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  1. Hi I had this exact problem a few weeks ago, it turned out to be a corrupt file i had downloaded from te net, the way i solved it was to browse to the folder from a different user profile, this allowed me to look at the files with out crashing so much, then it is a matter of trying to find out what file it is and then deleteing it, it will probably be one of the last files you have downloaded before all this started to happen. Good luck Tony
  2. Well thanks for all the advice, but welldone that Scarecrow Man, Dial-a-fix did the trick, also MSN installed correctly, so now the webcam is also set up. Cheers Tony PS, Scarecrow Man i tried to send you a PM saying thanks, but you seen to have PM's switched off.
  3. Hi Sorry for the late reply, i have been away all week with work, i will give Dial-a-fix a try tomorow when i am not so wacked out. Will let you know how i get on Thanks Tony
  4. It could be that your screen saver is set to come on after 20mins but only doing enough to mess with the media player ??? Tony
  5. Hi Irine, thanks for the link, but it does not seem to help with the problem i am having :( Andsome, yer it has been a while, i started up my own forum for English speakers living in Germany, and what with a new job that seees me working away form home Monday to Friday, my time is very limited. Good to see that most of you are all still around. Regards Tony
  6. Hi All, long time no see. This is a newly installed win XP Sp3 system with just Office XP and a couple of email programs installed, and all updates installed apart from the 11 i keep getting a fail on. When i go to win update site or the auto updates it says that there are 11 updates for me, so i click the link to install them, the files do seem to down load, but then a box pops up telling me that none of them were installed, so i click the next button and it goes to a page telling me the same info but with a couple of links to follow KB etc.. I have done what the links have told me to do,
  7. Tony

    Sat Nav for cars

    I guessed the way :)
  8. Tony

    Sat Nav for cars

    Hi all Ok i just went out and bought the Tom Tom One V2 Europe, the main reason i bought that one, is a friend of mine has one and is very pleased with it, i had a bit of a play with his one the other night (no rude comments please) and liked it. The one i bought got me home from the shop with no problems :) Again thanks for all the advice and info given to me. Kind regards Tony
  9. Tony

    Sat Nav for cars

    Hi All Thanks very much for all the info and advice, i see that i have my work cut out for me in choosing one A new one has now been thrown into the mix see Median GoPal PNA510 Navigation System with TMC, This unit also seems to be getting some good reviews. I will let you all know on what i decide on. Thanks again Tony
  10. Tony

    Sat Nav for cars

    Hi Thanks for all the replies so far, i can see this is going to be a hard choice to make, as both the Tom Tom One and the Garmin Nuvi 300 both get very good reviews Tony
  11. Hi all I am interested in buying a Sat Nav system for the car (just one of the ones that sit on the dash or stick to the windscreen) but there are so many to chose from, and me not having a clue about any of them, i have no idea what to go for. So if any of you have a sat nav, can you tell me what you think of the model you have. I am interested in the, Tom Tom One Europe or the Garmin 300 Deluxe, i am willing to spend upto £220.00 €350.00 on it. I also want the maps to cover the whole of western Europe. Thanks for any advice you can give on this. Tony
  12. With replies like these i am surprised that people come back to the forum!!
  13. Hi all Can i acctivat and use the Clear Type funtion for Win 2000? i have been on the MS site and it only refers to Clear Type in XP, i am sure that i used to use it on W2K aswell before i started using XP. Thanks in advance Tony
  14. I have installed COMODO Firewall, seems ok at the moment. Thanks all for your help, and enjoy the rest of yor christmas. Regards Tony
  15. Hi All Ok i got it installed after i un-installed ZA, so i am now looking for another free firewall, any recomendations? Thanks for the help Tony
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