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  1. Hate to be a noob; but couldn't care less. Nothing personal, of course.
  2. Sorry late, Mate. Hope you're still feeling it. :)
  3. Hello, community. Just thought I'd drop in for a quick browse about.... Oh: Has anyone heard tell of A Street Cat Named Bob?

  4. Not worth the effort, brother. If they impeach we are left with a greater evil. Sorry couldn't come up with a funny name beginning with "X". Thread killer....
  5. Donald Trump. LOL Sorry... don't know the game but thought I would be an imbicile for a sec. Hi, all. Have a blessed day. :)
  6. LoatyebthenOS asnwell, lamb. will stay with 7. As for the battery drain: ; note that Windows 10 does strange things to a machine and sometimes cannot be reverted (especially if update incl:desna forced BIOS). Telemetry keeps the computer on regardless of power state.. call:ng out to who knows who constantly. It is a well known fact that certain agencies can operate most any device even when turned off. Best to yank the battery (even that is getting less "not user accessable"... wonder why? Excuse thenspelling am posting first time mobile. Will work on it.
  7. Sorry: Working six days a week and find it difficult to to frequent the forum as often as I would like. And yessir... defrag is definitely disabled on SSDs. Heck; I never used it with platter HDDs unless i noticed undue lag and hard drive thrashing. As we pretty much use the same programs without a lot of installs/uninstalls... the only content that is put upon my drives are transferred over to other media for safe keeping and then deleted: So basically no need for defrag is my understanding. Rarely do i download onto an SSD: I have a 64GB SD card in one machine for downloaded content. The other machines have secondary HDD for this purpose. The link supplied is very informative and enlightening. Thanks. :)
  8. but she's cute, -pops-... lol Edit: As for SSDs... I have them in every machine; laptops anyway (2 thinkpads an HP and a Dell). Wont go back. @ Al. Are you using manufacturers SSD optimizer? Just to make sure trim, defrag, superfetch an the like are enabled/disabled.... Makes a difference. :)
  9. I'm dickin' around with tablets and phones and would like to monitor (in real time) the speed/usage/activity etc. of storage I/Os. Any proper hard, flash, optical, SD drives show their storage "stuff" in Resource Monitor under Disk: Portable devices such as phones, tablets and ram-disks do not show. Anyone here know a simple programs to monitor the storage on these devices? Guess I could google it but maybe it would help if one had experience with this type o' thing and could recommend. Thanks from yankyville.
  10. Hurricane was breezy and mild here. A bit harry at times but I mostly slept through it all. Or the kid at heart (some are retired and cannot and/or willnot participate in what others are about). Mostly cannot here but there is a handicap involved. Anyway... xmapper and JoyToKey seem to be able to remap controller buttons but do not "keep" when assigning keystrokes (all the good actions ). Still on it and will update anon. Thanks for the concern of Mathew: It was all a big sensational scare-tactic to get people to spend money (just my opinion). Oh... and blasting 8 combatants with a multi-lock-on RPG firing homing-burst rockets without worry of retaliation is great!~ LOL
  11. Thanks. Looks as though (by your avatar) things are normal here. Jyst having problems getting programs to actually remap (and more importantly; keep/save) keyboard keys to controller. Drivin' me a bit batty, it is.
  12. Guess I shoulda read the forum description before posting here... lol Not expecting any replies. Thanks for the laugh. :)
  13. Hi, All. Wife has been gamin on PC since retirement. Pretty good at it, too. :) Anyway we have playstation 2 controllers that we have adapted to USB and they work out-of-box (basically). Would like to remap the buttons to keyboard strokes to enable a better experience (as some actions do not function; not enough buttons on controller). Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this type of tom-foolery and if so: What's the best software that would be recommend? Thanks Of course using windows 7 x64
  14. Why not give a virtual drive a go? We have had great success in playing/installing games and other content on PC with a virtual CD/DVD drive or two running. Very simple and plenty of tutorials on employing the software. I use Virtual CloneDrive (free) as it is easy and have never had an issue... can even disable it if not in use :) ).
  15. A bit late in the game, but Lenovo System Update utility takes care of things pretty decently on their products. It offers drivers, firmware and other packages that one may wish to install. We own a few ThinkPads and use this method 95% of the time to update our products.