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  1. AlanHo

    The new world order 46

    Like Tony Blair then?
  2. AlanHo

    Mobility scooter not cutting it any more ? Try this

    Another typo - you cor spell 'squirt'. By the way - you conveniently failed to take into account the famous British engineered Reliant plastic pig. My dad had a Robin and he managed to roll it onto its side twice. Mother was not amused.
  3. AlanHo

    My New Pocket Knife

    Ever since I were but a lad, and a boy scout ter-boot - I have always carried a small pocket knife. Later in life I developed a preference for Swiss army knives and have had various models over the years. The latest one being The Explorer. Coincidental with becoming a Swiss Army Knife fan many years ago - I developed a fetish for keeping the blades literally razor sharp. ( I couldn't afford a fetish in my early years). Regular sharpening, honing and leather stropping wears the blades down to the point where the end and cutting edge are exposed when folded - a danger you don't want in a trouser pocket so close to your dangly bits. Hence the knives get replaced every few years. We were flying home from Zurich a few days ago and had got to the airport early. To kill time I did something I rarely do - browsed all the shops in and around the duty free, one of which was a Victorinox Swiss army knife shop. I first saw this shop 2 or 3 years ago on a previous trip through Zurich and was then rather taken aback. If I was to try and get through security at almost any airport with a knife in my pocket - it would be confiscated and in the USA I would get flagged on their system as a potential terrorist. In Zurich airport, you can check in with and buy a Swiss Army Knife knife with a maximum blade length of 15 cms and take it on the plane. Knives of other manufacture are excluded. The Victorinox assistant when questioned by me said "Sir, I can assure you it is not a problem, The Swiss government looks after its industries" So I am now the proud owner of a new Explorer Swiss Army Knife I just spent an hour sharpening to a razor edge. My dangly bits are much relieved - the old knife was getting risky. To expand on the above :- My new Swiss Army Knife (SAK) provides me with instant access to the following tools :- Can Opener – great when camping. But we never go camping. Small flat screwdriver – regulary used for levering things apart as well as light screwing Philips screwdriver – occasional use when too lazy to get a proper one from my shed. Large blade – regular usage for carving and cutting up stuff Scissors – great for trimming finger and toe nails. Will even cut my big toenails which are very thick Small blade – see large blade. Magnifying glass – Used to read the very fine print on goods when shopping Bottle opener – rarely used. I don’t buy drinks with crimped tops Small screwdriver – useful for electrical plug fitting when too lazy to fetch a proper one from the shed. Wire stripper – I haven’t found this yet. I usually use my teeth after cutting round the insulation with a blade. Reamer – great for bodging and reaming new holes in leather belts. I never wear a belt Sewing eye – another tool I cannot identify. Perhaps it’s the hole in the reamer. Corkscrew – now your talking – a great aid. Mutipurpose Hook – a tool for hooking mutipurposes. I will find a need for it one of the days Key ring – I removed it – keys get in the way when using the SAK for various purposes Toothpick – very handy for those who have teeth. Not ideal for removing wax from ears Tweezers – too lightweight for plucking whiskers from top of ears – or anywhere else
  4. AlanHo

    Bubbas latest invenshun a Limowpikupzeen

    There was no need to correct it - the other 3 regular members knew what you meant.................
  5. he must be a gymnast to cock his leg over that seat.
  6. AlanHo

    Mobility scooter not cutting it any more ? Try this

    That's why it comes with a roll bar and ejector seat. It also has a sat nav by the looks of things
  7. AlanHo

    The new world order 46

    Where can you find humanity nowadays anyway.
  8. AlanHo

    Bubbas latest invenshun a Limowpikupzeen

    Ma Mouth - have you emigrated to the USA. Us brummies call it a gob Perhaps you meant mammoth. Another elephant in your room
  9. I am no longer able to remember passwords reliably and never use the same one for all websites - so I have them listed on an encrypted Word file on a password protected memory stick with a duplicate in a secret place in my garage.. If I ever forget the password for the memory stick, lose it, or forget where I hid the duplicate, I would be somewhat inconvenienced. In any event, it is a clunky way of going about it. Thoughts turn to password managers - but I know little about them. How safe are they, how easy are they to use, how do they work? For example - if I wanted to open my Harrods account - would I open the Harrods web site, then "Account" then click on "sign in" I would then be presented with a window to enter my details - but with a password manager installed - what comes next next. At present I have to insert my memory stick, enter its password, open the file in Word and then open the password file which is itself protected by a Word password, find Harrods, copy its passsword then return to the Harrods website and paste it into the log-in box. By the way - the use of the word Harrods was to tease you - Tesco would be more accurate. I know at least one of you guys uses a password manager - which one? and a few words of your experience with it. I know some are free and others subscription. Free security bothers me - how on earth do they stay in business without bombarding you with adverts None of the password manager reviews or even the maker website, go into much detail. They all boast of their features but none show you exactly how you use them. Most reviews recommend Dashlane or Roboform - do either really offer a free tasty and satisfying lunch they doesn't eventually poison you.
  10. AlanHo

    Received from Action Fraud this moning

    You can talk - who posted crunchy peanut better?
  11. AlanHo

    Why the hell not 72

    You are taking things too literally again - as I said before it's contagious on this forum
  12. AlanHo

    The new world order 44

    I often have a titter when I see something that amuses me. I have never twittered though
  13. AlanHo

    Who says Americans don't do irony

    Why assume it is a female - be gender neutral like the PC brigade and call it a person.........
  14. AlanHo

    Why the hell not 72

    If you do find one - concentrate on the accordion player and his alto soprano yelping
  15. What a brilliant reposte - your days off the forum has sharpened your humour. Take a few more days off - you may get even better.

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