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  1. Boris

    No Problems?

    If nobody posts new problems ...................................... we can't reply/solve them Even though there are no new problems, there are (currently) 10 guests reading the topics already posted.
  2. Boris


    v5.53.7034 (19 Feb 2019)
  3. Boris

    Note to members

    Wot ?
  4. Boris

    App Manager

    I have used "Patch My PC" https://patchmypc.com/home-updater-download for the past couple of years 😊 PS What is your weather like over there in the Mid-West ?
  5. Boris

    Where's andsome

    Ditto 😎
  6. Boris


    v5.52.6967 (17 Jan 2019) General - Minor bug fixes - Localization improvements to several pages including License Information - Code refactoring for improved stability - Updated copyright across the application to 2019
  7. Boris

    A Stressful Run-Up to Christmas

    They won't last long !
  8. Boris


    v5.51.6939 (13 Dec 2018)
  9. Boris

    A Steam Enthusiast's Dream Day Out

    I spotted your personal plate on the lead vehicle
  10. Boris

    Home Contents Insurance

    Alan Ho - Just a thought, have you thought about a joint approach for Central Heating cover on your 15 houses ?
  11. Boris

    What has happened?

    Where did you post these ? I haven't seen them at all - mind I've not logged in all day until now.
  12. Boris

    New Home page design

    Post a screen shot (like mine) of what you actually see.
  13. Boris

    New Home page design

    Must be something you have done ? Mine is as below. AFAIK = As Far As I Know !
  14. Boris

    New Home page design

    johnoo I'm not really sure what you mean ? AFAIK nothing has changed for months ?
  15. Boris

    Especially for pops

    Shouldn't you have chosen something by these - They are even named after him !

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