm or 28mm depth). I’m sure I can cut one to size, but first I need to somehow get the old sealing rubbers off without ripping/splitting them and then try and get the internal beading off to drop the old panel out to measure what depth I need. It “looks” simple, BUT knowing my luck, the old rubbers will get damaged, and I then won’t be able to find new ones because of the door’s age, so I’ll have a door with the panel rattling around in the frame letting in draughts/water. Mrs B would definitely never give me any peace. I used to know a good window fitter, but he moved away, and the local companies only seem interested in selling half a dozen windows or a couple of doors – no small jobs. This is why I thought of trying a more permanent DIY quick fix. I’ve covered the hole with duct tape for 5 years, and then filled the inside with expanded foam. It works well, but the tape keeps peeling off in the sun/rain after a few months, exposing the inner foam. If I can find some adhesive that will permanently bond acrylic and UPVC together – it is a much simpler job.
  4. Boris


    v5.45.6611 (24 Jul 2018)
  5. Boris

    WET. Fed up with it

    Never knew that was one of Mahlers
  6. Boris


    You can manually crop any pictures in IrfanView by clicking on them and drawing the rectangle you want, then Edit Crop selection, and File Save As "whatever".jpg There is also Image/ Resize/resample then Set new size - Width / Height or use the range of Pre-set sizes (pixels, cm, inches)
  7. Boris

    Moz Back Up

    Moz Backup is still available. MozBackup 1.5.2 Beta 1 was the last version produced, with bug fixes and works on Win 10. I use it myself. It is still obtainable from http://mozbackup.jasnapaka.com/files/1.5.2-beta/MozBackup-1.5.2-beta1-EN.zip Alternatively you can use KLS Mail Backup (free for personal use) - which I also use. Latest version: - http://www.kls-soft.com/klsmailbackup/index.php
  8. No - it has a huge rear aerofoil to reduce drag/increase downforce
  9. Boris

    Thought for Today - 13 June

    I have just sent him back to the grave
  10. Boris


    Are the ones you are trying to "un-junk" in any of your address books ? If not, try adding them and see if that improves things ? Just try a couple first ????
  11. Boris


    How have you set your T'bird Junk settings up ?
  12. Boris

    CCleaner security issues

    Bearing in mind this happened some 9 months ago, i think that if you haven't had problems by now you should be OK
  13. Take your tablets first though !!!
  14. Boris


    From that page - "you can only keep cookies if you are using Internet Explorer"
  15. Boris


    If you use the excellent Patch My PC (free) - as I do https://patchmypc.net/overview it not only keeps over 300 programmes up-to-date on your PC, but you never get any of this unrequired bloatware installed during installation

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