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  1. in the bios the only option it gives me to boot from is HD, CD rom, network or Removable Dev. but when i tryed to boot from usb it just tryed to boot straight from the hd even though i set it to boot from removable dev. i found this post on another forum i would like to know if this option would work? i stumbled upon this because i was searching for a way to reinstall/format my laptop, a jap Panasonic cf-s51 let's note 364mhz.no cd or dvd drive, no floppy drive, and doesnt boot on USB. hard drive cannot be detached unless i open the whole system.the method describe here doesn't apply for me. and i find it inconvenient.i find this not impressing, i have a better idea than his old DOS method. and yes old laptops/pc cannot boot from USB.GUIDE: INSTALL WINDOWS XP ON OLD PC/LAPTOP WITHOUT THE USE OF FLOPPY DRIVE1. since you've removed the hard drive from the laptop and connected it to an IDE 2.5 to 3.5 adapter you should just put/exchange it in a another working computer with CD drive (remove the original HD on it so Data will be safe), 2. format and install windows 98 se directly to it. (use minimal windows softcraps for faster install time)3. then when it is running windows 98 copy the whole Windows XP CD unto a folder on the Laptop HD (ex. C:XPSetup).4. put the laptop Hard Disk back to the laptop and let it boot Windows 98 se, browse to the XPSetup folder and hit SETUP. choose New Installation. during setup do not choose the option to format HD, just overwrite the OS. NOTESA. use a third party software if you want to convert laptop drive to NTFS.A. if you just install XP directly to it, it will not boot on the laptop, only on the computer where you installed XP.my idea is way easier isn't it?
  2. thanks for the reply, no i have not tryed that yet. i didnt think it would work because there would be no OS installed to recognise the external drive but i will have a go.
  3. Hi, I have a Sony Vaio vgn-a115z laptop that i want to install windows 7 on, it came with xp which i got rid of and installed windows 7 by sending the iso image over the network from my desktop. the laptops harddrive has now been formatted and now i cant install any operating system on the laptop ive tryed everything that i know of. i must mention that the cd/dvd rom does not work on the laptop ive tryed installing an operating system by usb but the laptop did not want to boot from the usb and ive tryed removing the harddrive out of the laptop and putting it in my desktop and installing windows which worked but when i put the harddrive back in the laptop it caused the blue screen error whilst windows was about to load, to me it seems like a driver error but in the laptops bios settings it has no option to change the harddrive controller. any help much appreciated thanks
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