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  1. Was wondering why I had become so anxious... got off the "sedatives" about a year ago. My GOD the chaos of giving them back to doc: Thought I would lose my mind for a couple weeks. Stick with the aspirin, little Jimmy. Easy enough to put them away....
  2. I was going to say Max Payne and Metal Gear Solid but what Gandalph said....
  3. Since virtual machines are available for free... I have never seen dual-, triple- or octa-booting as "essential" or "desirable". Yeah... these guys and gals are most certainly unfamiliar with booting different OSes: The replies offered clearly show otherwise and are all great solutions to your "issue". Edit: Sorry didn't realize this was buried already... just saw the jab and couldn't resist. :)
  4. These days: Yes. Glad outsiders can see what is really going on behind the curtain.
  5. Then it is agreed that the D is an insult-spewing ass-clown and could use a little rest in a state-run coo coo house?
  6. Thanks, andsome. The answer to that question may be blowing in the wind.... All I can disclose is that Jack has been a very busy boy. I do hope all here have been well and that this year brings health as without it what the hell good is prosperity? Love to all. One
  7. Meatloaf sandwiches and some kinda veggies.
  8. Reminds me of when my moms would ask me if my friend(s) jump(ed) off a cliff; if I would follow. Never been the "trending" type but my question is why? My wife is Thai (though retired): I will ask her when she awakes why this may be important.... This should be interesting.
  9. Liking that Ghostery. Never heard of it: Good post... for me, anyway. :)
  10. Anyone mention a .50 cal? Heard the impact does something for the controller and irons out all crinkles.
  11. Old topic but they are removing cursive and arts from public schools in the U.S. and have been at it for years (keyboards only now). EDIT: Just googled and seems they are trying to push for cursive return.... Anyway: Yes; I still remember rules for English and some of the mathematics... but a lot had to be either fragged and/or overwritten since then but at least I can still hold a decent conversation rather than staring at my phone (as everyone is so keen on these days) in a social situation. Hate it when someone invites one to a get together and everyone is stuck to their device... I just exit stage left with a curt adieu.
  12. Sorry been a while since visiting: No; the PS2 Pad is plug-and-play. Windows has some cofig options but had to look for other software to try and iron out the crinkles. Basically gave it up as KB/Mouse is what I use for full control and recommend her do the same. :) Thanks for posting, peird.
  13. Yeah... tell him to browse through BIOS and disable pre-boot errors and whatnot. Also enable virtualization and other stuff normally disabled by default. Let us know how he/she gets on? Thanks
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