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  1. Who knows ? For those unaware of SDLC - it is a process used by the software industry to design, develop and test high quality software.
  2. v5.31.6104 (13 Jun 2017)
  3. Any Nigerians Spamming
  4. v5.30.6065 (23 May 2017)
  5. 1. Buy a Panthera tigris ? 2. Either you, or your beloved stay out in your garden night and day ? 3. A 12 bore ? We have 2 x 200 year old oaks in the rear garden - at least 5 squirrels inhabit them. The neighbourhood moggies (6-ish) regularly attempt to catch them but in vain as far as I am aware. George Monbiot swears by this method (Martes martes) :-
  6. You are not alone ? See :-
  7. AFAIK there were no spam links in the posts.
  8. It is worth a try ?
  9. Possible reasons ? (1) Error in your system's date, time, or time zone, which throws off certificate validity checks. Sometimes allowing computers to use an internet-based time source can introduce this problem. (2) Firefox not being set up to work with your security software that intercepts and filters secure connections. Products with this feature include Avast, BitDefender, Bullguard, ESET, and Kaspersky; AVG LinkScanner / SurfShield can cause this error on search sites. If you have any of those specific security products: check this support article: How to troubleshoot the error code "SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER" on secure websites. (3) On Windows 10, Firefox not being set up to work with the parental control software Microsoft Family Safety. (To test by turning it off, see: (4) Malware on your system intercepting secure connections. Are you using the latest version of Firefox ? - should be 53.0
  10. Just tried accessing with 5 different browsers - IE 11, Firefox, Pale Moon, Commodo Dragon + Eclipse - none of them give me any message like the one you quote !
  11. v5.29.6033 (18 Apr 2017)
  12. Another Cumulative Update - KB4015583 just released takes you to Build 15063.138 I've successfully upgraded 4 of the "family" machines now.
  13. Done a desktop as well - also with no problems.
  14. Will download to you starting 11th April, but you can get it earlier if you wish (see - Just did the laptop (as a test) to Build 1703 (15603.0) using a downloaded ISO, and it all went well. A further Cumulative Update then took it to 1703 (15603.13)