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  1. I've got the Plus version too... well worth the money IMO
  2. They are both good programs for different reasons. As Boris pointed out in the other thread, Startup Inspector will tell you what your startup processes are. Winpatrol will give you a lot of information about your startups too (It's just one of the fantastic things that it does) But you do need to upgrade to the plus version to get the detailed information. The free version of Winpatrol is fully functional and I wouldn't go anywhere without Scotty sitting in my taskbar. Is it worth upgrading.. only you can answer that one. This link shows the difference between Winpatrol and Winpatrol Plus. If you can live without the extra features then don't bother upgrading, if however you would like to have the Plus version then it is money well spent IMO
  3. Have a read of this and then send your MP an email and ask him/her if Parliament are going to look at this report any time soon and if any of the recommendations are going to be adopted and when... and if any aren't, why not?? The Internet, Security and the House of Lords
  4. Thanks... hmmm, who wants to take me out to dinner in London so I can test this??? :D
  5. I was home that day, decorating. For some reason I decided to stop and catch the lunchtime news.. I saw the whole thing happen from beginning to end. I will NEVER forget certain images of that day.
  6. I'm not quite sure what you mean by that but you can't compress an installation of Vista or any other operating system as far as I'm aware. That is called the User Account Control or UAC, it's a security feature of Vista and I wouldn't recommend disabling it. You should find that once you have your system set up it doesn't prompt you so much... you get used to it. If you really want to disable it then do a google for 'disable UAC', it should bring up something. Partition Magic isn't compatible with Vista.. don't try it. In the Security Centre, just like XP :) Again, you can disable updates in the Security centre, you can download them from here or here I wouldn't like to say really as I use the Vista Firewall.. there is a guide here on how to configure it. Other than that, there is a list of Vista compatible firewalls here.
  7. I just love it when Scotty woofs at me though! :lol: :lol:
  8. Exisiting domains can be used or new ones bought through the site. You can then create and manage unlimited (more or less) email accounts for your domain See the demos at Windows Live Custom domains.
  9. Start Up inspector is good, Winpatrol is better because not only can you manage your startups but it helps to protect your computer too.
  10. There isn't an easy straight forward fix for this, I suggest you post a hijackthis log at Malware Removal http://forum.malwareremoval.com/
  11. Everyone has a different configuration and uses their computer for different things so it would be a bit difficult to have a generic security guide. But... 1. Always run from a limited account rather than an admin account. 2. Make sure your operating system and all software is fully up to date as far as security updates go. 3. An up to date hosts file like MVPS hosts will keep a lot of nasties from ever getting a sniff at your computer. 4. Make sure your anti virus, firewall and any anti malwrare programs you have are up to date and are giving you 'real time' protection. 5. As far as people sniffing your packets... if it were that easy then we wouldn't be bombarded with spam trying to get us to visit dodgy websites or phished sites. 6. For info on Virus's and Trojan's then see here
  12. I can't put it any better than you did Shirl. She was a truly amazing and inspirational woman.. puts a lot of things into perspective for me.
  13. If you can get into the bios then you can change your boot sequence there... can't you? Just change it to boot from a CD/DVD first then put your bootable CD into the drive and it should boot from that ok. If it doesn't, then you need to check that the CD/DVD you have is actually bootable
  14. Well...it's there and it's free... it's something different to try!
  15. I've done a quick search of the Vista newsgroups and kb articles, I can't find anything on that error coded. I suggest you contact MS directly and see what they have to say. http://support.microsoft.com/ph/11732
  16. Thank you, I would be very interested to hear what they have to say. And don't let them fob you off or babble a load of rubbish at you. You have enough technical know how to know if they are giving you a bit of BS... if people in your local branch don't know then ask them to contact someone who does know and who can explain it to you... and to me! :)
  17. I'm not suggesting that it isn't legit. But Barclays wouldn't come into your house and snoop about, so why are they getting information like this from your computer? What sort of information are they gathering that makes them think you have a trojan? It doesn't say on their privacy statement that they will probe your computer for malware does it? It's good of Barclays to ring you up and warn you of a potential problem... but what sort of information, gathered from you are they basing their assumptions on. As a customer that is what I would like to know.
  18. I don't know why fellas of a certain age and disposition think that black hair, stupid sunglasses and a white 'tight' jump suit makes them look sexy. It doesn't you know!
  19. I prefer to make sure that my resident av is up to date. For a good log of what's going on on your computer, Kaspersky is good. But for online scans the only ones that I use are the single file scanners like Jotti or Virus Total where I can upload a file and get a report back from it.
  20. I've had a quick check through the Barclays privacy policy and security links and it says nothing there about remotely scanning your computer for trojans... so what are these 'measures we have in place???'
  21. I would ask them exactly what Trojan you are supposed to have and how they detected it! Considering it is on your computer, which is your property and I'm sure you haven't given them permission to scan your computer remotely. 'We have measures'. just isn't acceptable to me! Have you checked for a rootkit?
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