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  1. Question for lady forum members

    The guys we "pulled" from Murgs are mainly those who were members of WF returning here anyway. I can only recall two new people from Murgs joining here for the first time. One of whom has already been mentioned, and the other who is no longer posting as regularly on Murgs. The slow demise of Murgs is sad - the forum World should be big enough for it to have benefited from the new members who joined there and for both forums to flourish. I would have been happy to remain an active member of both - but it was not to be for reasons known by those who matter.
  2. Cute Owl picture

    Could be a cute dead owl.
  3. Yet another cow picture

    I can't see a cow - just a little black square and a jpg link
  4. Keep One Drop One

    Symonds Yacht
  5. Keep One Drop One

    hello sailor
  6. 5 Letters game

    Biily's incessant snoring offended Nellie E I L L E
  7. 5 Letters game

    Encouraging rebellion seems somewhat tiresome E M O S E
  8. Keep One Drop One

    Hello both
  9. Write A Ten Word Story

    Good God Gandalph, get going! - Google gazing generates grave guff.
  10. 5 Letters game

    Knitting intensively nearly knackers you U O Y S R
  11. The Chameleon effect

    Laura Ashley pattern ?
  12. 5 Letters game

    April's now turning into summer R E M M U
  13. 5 Letters game

    The wonder of life forms S M O R F
  14. Keep One Drop One

    Proud parents
  15. Harpactes oreskios 2

    I did use the term "suet balls". Staffordshire birds clearly prefer fast food.

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