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    Computers fixing, computers playing, scripture, gardening, dogs, nature, husband, eating, music... not necessarily in that order of importance. Been fixing computers, hardware and software problems since the late 90's. Don't charge since retirement and now just help out the folk in our church, mostly - but they keep us busy. We are both computer geeks so Best Beloved sees to hardware problems like replacing laptop parts and mending printers, and I concentrate on desktop problems, mostly software issues.

    I have two main desktop computers both served by a KVM type switch as I have a wide screen monitor and no room for a second.. The Dell XPS running 32 bit XP Pro is the work-horse, two serial drives 3Ghz processor Geforce 7600T - I used to have two graphics cards bridged and on SLI, but now just the one as I use the other machine for gaming so it is not really needed to have two in the Dell. The other is a home-built machine
    . Gaming case with a huge fan on top which recently failed ( over a year old), and which I contacted the vendors to buy another - and they sent it for free! Well Impressed.( Dual 64 bit Intel processor) W7 64 and has 4Gb of DDR2 at present. NVidia card but have forgotten which one - quite whizzy though. Pete (BB) has just bought me another sata drive for it ( kiss kiss), 500 Gb as running out of space on the other two.

    I play a variety of games, but am not into online gaming. Enduring favourites are Silent Hunter 3 ( subsim with a great modding community) ) I have the later ones as well, Egosofts's X-Universe Space sims ( also good support and forum), which I have the range of, Settlers 10 ( Anniversary), which remains my fav although I have all the others plus some clones. All the Sim City type games and their clones, though none of the modern ones have the same playability as the old ones in my view. I also have Oblivion, Morrowind, Fallout, New Vegas, All the STALKER Range, and various other scary ones - but I get so freaked out playing them I have to stop. I also have the Myst-series ( puzzle games), and recently bought the series of Rhem again - and I have a fair selection of adventure games, and some casual hidden object games. My shelf runneth over!

    I am happily married to a good bloke, we live in a lovely part of Hampshire and I am at present 68 years old. I do not particularly enjoy the company of humans ( apart from Best Beloved) but I do like to help if I can, so I find visiting sites like this to be enjoyable and rewarding. When I am not on my computer ( which is most of the time), my other interests come into play. We are presently struggling to learn Koine Greek - nearly at the end of the first course, and of course there are the mundane chores of life like mowing lawns and shopping. Happily we are both Geeks and have few other demands on our time, so we are well blessed. We lost our lovely German Shepherd Dog to cancer about two years ago - she was only six - and have not yet got to the point of wanting to replace her. We do have three cats - one a recent addition, coming for shelter into the house in the snow and cold of winter, rake-thin and unable to eat. He had a mouthful of rotten teeth. Vet said take 'em out or have him put down - so we had them removed and he is now a much happier puss and he has decided he will stay.

