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  1. windows 10 updates

    Watch this to see how you can control Windows 10 updates :- https://youtu.be/wyeJkQyD30g
  2. Anyone remember her?

    No I wouldn't - he died in 1996 - if he was still going now he'd be 86ish !
  3. Anyone remember her?

    Surprisingly, he was married three times. He also released this cover of the classic AC/DC track :-
  4. What are you having for dinner today?

    Sauteed gives the best result
  5. What are you having for dinner today?

    I have always found them a trifle stringy - not much meat on them usually
  6. What are you having for dinner today?

    Some Quorn stuff is quite reasonable. You probably couldn't imagine living with a vegetarian, and then having an eldest daughter with a vegan family ! This explains why we rarely have Sunday lunch with them . At least my youngest and her family are carnivores
  7. Any friends/neighbours where you are ?
  8. Just tried it again with Win 10 version 1709 (16299.334) + Firefox 59.0.2 (64-bit) - result as below :-
  9. Well there is nothing wrong with the site (just tried it again - as below) - so it has to be something related to your configuration ? No idea why - can't you try ordering them from someone else's machine ?
  10. Go to my link as before Click on change date (box at the top) Select your date from the calendar and Robert is your father's brother. This works fine for me
  11. What are you having for dinner today?

    I so wish there was an Iceland near us ! I am enthralled by these :- http://groceries.iceland.co.uk/iceland-roast-from-frozen-boneless-chicken-cushion-with-sage-and-onion-stuffing-1-5kg/p/68839? I've never tried cushions before ! Product Information Iceland Roast From Frozen Boneless Chicken Cushion with Sage & Onion Stuffing 1.5Kg Formed chicken cushion made with basted skinless chicken breast fillet with added water and basted skinless chicken thigh fillet with added water, with a sage and onion stuffing, covered with chicken skin and cured streaky bacon slices with added water, topped with a slice of orange and cinnamon for decoration and sprinkled with parsley.
  12. What are you having for dinner today?

    ??? - They sounded delicious ! Product Information Iceland Potato & Bacon Crunchies with a Golden Crunch 550g Nugget shapes formed from shredded potato with formed smoke flavour streaky bacon pre-fried in sunflower oil. Country Belgium
  13. That is the old (self built 2009 vintage) machine I use for checking out possibly dubious links/web pages and disinfecting other people's hard drives which have been locked/ransomed/trojanned/virused/botted etc. It keeps it as safe as possible while it is doing its deeds.
  14. The machine I used has Win 10 with Firefox + Adblock Plus and also running (for ultra-safety) Bitdefender A/V, Acronis Ransomeware Protection, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit and WinPatrol. This stuff slows it a bit, but I had no problem getting to the Book Tickets page once I'd clicked on the 42nd Street picture on Johnoo's original link

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