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  1. AlanHo

    Why the hell not 29

    Catholic priests don't have wives - do they? It so happens that I have been a devout galvanised atheist all my adult years. I regret it only because I don't get all the holidays religious people have or the free wafers and cheap wine.
  2. AlanHo

    Why the hell not 29

    I don't need to look at women flaunting themselves. Over my randy lifetime I have seen more than you could shake a pr Stick at - and now enjoy my life of peaceful celibacy with a lovely wife. So there.
  3. I keep hitting the Caps Lock instead of the Shift key in error - and find out when I have typed several lines of text. I am aware of several software tweaks to disable the key - but you need to do each time you boot up. I am also aware of a regedit mod to disable it permanently but I hate tampering with the registry. My ham-fisted solution is simple - anyone can easily do it - prise the key from the keyboard. Job done. Reply Quote Notify Remove
  4. AlanHo

    Why the hell not 29

    It's good to see the decking planks installed the correct way up. All too often they are installed with the grooved side on the top surface. The grooves are there to prevent rainwater from running underneath and to assist ventilation on the underside which would otherwise result in premature rotting. Grooves on the top serve little purpose and can sometimes prove more slippery than a flat surface. http://www.build.com.au/should-decking-grooves-face-or-down
  5. AlanHo

    When in doubt improvise

    Those people are crazy. None are wearing leathers or helmets.
  6. AlanHo

    Why the hell not 28

    When away on business I went on a bender one night in the hotel and met a lady as good looking as the one portrayed here. I heard splashing in the bathroom the next morning and staggered into the bathroom in a hangover mist - to find this in my bath.
  7. AlanHo

    A Fantastic Canal Holiday

    I have done with cheap holidays Keith - if a holiday or hotel is low cost it tends to attract people I don't want around me. Lager louts, feral teenagers and unruly kids. It may sound old fashioned and grumpy - but I would rather spend a bit more to get a better chance of a peaceful and enjoyable time away. Warners is not cheap - but generally worth it. Perhaps it's why you go there. My only problem with Warners has been coach loads of guests seemingly there to take over the dance floor with line and sequence dancing.
  8. AlanHo

    Worst album cover ever 35 ?

    When my son was doing basic fast jet training at Valley in Anglesey they did low level practice through the Welsh valleys. A farmer, totally fed up with his cows being frightened, painted "F*** off Biggles" in big white letters on his barn roof. Thereafter becoming a regular target.
  9. AlanHo

    New eco friendly power plant installed

    You need to humour him Bela - he is either GaGa or his cheap specsavers are to blame.
  10. AlanHo

    Why the hell not 28

    I agree with you Irene - they lower the tone of the forum. Artist would not have stood for it and would have trampled them.
  11. AlanHo

    Worst album cover ever 34 ?

    He needs to use that instrument with great care. A potential wedding tackle pincher.
  12. AlanHo

    Why the hell not 28

    I'm not interested in the lady (I assume she's a lady). I've seen quite a few in my time but rarely walking away. I'm trying to work out what's on the floor - it's moving.
  13. AlanHo

    New eco friendly power plant installed

    He has a shed bolted on the back of that lorry cabin. The trouble is it's high up and he would needs some steps to get the ladder out.
  14. AlanHo

    If you don't care to share with a bear.

    The bear said to the rabbit "Do you find that when you have a dump your fur gets sticky" "No" said the rabbit. So the bear picked the rabbit up and wiped his bum with it.
  15. What's your problem with gaffer tape? I use it all the time. A few years back I was sitting in Dubai airport business lounge waiting to board a flight to London. My plane was parked at the air bridge and I had a good view of the right hand side of the plane. The captain and first officer were there with a small gang of blokes looking at the front of the engine and poking the intake cowling. A guy appeared with a step ladder and the first officer climbed up to check the top of the cowling. He came down and had a conversation with the captain who called a bloke over and said something to him. Another guy appeared with something in his hand and climbed the ladder - it looked like he was putting gaffer tape round the joint in the cowling which was possibly coming loose. This made me nervous and I phoned my son, who is an airline captain, to tell him what was going on. He assured me that it was normal practice. The service guys could only do it if the captain authorised them to do so and it had to be recorded in the flight log. Hence I am a convert - gaffer tape has magic powers.

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