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    Windows XP Professional
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  1. as I recall, if you want to run dos-games on 64bit machines you have to use a DOS box to get it to work..
  2. that makes sense - why did I not think of that? :)
  3. probably the latter. He phoned this a.m. to confirm he is running 64bit OS, and then tried the .exe on his wife's 32 bit machine, and it ran, so that settles that - though I do have a question. His wife does not have a floppy drive on her laptop ( I know that 'cos I recently changed the hard drive on it for her and posted on here about the risk of losing the capability to restore from a hidden partition in that situation), so I am guessing he either used an external floppy or copied it to her machine from the flash drive I lent him yesterday. My question is... what is it that enables some ( but clearly not all) 32bit applications to run on 64bit OS's? I suppose it must require them to have a proper setup/install files, and I understand that drivers are key - but this little utility was all of 38kb and just a standalone.exe.
  4. Sorted. He told me it was 32bit OS, but when I think back, he only bought that machine a few months back and, it being a Dell, it will have come with 64bit OS I am sure.
  5. worth a try isn't it - but it not need compatability mode on mine..
  6. don't suppose anyone will be able to help with this but worth an ask. A friend brought a floppy round today with an old Win 98 era utility on there that he needs to use. He told me that it would not open on his Windows Seven machine and that it gave the message that the version of the file is not compatible with the version of Windows he is running, however, it ran fine on mine. Both machines are 32 bit Windows 7. I copied the .exe back on to a flash drive, he took that home and ran that from his desktop - but with the same result. Hmm, don't get it. The file is called SU16PFRS.exe. I have looked on the web to see if there might be a later version but found nothing. it is some sort of finance profiler is all he could tell me about it. Just a small program, no libraries or runtimes involved I wouldn't have thought, just 36kb. Any ideas folks?
  7. he is a treasure indeed. . My computer is nearly back to how I like it, Just got to tidy up now - and try to get me munney back :)
  8. thankyou bludgard, you are kind to bother searching these out for me. The first one is right, but automated - but going through the automated process and failing might then give you a real person to talk to as a final option. The second one is for VLK whereas I am using retail so that would not apply. Overall I am not too bothered about calling MS - it seems to me that although the software is genuine, the product key has been compromised or leaked, or whatever they call it, and that is why it has become blocked. MS will expect me to buy a new copy - they are not going to give me a new key. I have been in contact with Amazon and it does look as if I might qualify for a full refund, even though I bought the software from one of their affiliated sellers and not from them direct. if that turns out to be so I shall be content. Meanwhile best beloved has offered me his as yet unopened copy of W7 Professional ( there's love for you) so I can legally get up and running again.
  9. didn't help, still blocked ( sigh) oh well..
  10. second thoughts, I will wipe the C: drive on the faulting machine, reinstall and then see if it activates - if it does not, it may give me a phone number. I shall do it tonight.
  11. thanks bludgard, I will try the number tomorrow and see how it goes. I could try putting it on another machine and seeing if it activates on that OK, in which case that would point to a corruption on here.. hmmm. I might do that tomorrow too, just to try. Thank you also for reassurance about the backup.
  12. this is windows 7 - which probably doesn't make a difference. I have done the slui.exe 4 thing already and no phone number is offered, only the option to go online, go through the validation test and then get offered the opportunity to buy genuine. I did find a phone number on the web via another forum, which I rang but which has no 'press 1 for activation/piracy problems' facility on it. I will phone back on a week-day to see if I can get a real person to speak to, but I expect that will be a waste of time. If that key has been used on other computers, hence the block, MS are just going to say 'tough' and leave it at that. However, I will try. Thank you for the help Craig
  13. Hi all, am wondering what to do... I bought a full copy of W7 Home Premium back in June this year, via Amazon, paid £90 for it and received a sealed copy in its green box, with the product key inside. It has worked fine in every respect until yesterday, when it was reckoned by MS to not be a genuine copy of Windows, presumably because the same Product Key has been used to install the software on other computers elsewhere ( not here!) - so pirated software. That was a shock because it all looks 100% genuine on the box, on the disks, holograms,labels etc. I will, of course, try to get my money back, but that is not why I am posting. If I put a different version of Windows 7 on here, and then restore my backup of the C: drive via Acronis, which, of course was made on the copy of Windows which is now suspect, will that cause problems do you think? Does the backup overwrite the registry, for instance? You might say ask Acronis, but last time I did that when trying to find out about copying over hidden partitions, I got no response in the forum and nothing useful in the FAQ, so I do not think I will bother again. Fed up
  14. usually, if a machine is overheating, it will work for a period of time - with the fan going flat out, and then it will just cut out - instant. Then, when you turn it on again, some time later, having been given a chance to cool down, it will start up again as usual, and then the process is repeated - temperature of the processor reaches critical and the machine shuts down for its own protection. However, what you described was a machine that was fine when you shut the lid, but which seemed totally dead the next day when you wanted to use it again. Different. You might have been saying that it was the adapter which was overheating rather than the machine - and indeed they can get hot, but if the machine has been properly charged via its battery, removing the adapter should not stop the machine from working - so that did not make sense either. However, if it is now working, hurrah!!
  15. "For those of uze confusicated by the title SMAP is SPAM for people with severe fumble fingers." fimble fongres - ah,I know ti welll...
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