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  1. Time Flies

    How strange - you must be very unlucky - one of our friends who lives in Stonnall - just 2.5 miles from your location - phoned me at about 11.00 am today and they had about 20 cm - the same as us.
  2. Time Flies

    Our Garden exactly 9 weeks ago Times flies – this is it today 10th Dec 2017 We will not be having our lunch on the patio today But the birds have a sheltered spot for their feeders.
  3. Write A Ten Word Story

    You have got the name wrong - it was Bob Poop
  4. Childhood Reminiscences

    I thought it would look Chlidish to point it out
  5. Write A Ten Word Story

    T's said there are forty fousand fevvers on a frush.
  6. Write A Ten Word Story

    Went supermarket shopping early this morning - roads slippery with snow.
  7. Write A Ten Word Story

    I squeezed a pimple today. it splatted on the mirror.
  8. There is no hope for the human race ?

    He was interviewed on TV this evening - not at all abashed at his stupidity. He claimed it was to get more followers on his You Tube videos and invited everyone to join in and follow him.
  9. Write A Ten Word Story

    It was to prove I can easily count to ten
  10. Write A Ten Word Story

    You can't count to 10.........
  11. Write A Ten Word Story

    I avoid reading most world news - it is usually bad
  12. You can still download and install a free copy of Windows 10. I would advise you to - it is stable, fast and easy to use. They are keeping the door open for people who need assisted technology like poor eyesight or hearing etc. If you look like your avatar you will definitely qualify. As is happens, you are not asked any questions about your disability - I have now done it 3 times for friends and family. The deal expires on Dec 31st. https://www.cnet.com/uk/news/microsoft-qualcomm-hp-asus-lenovo-windows-10-on-snapdragon-windows-rt/
  13. Android Mobile Phone Expert Needed

    I hope not. She is so paranoid about it that she treble checks the phone is off after making a call. We keep a spare phone in the car with loaded with a pay as you go SIM in case either of us go out without our phones. She is using that one until she can use her O2 phone after the 10th December.
  14. Cinque 8 What model laptop are you using - HP have made many different models. If you could provide the exact model number we could be of more help. Processor type. Hard drive capacity. Memory size in GB. Regarding the previous post - it is not usually possible to upgrade the processor in a laptop. You could start by uninstalling all the software you no longer use. Now download, instal and run the FREE version of Malwarebytes https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/ This will kill any malware on your computer and give you a list of Pups (Potentailly unwanted programmes) for you to delete. Then download and install the FREE version of CCleaner from Piriform:- https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download/standard. Open this and click on "Analyse" it will then go find and list all the unwanted rubbish. (The scannow command does not do this) Then press "Run Cleaner" and it will remove it from your hard drive. Now defrag your C: Drive by Open Windows Explorer Right click of the C drive >Properties >Tools >Optimise This may take several minutes to run. Now close down the computer and reboot it - is it now faster? Please report back.
  15. Restore Point

    The best value I have found recently for imaging software is Acronis 2016 True Image - available from here for £15.00 https://store.computeractive.co.uk/p33882-acronis_true_image I bought a copy for my grand-daughter's computer and I can conform it is the genuine software. It took two days for the Product key to arrive by Email though. This 2016 version has a new interface which makes it easier to use. It is also a lot faster than my previous Acronis 2014.