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  1. ......Windows Forum is DOA. Just a small handful of members contributing. It was fun while it lasted. Hats off to Alan for his daily posts and thereby trying to keep it active. Best of luck to the remaining members here. I may have ruffled a few feathers along the way with some members but such is life............opinions are like as^holes.......everyone has one. Best of luck to my friends here...........I will be checking in from time to time to see how things are going with you folks. :flowers:
  2. I never said anything to the contrary. What I did say, however, was that BP and British Petroleum are the same. B)
  3. />http://www.nndb.com/company/026/000051870/ Copyrite 2010 />http://worldailynews.com/cost-for-gulf-oil-spill-clean-up-will-be-severe-british-petroleum/1421/ June 5, 2010 />http://www.marketwatch.com/story/british-petroleum-plc-sued-for-securities-fraud-violations-relating-to-its-adrs-by-law-offices-bernard-m-gross-pc-bp-2010-06-04?reflink=MW_news_stmp June 4, 2010 I can continue with additional links but I know you will understand my point. Then why did you post: "DW has every right to be angry about the disaster - I am too - but it is unfair to attribute it to the British." There is no need for you to get so defensive about this tragedy. I am sure there is plenty of blame to go around. The bottom line is that we are in day 47 and the Gulf waters, wildlife and beaches have been raped by a money hungry corporation that apparently took shortcuts and had no contingency plans or redundant controls to stop this disaster. Get ready.........it will soon be headed to your waters.
  4. I do not see where I was blaming the British for this disaster. I was blaming a corporation. Sorry that you see it differently.
  5. Alan, Google British Petroleum and British Petroleum Stock. I did. />http://www.nndb.com/company/026/000051870/ />http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=british+petroleum+stock&aq=1&aqi=g-p1g9&aql=&oq=british+pe&gs_rfai=CCDZMAKkKTJ-OJ4vkgASpkrGvCgAAAKoEBU_Qhg1m Andsome.....the first link I originally supplied in this thread shows ALL the videos. Not all are on at one time. Scroll down and you will see the ones working.
  6. Pure BS. Keep defending them because they are a British company. Tell me what you think in a couple of months when the crap starts landing on your beaches. I doubt you will be laughing then.
  7. I guess they have been unable to find a 5000 foot long extension for the ratchet spanner. Sorry Alan but there is nothing funny about this.
  8. Best of luck with your recovery! Growing old is a #^*@!$
  9. No.........just forgot my login name and password. :lol:
  10. The lies continue to stack up by BP CEO Tony Hayward. Here is the latest: />http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2010/06/04/national/a122709D03.DTL He is a liar and is obviously incompetent.
  11. The easy solution would have been for them to unbolt the upper riser at the flange atop the blowout preventer (BOP) and replacing is with a new riser with flange and valve. The new riser could have been lowered with the valve open, then bolted in place. The valve could then be closed and the bingo......the flow stops. BP has demonstrated time after time during this event that they have some of the most inept engineers in the world. Future lawsuits will most likely bankrupt BP, resulting in future cleanup costs on the back of US citizens.
  12. I'm old. Seventy four. :lol: And VERY old at that. Hello Alex! B)
  13. Thanks BP for ruining our waters and coastline in Gulf of Mexico. Thanks also for killing our wildlife and pristine beaches and telling us lies about your efforts in fixing this problem. The tremendous spill continues 46 days unrestricted. The slick is expected to spread across our coral reef off the Florida Keys, pollute the waters and beaches along our east coast and flow into the Gulf Steam heading for the UK. Live feeds from various "ROV's" />http://globalwarming.house.gov/spillcam Here is the "fix" />http://mfile.akamai.com/97892/live/reflector:21145.asx?bkup=21327 And to think BP's CEO whined about wanting his life back.
  14. deuces wild


    Forgot my logon info..........getting old is a b@$&@. Hope things are good with my friends here. Update: My wife and I are retired. Our daughter is getting married in September. Our son is a US Marine presently stationed in North Carolina after spending a year in Okinawa Japan. He was deployed to Iraq for 7 months and will be redeployed to Afghanistan in October.
  15. Bad news about your stepfather but good news you are still around. Hang in there.
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