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  1. Windows 7 updates are coming to and end, for most people, next week. I have a dual boot laptop with Windows 7 and a trial version of Windows 10. After Windows 7 no longer gets security updates, even if I have my Internet connection on Win7 turned off when I use it, is it possible that it's vulnerable via Windows 10? From within either OS I can access files on the other OS. Apologies if this sounds a silly question. I'm not a complete beginner, but know nothing about Windows security. I'd appreciate any tips or advice. (Somehow managed to accidentally give my
  2. Thanks -pops- ! Your suggestion worked a treat. I used FreshUI. Your time much appreciated.
  3. Can anyone help? Last week my drive icon for drive H disappeared in My Computer, so now it has just that funny little white document icon thing for when an application or document or drive isn't recognised. It doesn't matter which external device (usually an external hard drive) is using drive H at the time, it's always missing the icon - although the devices actually work fine when acting as drive H. I use Vista Home Premium on a Vaio FW computer which has been great since I got it about 10 months ago. I've googled the issue, and done the properties > customize > restore default (
  4. Update: apologies, I think it is related to the fact that the drive I'm deleting the files from is a virtual drive, in fact a McAfee Vault which is part of their Anti-Theft software. I'll fire off an email to McAfee. Thanks pops for your post.
  5. Thanks for the reply. No, the message doesn't say anything about the file being too big for the recycle bin. The message I get is "Are you sure you want to permanently delete this file" just as you would if you held down Shift when choosing delete from the right click context menu (although I am not actually holding down Shift). I just tried it again on a really small text file and it still creates that message.
  6. When I delete a file (without holding down shift etc) it normally, and rightly, goes to the recycle bin. But after a while of deleting files (am currently tidying up my hard drive) the Send to Recycle bin is not given in the confirm delete warning window, it just says Do I want to permanently delete the file. If I reboot, it again lets me send files to the recycle bin, but again only for a while. Basically I don't know why this functionality suddenly disappears. My recylce bin is virtually empty and it can still happen. (recyle bin is set to a max size of 9547 MB) By the way, I mean whil
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