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  1. Need a software to protect from Pron Site

    Liking that Ghostery. Never heard of it: Good post... for me, anyway. :)
  2. Anyone mention a .50 cal? Heard the impact does something for the controller and irons out all crinkles.
  3. English Grammar - Do you still do it...

    Old topic but they are removing cursive and arts from public schools in the U.S. and have been at it for years (keyboards only now). EDIT: Just googled and seems they are trying to push for cursive return.... Anyway: Yes; I still remember rules for English and some of the mathematics... but a lot had to be either fragged and/or overwritten since then but at least I can still hold a decent conversation rather than staring at my phone (as everyone is so keen on these days) in a social situation. Hate it when someone invites one to a get together and everyone is stuck to their device... I just exit stage left with a curt adieu.
  4. PS2 Input Remapper For PC

    Sorry been a while since visiting: No; the PS2 Pad is plug-and-play. Windows has some cofig options but had to look for other software to try and iron out the crinkles. Basically gave it up as KB/Mouse is what I use for full control and recommend her do the same. :) Thanks for posting, peird.
  5. bootup problem

    Yeah... tell him to browse through BIOS and disable pre-boot errors and whatnot. Also enable virtualization and other stuff normally disabled by default. Let us know how he/she gets on? Thanks
  6. What happens when you rely on Google translate

    Looks right to me.
  7. Lightweight Laptop

    JMO: These new laptops are cra*. Wouldn't own them or Windows 10. Not against data mining and whatnot ( ) but it is just too da** much for me. I'm staying with i7 and i5 Thinkpads and Windows 7. Maybe your new laptop will settle in as soon as all info is transmitted and any "optimizing" is performed. LOL... sorry couldn't resist. I do hope it all goes well for you. Be blessed and bless others. One
  8. James Bowen And Streetcat Bob

    Just wondering if any across the pond has read the book, seen the movie or read about in a publication amongst forum members. We just find the whole phenom extraordinary (not isolated by any means). James and Bob opened the London Cat Clinic recently and I am just beside myself with this positive in a world of garbage. LOL Thanks and good to "see" everyone. ;) Edit: Basically a junkie busker in London who is "saved" by a street-cat: Bob. Maybe they saved each other.? Wiki
  9. Hate to be a noob; but couldn't care less. Nothing personal, of course.
  10. Happy Birthday, Boris!

    Sorry late, Mate. Hope you're still feeling it. :)
  11. Hello, community. Just thought I'd drop in for a quick browse about.... Oh: Has anyone heard tell of A Street Cat Named Bob?

  12. How Creative are you? Word Names [A-Z]

    Not worth the effort, brother. If they impeach we are left with a greater evil. Sorry couldn't come up with a funny name beginning with "X". Thread killer....
  13. How Creative are you? Word Names [A-Z]

    Donald Trump. LOL Sorry... don't know the game but thought I would be an imbicile for a sec. Hi, all. Have a blessed day. :)
  14. W10 on lap top

    LoatyebthenOS asnwell, lamb. will stay with 7. As for the battery drain: ; note that Windows 10 does strange things to a machine and sometimes cannot be reverted (especially if update incl:desna forced BIOS). Telemetry keeps the computer on regardless of power state.. call:ng out to who knows who constantly. It is a well known fact that certain agencies can operate most any device even when turned off. Best to yank the battery (even that is getting less "not user accessable"... wonder why? Excuse thenspelling am posting first time mobile. Will work on it.
  15. Converted Laptop to SSD

    Sorry: Working six days a week and find it difficult to to frequent the forum as often as I would like. And yessir... defrag is definitely disabled on SSDs. Heck; I never used it with platter HDDs unless i noticed undue lag and hard drive thrashing. As we pretty much use the same programs without a lot of installs/uninstalls... the only content that is put upon my drives are transferred over to other media for safe keeping and then deleted: So basically no need for defrag is my understanding. Rarely do i download onto an SSD: I have a 64GB SD card in one machine for downloaded content. The other machines have secondary HDD for this purpose. The link supplied is very informative and enlightening. Thanks. :)