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  1. There are basically two options for you. If the host computer is running XP Pro, then RDP will be the best. No unnecessary software to install. If the host computer is running anything different than XP Pro, VNC is your best bet. I personally like RealVNC client/server, but it is purely a matter of opinion.
  2. I'll try this in VMWare and see what happens.
  3. Are you able to post a screenshot of your taskbar so we can see exactly what the problem is?
  4. 16MB video card?! Yikes! 16MB video card is too small to run any game decently, sorry :( 128MB cards are cheap these days.
  5. Pop in the disk, and do a repair install. If that doesn't work, use "Windows Install Cleanup", remove all references to Photoshop, and reinstall fully.
  6. There is no way to get back your conversation info unless Windows dumped the current memory to disk. Also, it could be saved if you were using Msg Plus! or the real MSN chat logger. But no, I'm sorry, there is nothing you can do.
  7. Better get Pre-RC1 quick, before the 100,000 downloads are up. The build is 5536.16385.
  8. www.box.net is far better IMO, plus it's all AJAXy. If you refer some people (forget exact number) you are bumped from 1GB to 5GB.
  9. Just recieved my package of Vista Beta 2 DVDs from Microsoft. An x64 and an x86. They paid for everything :P Anyone else recieved theres yet?
  10. IIRC XP 32-bit cannot upgrade to x64.
  11. dagwoood : That is not possible. Encryption is the only way for password protection. It is actually impossible to password protect but not encrypt the drive.
  12. Have you tried calling Microsoft and explaining the situation to them? I have heard good things about Microsoft and XP versions.
  13. 2007 is sweet :) It's annoying the activation servers are down.
  14. 3200.1 MBs This is the first time I have even been able to access Connect and get it downloading
  15. WMP11 has taken over Winamp's space as king of my PC :D
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