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  1. Why did I just get an email saying I paid a total of £10 GBP for a premium members subscription until December? Frankly I don't use these forums as I have found that it is not frequented by other users of the internet. So after some months I get this email saying that I have purchased premium membership for £10 GBP obviously I am worried and confused because I never put any of my bank details or anything on the forums here. So what exactly is going on? Why did I just get an email out of nowhere that I have paid for a subscription when in actual fact I haven't been on the forums here in months!
  2. P.S. Intel Driver and my Laptop screen info: Here is my Intel Drivers: (They're up to date) Here is the info on my screen: Nvidia Driver info: Sorry to post 3 times but you're only allowed like 4 pictures per post or something which is really silly.. Thanks for any and all help!
  3. CPU-Z RAM: But surely neither HDD or RAM could cause this right? This is a screen issue? Or like someone said in the first thread I made, it's a dirty/bad LCD connector? But that was all replaced when the motherboard was replaced... I must admit though I am getting one odd error. After just simply putting my RAM and HDD back in my laptop after getting it back from warranty repairs I have noticed 1 little weird error. When I connect to my Wi-fi now in Windows 7 instead of showing me 'bars' for my level of reception, despite me being connected it shows the icon with a Red 'X' which indicates that you are disconnected.. Pic: So what's the deal... faulty HDD? Faulty RAM? Faulty graphics drivers maybe?? I am not sure whether to send it back and get it repaired again or not...
  4. So my Acer 5742G had barcode like lines on the screen right... I already sent this laptop to be fixed under Warranty (It's only 5 months old) and they sent it back claiming the Motherboard was faulty. It's been back 12 hours and I have the same problem again... Here is what it looked like before I sent it off on warranty to get it fixed 2 weeks ago: Now here is what it looks like 2 weeks later after coming back from repairs: Repairs stated that the Motherboard was found to be faulty and thus it was replaced with a new one. But I am STILL getting the same problem. It happens when the laptop is left alone for about 15-20 minutes or so. The screen goes black and then when I move the mouse to get the screen back, I see these lines... Now I am wondering if I have Bad RAM or a Bad HDD... because the motherboard was replaced and I am still using the RAM and HDD that I was using when the laptop died the first time... HDD Tune: The only warning is from when I plugged the drive into a Caddy and the cord I used was a bad cord.. otherwise it's fine right?
  5. Currently set up on a WPA2 network. It's 'g' band. Anyway so my Fujitsu Amlio La1703 can't hold a stable internet connection. Sometimes it'll hold a network for 4 hours, sometimes literally 4 minutes. The drivers are installed and up-to-date. I'm using Windows Vista 32bit, 2GB of RAM. The wireless card device is a: 'SiS163u' card made by Fujitsu. To get the card working again I have to disconnect from the network when it goes from 'Internet' to just 'Local Only' It takes 5 seconds only but it's annoying if I am downloading. Sometimes I have to disable the card via 'device manager' and then flick the wireless switch off and on again to get it to be able to find networks. All my power options are set properly. It wont turn the card off after a time. I'm running the laptop on AC power only. I have no idea what keeps causing this. The router is only 5m away from the laptop. It seems like the signal strength is perfect and then suddenly it shows 'no signal'. It's getting really frustrating. So I am thinking of getting another internal wireless card, maybe one that is 'n' enabled. So could I buy any old 'n' internal wireless card/adapter and pop it in, download the drivers and it would work? Or is there going to be some sort of problem, like the BIOS wont like it or something..? Please help lol!
  6. Upon trying to register on the forums here I kept meeting with a page that said: 'Hourly registration attempts exceeded, press your back button or try something else' No matter what I did. If I tried to register on this computer, or another or anything. It didn't matter that I changed my I.P. address or browser. I kept getting this message. I tried again an hour later, 3 hours later, and a whole day later. I also tried registering using facebook, to which I got the same error on facebooks page. Then I tried registering again 2 days later and I got 'Your email address is already taken' I was like what the..? So I went to recover my account and it turns out that the facebook registration half worked. So I changed my password, but I STILL got the error. Now I am back 3 hours later again and finally I am able to log on.. Honestly guys remove this weird thing.. I almost went off to another forum just because I couldn't register to this one. I couldn't even post as a guest and ask for help or anything. I was this close to giving up...
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