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  1. Thanks Boris, I am back to a full screen
  2. Hello, I run Windows 7 on my HP laptop. I guess that I must have accidentally clicked a setting with my mouse or something. Normally when I open a folder, it opens to 100% screen size. But now when I open a folder, for some reason it only opens to about 75% screen size. Is there some way that I can correct this and get my folders to go back to opening 100% screen size? Thank you
  3. Thanks for the info POPS!
  4. Well, if they retired Picasa, have they come up with anything better?
  5. Thanks for the info Bonzai Soup, I will download Gimp. BTW, when I took a closer look at the previous files that Picasa did scan I noticed that they were all jpeg. And when I looked at the files that Picasa would not scan, they were all png. So I converted the png files to jpeg and guess what? Now Picasa scans all of my files.
  6. Hello, Google's Picasa photo enhancer has a "Fill Light" tool that I really love. But lately Picasa won't scan my new photos. Is anyone aware of another free photo enhancer that has a similar Fill Light tool? Thanks
  7. Volume icon has disappeared.

    Irene, Thank you so much! My volume icon is back up and working.
  8. Hello, I am running Windows Vista on my HP laptop. My sound volume icon has disappeard from my row of icons on the bottom right of my screen. The icon is not among the hidden icons. I must have clicked on something by mistake and the icon was removed. Is there any way to get it back? Thanks.
  9. Thanks Belatucadrus, originally I was having problems getting my PC to start up, it would just stall. But it seems to be working OK now. Thanks!
  10. Thank you for the post Pops. I will definitely follow your advice. Would you mind giving us an example of how one could junk their box if they are not careful? Thanks!
  11. Temp files

    Thanks Geriatric
  12. Temp files

    Thanks POPS, I do have CCleaner and I will take a look at "Aanalyze" mode. I had heard that if you are watch a video on the Net, say a news video, that the video is at least temporarily downloaded to a temp file. And that if you wanted to save that video, you could just save the temp file to your hard drive. Is that correct? Thanks!
  13. Temp files

    How can I find my browser's temp files, or downloaded files in either IE, Chrome or Firefox? Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the info Bludgard. I did a search on Ebay and found a vendor who is advertising a 9 cell battery that is compatible with the 6515b for under $30.00 with free shipping. I sent him a message asking for the approximate battery life, but have not heard back yet. I will give this a try before looking into the x230. Thanks!
  15. Geriatric, I currently have a HP 6515b laptop. Is is possible to get a high capacity battery for this unit?