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  1. Boris


    v5.67.7763 (28 May 2020) This version of CCleaner brings more cleaning to Firefox, improvements in the delivery of our Professional trial guided experience, and some stability fixes for Windows 7 users. Cleaning - Added optional cleaning of Firefox crash reports General - Fixed a potential crash when CCleaner Professional, Business or Tech Editions launch on Windows 7 - Fixes to the Professional trial to improve the delivery of its guided experience
  2. Usual scammers 🙂
  3. Any views are always slanted towards the view of whoever writes them. I use 4 different browsers and the main thing I like about CCleaner is that (unlike the individual browser's own cookie removal processes [all or nothing]), you can keep whatever ones you actually specify. The comment about it reporting everything back can also be turned off easily.
  4. Boris


    v5.66.7716 (01 May 2020) In this version of CCleaner we have added full cleaning support for the Brave and Vivaldi browsers! Please note we have patched the 5.66.7705 version to 5.66.7716 to fix a stability issue in the CCleaner Professional Trial flow. Cleaning - Brave browser can now be cleaned independently - Vivaldi browser can now be cleaned independently Health Check - Fixed an issue where 'Cookies' was also deleting internet history and was incorrectly reporting large numbers of trackers - Internet history is now deleted via the ‘History’ Privacy category, which also includes download history and recently typed URLs Pro Trial - Starting a CCleaner Professional trial now gives you a guided experience to its features
  5. Did you format the drive as NTFS before starting the install ?
  6. In a weird way that picture reminds me of Ron Mael ?
  7. Are you writing ? or reading one ?
  8. Boris


    v5.65.7632 (24 Mar 2020) In this version of CCleaner we have focused on adding new cleaning improvements and improving our new Health Check feature so it’s running smoothly for all of you. Better Cleaning - Added new areas in Internet Explorer’s LocalAppData - Improved Internet Explorer cache cleaning Smart Cleaning - Browser Smart Cleaning now supports Edge Chromium Health Check - Health Check no longer shows a connection error incorrectly (thanks nukecad!) - Improved wording around connection errors to avoid unnecessary confusion - Fixed Health Check freezing in some cases when CCleaner is launched (thanks APMichael!) Localization - CCleaner is now translated into Bengali and Urdu - Made improvements to various translations - Fixed a bug where the Estonian language option was showing Slovenian Bug Fixes & Minor Changes - Fixed a bug where erroneous data was being added to the .ini file (thanks larryg1516!)
  9. Interviewed in October 2019, Ian Anderson said that he planned to finish his new album by February 2020 and to release it in September 2020 !
  10. Broadband speed test rates can vary minute by minute. To get a a realistic figure of the actual speeds you get, do a series of tests over say a week at different times of day/night and see what the average you get is. Preferably do a speed test which is not actually provided by your ISP ? I use https://www.speedtest.net - I'm 20 miles from the nearest city, using a copper wire (not fibre) connection.
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