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  1. I managed to find a walkthrough on it by asking for a clue in the chat box below the game, but was at it for abot 30 mins before deciding to ask!
  2. Yaaaaaaay! I got through and signed the guest book! B) Damn that Green Wall has given me a sore head! However, that was a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing more.
  3. Are the disks you are using clean? It could be dirt inside the disk tray that has stopped the laser reading disks. Have you thought about taking it to a independent repair shop?
  4. I tried that a couple of times and I would say that it totally grabs you and before you know it several hours have passed! But I soon got bored spending 20minutes getting anywhere and then getting shot within 10 secs of arriving.
  5. I have got the real game, it came the day after the release from Amazon. Rebel, I had made the original post before the proper game had been released. The game is a bit crappy online - too many bunny jumpers and spray and pray for my liking. It doesn't even come close to Mohaa. The single player, however, I enjoyed, especially the stalingrad level, but it could have been harder with more hidden snipers. The AI also can't hit a barn door!
  6. Just wanted to let people know that the 2nd demo for Call Of Duty has been released for download. You can get to it through Gamespy.
  7. I last used it a couple of months back and it slowed my start up by 7 seconds after clicking the optimise button... :( Damn those 7 seconds..I need them back!!! :D
  8. was a very weird occurence, other sites loaded fine, but for 20mins nothing from those sites. They all seem to be working now! bizarre! <_<
  9. I have just been clicking on my favourites as I normally do after starting up my PC and was immediately taken by the number of sites that are down today. Microsofts Site Exiled Gamer site My email account site Guardian site and a few others. Is the internet having a bad day or are all these sites managed by one very busy company who have decided to take a holiday? :)
  10. LOL@moon, sorry u hadn't asked, but you would be just as welcome! :D
  11. Nellie2, would love to have you round for a cuppa! :D
  12. Nellie2, thats a nice idea, thanks. I was going to have a link to the Airport so that people could plan and check transfers, But i had never thought of public transport, good one! I was going to use a link to a webcam at our concert hall that you can actually control for 2 minutes. I take it you are a bit of an underground type of person then Moon. I shall have a page just for you then. :)
  13. Tony, That worked a treat, I now have a link on my map that takes you to another page where I can have details on the position on the map. Woo hoo :D thanks for your help! I am doing this for an assignment and the webpages will never be put online on the internet. I have used an image that has been copyrighted just as practice but can anyone tell me what the limitations are on this image been used for something that will never be browsed through?
  14. Thanks guys. I am planning a Sureshot style gif avatar now. Can i ask you guys what you look for in a nice website? What thing would you like to see if it was a guide to a city? I so far have Places to Stay, Places to Go, Places to Shop, and Places to Eat. I was going to have a gallery of pictures of the city, and also a form that you can request a fact sheet about the city. Then i will have links to other useful sites relevant to the website. I would love to hear if anyone has any thoughts on this?
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