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  1. You youngsters have got no stamina
  2. I reckon we would make a great team with you being sadistic.....
  3. I watched that all the way through waiting for the music to start - now me 'ed 'urts
  4. You should not have said that - they will now call you again to thank you for the compliments.
  5. bludgard Have you seen this article Regarding defrag - I have read it makes no difference with an SSD - because random search is so much faster than the transfer rate.
  6. I just knew that would get you going...............
  7. Perhaps the American public were hypnotised by the intervention of Nigel Farage. After all - he persuaded most of us to vote for Brexit....................
  8. Good on yer pops. We need new active members - but not time wasters like those.
  9. Did you not notice that the original post was more than a year ago and has not been visited since. Do you not think it very unlikely that the original poster would read your solution. You need to scroll or something else before you post.
  10. 7 An anus
  11. Nothing wrong with that - in my early twenties and skint - I got a part time job (3 evenings and Saturday morning) job at the local technical college teaching Engineering Drawing to 1st year ONC students. I would swat up tomorrow's curriculum the evening before, so it was all nice and fresh in my mind when I took the lesson. It were perfic.
  12. 11 Enchi Lard Ass. ... Sorry, wrong 'animal'
  13. Very sad - but thank you for the information
  14. Not too long to wait then