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  1. The problem is not java, its javascript (they are different). Javascript is run in the browser by the browser, and you have to have it enabled in the browser to work. The problem is that I do have it enabled but the website keeps telling me that I do not. thanks tho :(
  2. When I go to candystand.com and try to play some of the games there it tells me that I do not have javascript enabled. I have checked this in BOTH FireFox and IE, and have verified that JavaScript is enabled. Yet it persists to tell me that I do not have it enabled and none of the javascript buttons and commands work on that page. I also get errors in my javascript console. The thing is that the people I talk to online have no problem playing these games... I dont understand what the problem is and I am at wits end.
  3. What seems to work for me is to have the angle set to like 0-7% (just click for the arrow when it is on the bottom) then get the power as high as you can. The purpose of this is that in the beginning you want to get a boost and keep it going mainly flat so you hit as many boosts as you can. (sometimes you lose right off the bat, but nutin you can do about that). Once you get some speed going you might get lucky and get the special with the sword. When you get the guy going real fast and real high, use all three boosts (dont let him hit the gound, click when he comes down and you will use a teleport/boost). Use all three and you will get like 1,000 to 2,000 meters right there. After that all you can do is use the downward boost to avoid getting caught by the Green girl (she shows up as green on those boxes that show what characters are coming up).
  4. I beat it but they gave me a bad score--apparently I took too long :(
  5. There are a bunch of specials that I just found, this game is pretty cool. The one I just saw is a special (the kind you have to press mouse1 to activate) that makes you fly straight to the right hovering (so you never hit the floor) for like 60 seconds or something like that. Of couse as soon as it ran out I got caught on the ground but :P
  6. http://www.fetchfido.co.uk/games/nanaca/nanaca.htm Here is my Highest Score:
  7. I Uninstalled FireFox 1.0 and just had to reinstall FireFox 1.0.1 but I still can't seem to get rid of that stupid entry (the my way search). All I really Need is a program to just delete it or something for peace of mind. (if one exists)
  8. CD/DVD Burning Software: Roxio, if you don't use the Drag-To-Disc DVD Player: Plextor Email Client: Thunderbird FTP Program: FireFTP for ease of use and free Image Editor: Macromedia Fireworks Music Player: Windows Media Player 9 Web Browser: FireFox Website Editor: Macromedia Homesite/Dreamweaver Word Processor: MS Word 2005
  9. <P><span class="mwstorybody">The broker issued &#8220;neutral&#8221; advice, saying that while it expects results to be in line with expectations it is remaining cautious over pre-Easter trading concerns and possible weakness at its Castorama operation in France.</span></P> Looks like a code error to me, probably the person did some porr cutting/pasting or something, & is the HTML code for the "&" because you are not technically supposed to type shift keys (e.g. you press shift and 5 to get %) into the code. As for the #8220 stuff, those are left and right quotation marks, though they are incorrectly typed, they should be & #8220 (no space) so it would be Dunno why they would put those random &s there, probably a code/debug error, it probably should have read: The error is written in the code so I dont suspect its anything to worry about
  10. I've run RegScrubXP like 10 times over several days before I even posted, but it doesn't get rid of it... Also I cannot remove the MyWay Search using Add/Remove because there is no button there to do so (i already uninstalled it but it wont disappear)
  11. I have an uninstall reference in my Add/Remove that will not go away even though I have uninstalled it. Here is what happened. I found this little program on my computer (installed by dell, I hate dell) and I didn't know what it is but it could only have been bad (since it came from Dell). So I used CCleaner to uninstall it (thinking it would be more effective at removing it). Lo and behold it shows up in my Add/Remove but I can't do anything with it. For a while CCleaner found registry keys that were labeled as "Uninstaller Reference issue" which I assumed was this stupid thing since they kept showing up no matter how many times I told CCleaner to fix them. Now CCleaner doesn't even find that problem but the program remains in Add/Remove. I also ran RegscrubXP, but I either did not find a problem, or it did not fix the problem... Furthermore, I cannot see the program in the Add/Remove of CCleaner (I was just going to delete the entry manually). I need help on how to get rid of it! It's not causing problems, but these stpuid errors accumulate over time and become quite bothersome. Here is a screenshot of what I mean. Also you might see that I have firefox on there twice... One for 1.0 and one for 1.0.1. I let firefox automatically update by clicking the update icon that appears (the one w/ the bell on it that shows up in the upper right corner that usually tells you when you have extension updates). Now there are 2 instances of FireFox in my Add/Remove... Shold I remove the 1.0 one? Or leave it alone? Thanks
  12. I don't think so (didn't even think of that :unsure: ), I will tell him to try that. Quite frankly I think his computer is a mess and is left ravaged by spwwyare/malware, and I wouldn't be surprised if that was the cause.
  13. I am always wary about free programs that do things like spyware scanning and stuff. I do not have a trajan scanner and I was wondering if any of you can confirm a-squared as safe to use and rely on Thanks.
  14. A friend of mine who uses CCleaner on my reccomendation says that when he starts up his computer he gets an error along the lines of: "Error CCLeaner has experienced a problem and needs to shut down" I don't know what could be causing this, I posted a HJTLog from his computer (Here) Anybody know what could be causing this?
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