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  1. from your screen shot it seems that you haven't asked Windows to include hidden files in your search. The file you are looking for is in the Application Data file which is a hidden file. So perhaps you just needed to refine your search parameters a bit!
  2. I've been running Vista on my desktop since it was released at the beginning of the year. It depends on the specs of the machine as to how it will handle Vista. I wouldn't advise running Vista on the minimum specs... but knowing you DW it will be a decent machine with decent specs!! Your son will love it and I'm so happy for you that he will be home again soon.
  3. I don't know the song... but is this it? http://songs-lyrics.blogspot.com/2006/06/t...odbye-nina.html
  4. Don't you just love it when you find a real gem?? Windows Tips and Tricks
  5. SEO means search engine friendly... Google doesn't like it if it finds duplicated content and tends to drop you down the list a bit. But I've never found the backup forum in any of my searches so I assume that Craig has a nice .htaccess file in place directing the bots away
  6. nothing is infallible.... it's just that some things are more worth while going after than others!! If that makes sense
  7. Yes.. this is a vulnerability in Linux O/S http://malwareremoval.com/wp/updates/191/s...ical-java-flaw/ ^^^^^^ All the info there
  8. Bet you didn't know all this hard work and dedication went on behind the scenes??
  9. Hi Mark... at the moment I've not done much more than load Puppy and have a look around. It's very different but I will enjoy getting to know it better when I have some spare time to fiddle
  10. nellie2

    Report link?

    Or you can report it to CastleCops If it's still a live phish they will try to get it taken down
  11. I'm very good with super glue I'll have you know
  12. I am in the Puppy interface as I type, it was dead easy to set up and run and I managed to connect to the internet with no problems at all. Why not give it a go -pops-
  13. I'm downloading this now... I think I'll give it a go! :) Booting Linux from an external drive with the applications and settings of your choice has never been easier after this week's release of Puppy Linux 3.0. Like Damn Small Linux, Puppy is small enough to fit on a USB thumb drive, and like Knoppix , you can boot it from CD. Puppy can also add your favorite open source applications to the desktop and save multiple user profiles back to your writable CD or thumb drive, too. Let's take a look at how you can take your operating system, apps, data and user settings to go with Puppy Linux.
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