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  1. Yea, the information's a little out of date, but most is still pertinent. Agreed, that Ubuntu is now among the major distributions despite its (relatively) young age. I'm enjoying using all flavors (currently running Kubuntu on the desktop and Xubuntu on the notebook).
  2. Congrats! On that topic, I've managed to lose about 30 in the past few months. Was 280 and 42" now I'm just over 250 and down to a 38" Still fat, lol, but getting there. I guess paying tuition again will do that though lol
  3. Good work HCA. I've only messed with a couple of pieces of Cisco hardware (hard to get my hands on lol -- little cost prohibitive) but every time configuring it has been a pain. This seems like it will be quite useful. What are your plans for the future for it -- by that, I mean after you've submitted it for your Master's?
  4. It won't plugin to a browser, but VLC can handle FLV files and streaming. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ Edit: And on second thought, this has nothing to do with what you asked -- I've simply been staring at this computer for far too long...
  5. Any nice young ladies under you? :lol: As many as poss.. Wait... what? :lol: Glad to see nothing's changed andsome :)
  6. Haha no Gandalph, I'm not that skittish ;) It's been an interesting run. My department has grown to 4 people under me (though we've got 8 times the workload, go figure lol), and I report to a VP now. I almost moved to the Philippines, but that fell through. And I'm back in school now -- working on a business degree. That's about it, really. How is everyone?
  7. It's been a while -- to say the least! It's nice to see familiar names. How are you all doing lately?
  8. I dunno SM, it looks pretty promising from a purely informational point of view. While I'm definitely not the first person to reccomend anyone program in VB (and my current job is a VB programmer), the concepts are illustrated well and can be applied quite universally.
  9. Can't say I blame you. But I wouldn't say a majority of our members fit into any particular age group. We're pretty diverse, and take great pride in that. I, myself, am only 22 :) That said, as for your snakes and ladders problem, you won't be able to record this in excel's macros menu, nor are you going to be able to write this with formulas. You'll need to code these macros yourself. I would start by designing a basic board. Decide whether you want your program to learn the board itself or use a set one. To let the program learn it, you'll need to write a mechanism to scan a certain range looking for marked cells. I would mark them with background color, or something similar. After that, you'll need to code a user interface (how are your user's going to play?), and a ruleset. This will be hardcoded, and is very easy to turn into VB from this. This should provide you a leg-up to do your own research and get this assignment done. I'm not going to write it for you, but if you have a specific question, post and we'll see how we can help.
  10. Beautiful Beryl work, Seshomaru :-) Here's my current one...
  11. Unfortunately, I think your CDs may be coasters. If you've tried reading them in 2 computers and you're seeing the same results, it's most likely the CDs were a bad burn. This means the data on them is corrupt, and won't be recoverable. To keep this from happening in the future, you may need a new burning software or new drive. Most CD/R errors are caused by something called "buffer underrun". This is where the CD/R drive receives data slower than it writes it, and thus ends up running out and writing bad information on the disc. Most good burning software includes some kind buffer underrun protection, and most every quality drive manufactured in the last 5 years (at least) includes hardware buffer underrun protection. As far as software goes, Ahead! Software's Nero package is pretty good for the price. I'm sure some of the other members here know of free alternatives though that probably do an equally good job.
  12. Depending on your location, not necessarily. For instance, reverse-engineering, in the USA, for purposes of compatibility is OK. Stripping DRM for compatilibity is OK. This will likely be different based on location. Warning: I am not a lawyer and am not certified to provide legal advice. Check your local areas laws and regulations regarding this matter.
  13. Google Web Accelerator works like this: Most provider's bandwidth is much less than Google's (ever see Google taken down by DDoS? Doubt it...). Because of this, when you use GWA, you submit the request to Google, they retrieve the page, then deliver it. The only real implication to this is at a privacy level. They can (and likely do) cache a copy of most pages you visit (excepting Secure Forms).
  14. 1) You pirated software (tunebit) which is not a very good idea. I realise this was on a trial basis (to see if it worked) but you might try looking for trial versions in the future. 2) IANAL, but, what you're doing is, AFAIK, legal in the USA. This is in compliance with our DMCA (the section allowing for reverse-engineering for compatibility). 3) It's legality will be different based on where you're from though. Also, look for a program called FairUse4WM. This is a program that strips the WMA protection from these files, and may suit your purpose. 4) The reason the files don't work on your iPod is because an iPod needs files with a different sort of "protection" that comes in those handy little AAC files you typically get from iTunes. 5) How'd you get legal WMAs from Bearshare? Bearshare is a P2P program (unlike, say, iTunes) so you'd have to have downloaded them from somebody, not necessarily the artist or their label (unless this is unsigned indie music, then they might be cool with it).
  15. Kubuntu / Win2k: 1024 MB (my box) Kubuntu: 2048 MB (roommate's)
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