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  1. from your screen shot it seems that you haven't asked Windows to include hidden files in your search. The file you are looking for is in the Application Data file which is a hidden file. So perhaps you just needed to refine your search parameters a bit!
  2. I've been running Vista on my desktop since it was released at the beginning of the year. It depends on the specs of the machine as to how it will handle Vista. I wouldn't advise running Vista on the minimum specs... but knowing you DW it will be a decent machine with decent specs!! Your son will love it and I'm so happy for you that he will be home again soon.
  3. I don't know the song... but is this it? http://songs-lyrics.blogspot.com/2006/06/t...odbye-nina.html
  4. Don't you just love it when you find a real gem?? Windows Tips and Tricks
  5. SEO means search engine friendly... Google doesn't like it if it finds duplicated content and tends to drop you down the list a bit. But I've never found the backup forum in any of my searches so I assume that Craig has a nice .htaccess file in place directing the bots away
  6. nothing is infallible.... it's just that some things are more worth while going after than others!! If that makes sense
  7. Yes.. this is a vulnerability in Linux O/S http://malwareremoval.com/wp/updates/191/s...ical-java-flaw/ ^^^^^^ All the info there
  8. Bet you didn't know all this hard work and dedication went on behind the scenes??
  9. Hi Mark... at the moment I've not done much more than load Puppy and have a look around. It's very different but I will enjoy getting to know it better when I have some spare time to fiddle
  10. nellie2

    Report link?

    Or you can report it to CastleCops If it's still a live phish they will try to get it taken down
  11. I'm very good with super glue I'll have you know
  12. I am in the Puppy interface as I type, it was dead easy to set up and run and I managed to connect to the internet with no problems at all. Why not give it a go -pops-
  13. I'm downloading this now... I think I'll give it a go! :) Booting Linux from an external drive with the applications and settings of your choice has never been easier after this week's release of Puppy Linux 3.0. Like Damn Small Linux, Puppy is small enough to fit on a USB thumb drive, and like Knoppix , you can boot it from CD. Puppy can also add your favorite open source applications to the desktop and save multiple user profiles back to your writable CD or thumb drive, too. Let's take a look at how you can take your operating system, apps, data and user settings to go with Puppy Linux. What You Can Do with Puppy The two main uses for Puppy Linux (or any Linux live CD) are to: * Rescue files from the host PC's hosed hard drive or perform various maintenance tasks (like imaging that drive) * Compute on a machine without leaving a trace—like browser history, cookies, documents or any other files—behind on the internal hard drive While there's a wide range of Linux live distro's available, Puppy Linux is a fantastic option which offers a full computing environment with rich graphical apps like the Mozilla Seamonkey suite, Word and Excel equivalents, calendar, chat and photo editors, too. Taking Puppy Linux for a Walk
  14. This is a good idea... well it's different! There is a new site called Take My Tech which is giving away used techy type items, it will even pay the postage and packing for the item when it's won. The idea is that a description of the item is posted on a 'blog type' page and when comments to that item reach 100 then a commenter will be chosen at random to receive the item.. with postage and packing paid. Obviously there are measures in place to stop multiple comments from the same IP.
  15. Access 2007 Guide: Access 2003 to Access 2007 interactive command reference guide "Wondering where your favourite Access 2003 commands are located in the new Access 2007 interface? Or just want to explore the rich new design with a little guidance? Help is here. We've developed a visual, interactive reference guide to help you quickly learn where things are. This visual, interactive reference guide helps you find your favourite Microsoft Office Access 2003 commands in the new 2007 interface.
  16. I think the problem there is that Windows still thinks Outpost is installed! When I ran Comodo on my XP machine I didn't have any problems with XP not recognising it.
  17. I would delete it... Blaster isn't a problem any more. There are a few online file scanners now.. another favourite of mine is Jotti Kaspersky do one too. So does Avast for that matter
  18. Awww... I missed your birthday. Did you do anything great? Or do you have something stupendous planned for the weekend? A party?? Can I come???? B)
  19. The Windows Home Server Toolkit is a collection of tools that help you troubleshoot issues with Windows Home Server. The toolkit has the following components: Error Reporting The Error Reporting tool collects log files from your home computer and sends them to Microsoft. These log files are useful to Microsoft Support when troubleshooting problems you may encounter with Windows Home Server. Windows Home Server Connector Troubleshooter The Windows Home Server Connector Troubleshooter is a program that runs on your home computer to help troubleshoot problems you may encounter while installing the Connector software. The Connector Troubleshooter runs a series of tests to check the most common Connector Setup problems, and then it recommends possible solutions. Windows Home Server Toolkit Add-in You can also use the Troubleshooter to install a Windows Home Server Toolkit Add-in on your home server. With this Add-in, you can run troubleshooting tasks from the Windows Home Server Console Settings page.
  20. If you don't use FTP then you don't need to worry about it. I've been digged by the way... if anyone else wants to digg a bit too then that would be nice http://digg.com/security/Secure_FTP_A_How_to/who
  21. I did a little how to on setting up Secure FTP Secure FTP - A How To
  22. Did you install the right version? It needs to be Zone Alarm for Vista
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