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  1. i fear you might have to format your computer otherwise you will not be able to draw the kind of performance that you are looking for.
  2. I am not sure whether this question has already been discussed in this forum or not. I am using Avira but the problem is that it is not as effective against virus as it ought to be. I am looking for a free antivirus that can safeguard the interest of my computer from virus attack.
  3. There is no free version of Norton :) Sorry I want to mean trial version of Norton not free version. Thanks for pointing out.
  4. Well I am writing this post out of solidarity. Your condition is very much similar to mine. The only difference is that you are using Norton and I am ** Antivirus. But tell me one thing, are you using free version? Because this problem is quite common with free version of antivirus program.
  5. I have no bother at all with IE8. It loads almost instantaneously.B) Are you joking? It is pathetically slow and always runs the risk of making the computer unresponsive. If I had the option, I will delete every trace of it from my PC but lol, there is no option for such noble deed.
  6. Some problem may be in your internet connectivity. It is almost impossible to predict anything without having a look at your 2 laptop. But tell me one thing, what is wrong with your first laptop.Just kidding.
  7. These are some free and exceptionally good and useful tools but the fact is that you need to buy the paid version if you wish to make the most of it. Free versions are not as useful as the paid versions and they have good reasons not to be.
  8. receiving fake email has become a common thing but I wonder where they got these ids and how they can hoodwink people when it appears spam at the very first shot.
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