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  1. Div tag solves the problems of browsers compatibility. Rather using tables which gives different results in different browsers you use div tag. But you brief your problem in detail here.
  2. I think WMP is a windows application which does not support other browsers than IE. Because of that this problem is arising.
  3. The images, banners, videos and flash content consume lots of memory. Try to use less flash content, videos and images so it can work smoothly.
  4. There may be several reasons to it. The Norton antivirus acquires too many memory space and time updating from internet. You first need to complete all the start up operations by Windows and Norton or any other application. After all over then you can open your browser and start.
  5. Windows 7 And Windows Vista are compatible with each other. So the applications that run on Vista can run windows 7 also.
  6. Using Apple OS is not very common. It is very much different from Windows. Thanks for sharing those links.
  7. I have two HD and I am going through same situation. Initially it didn't happen. But recently I format both HDs and now it is started.
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