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  1. Happy Birthday, Boris...

    The local Lidl had none of the soft-closers, besides Mrs B is anti-plastic re. "seating" - so a trip to Screwfix sourced me a https://www.screwfix.com/p/cooke-and-lewis-standard-closing-toilet-seat-moulded-wood-white/1056t Unfortunately my command of the 8 ? languages the instructions and weird diagrams were in didn't appear adequate. So I winged it. I don't think they could have thought of any more parts for the hinge fitting - 5 separate bits for each one and you needed 3 hands to hold the seat in place whilst assembling/tightening the mechanisms. I'm just off to get a bottle of Rioja from the rack to soothe myself, so don't expect any sense from me if anyone has a Windows problem today !
  2. Happy Birthday, Boris...

    Thanks - my first task is to go out and buy a replacement toilet seat, as Mrs B (or the grand-children) seem to have broken the metal hinge on the bathroom one overnight. Not quite what I was expecting to do today
  3. What an absolute prat

    Absolutely, it would be much more effective to have National Guard members doing the teaching, they are already firearms trained.
  4. You are not imagining things - i also received the same PM.
  5. There was very little info there for someone who registered some years ago !
  6. How to attract new members

  7. CCleaner

    v5.40.6411 (13 Feb 2018)
  8. Cant view my own topic

    If it is just a cheap A-I-O printer you want, this Canon PIXMA MG2550S for £17.73 is very reasonable https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01J3B3HJW/ - not wireless, but the price is right !
  9. Cant view my own topic

    I too did not see / delete this topic.
  10. Meet the relatives

    Definitely not ! - any more of that talk and I'll see you in court !
  11. Windows Forum Icon

    Stolen by spammers ?
  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-42787789
  13. CCleaner

  14. Run Time Error

    Sorry, but I can't see the problem you have in doing this ! Obviously I can't test it myself, because I don't have a Logitech mouse or use Setpoint. As the man says ......... Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open Task Manager, More details Find Setpoint.exe in Processes, Right click it and select End Task Then use Windows Explorer to navigate to C:\ProgramFiles%\Logitech\SetPointP Right click on msvcp110.dll and press delete
  15. Run Time Error

    Solution here :- https://community.logitech.com/s/question/0D53100006Ob1JPCAZ/runtime-error-program-logitechsetpointpsetpointexe

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