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  1. Kevin, you left quite a bit of info out of what the problem is exactly. I'm assuming you installed a game to an external HDD (this is kind of a bad idea since USB drives are slow and games run better on your internal drive) and you deleted its folder in the program files directory of this hardrive...now it errors out because you have no uninstall program and you cannot reinstall because it thinks it is already. This is a big problem for you because fixing this can be ugly. The least painful way for you to do this would be to use another computer to reinstall the game in the SAME EXACT place on the drive. Otherwise you will have to use regedit to go into the registry and delete the entries pertaining to the game, which can be overwhelming and also very very bad for your computer if you delete the wrong registry entries.
  2. You can also try searching the manufacturers website. The card should say on it some kind of brand and model number you can use to look it up in google.
  3. Well either way chimetals you need to test the connection to find the fault. The only way to isolate the problem is to test while you are having the issue. It could be as simple as a little packet loss or as obscure as a collision on the line. While the ping test may not be a for sure method for determining this problem it most definitely will narrow down the issue somewhat. A ping can fail with different error messages giving you an idea of where the problem might lie. If it doesnt fail at all while you are getting disconnected then you can assume that the problem is probably not with the hardware. Now the fact that someone else is not having the same problem you are on the same network could point to the computer or cable being the issue, but its always good to start fresh. Changing routers and your cable will either eliminate the problem or show that these components are not the problem. keep in mind we are not there where you are and we cannot really lend the help to fix this problem in a single step so...the best way to troubleshoot is to eliminate all possibilities 1 by 1 until we have a solution. If someone qualified was there when the problem was happening they could more than likely get to the bottom of it pretty quick. As you stated your internet is provided by your school. They should have a help desk of some kind and will probably be able to at least narrow down the issue to your end or theirs....faster than we probably can anyways.
  4. no password, just something that would minimize all windows open, leaving a pretty desktop background as opposed to the mess of things I always have open. Its not really a big deal though. I was hoping that I would help some code monkey get his jollies on making something that doesnt seem to exist atm while getting a neat gadget to suit my personal wants.
  5. I guess this isnt possible short of writing the code for a screensaver yourself. I kept searching for any way I could do this but nothing came up.
  6. You probably need some kind of proprietary program from the manufacturer of your computer as well as drivers possibly. It will most likely not pop up automatically even after this. Try searching support for whatever brand and model on the manufacturers site.
  7. You can run dual monitors from your new card with the dual DVI. Your onboard is probably disabled when you insert a new video device(this is why the 2nd screen is greyed out but you have another monitor hooked up). It is possible, more than likely, to enable the onboard card again in your computers bios and use it but this could degrade performance in games. So bottom line, just get a dvi-vga adaptor and run both monitors off the new card.
  8. You arent creating anything actually. you should make sure that both computers are set to WORKGROUP in the workgroup box. Then go to say computer and on the left panel should be an option to browse the network. you should see WORKGROUP listed in there, when you go into that you should see any computers that you set to WORKGROUP in step 2. If you dont see one of them and they are set properly this is most likely due to some kind of firewall or security you are running on the computer that isnt showing up. That will have to either be turned off or removed or an exception added to the rules for filesharing which to be honest can be a pain. If I were you I would get a copy of win 7 to upgrade the vista computer and use homegroup as they made it as painless as possible.
  9. pops is got a good idea but if you cant find a router to replace it with you can open multiple command prompts and use ping -t. do one ping -t www.google.com and one ping -t 192.168.x.x (your default gateway or routers IP). If you get a response from your router but not google then it might not be the router but the internet connection itself. If you can ping the IP at your modem do that too.
  10. go to the start menu and in the search type in msconfig and hit enter. go to the boot tab and listed there should be any detected installs. I do believe theres a check boot paths button and if anything is wrong with your boot.ini it should remove the bad option. If it doesnt see a problem with the boot paths you can go in and manually delete the entry from boot.ini (this file is hidden so enable viewing of hidden files and folders in folder options.) you may also change the timeout for choosing an option. as for your mobo logo, this is a bios option so check there. really it isnt slowing anything down for you though because all its doing is displaying the logo instead of POST results you would have seen before. Im not sure how familiar you are to the whole overclocking thing but overclocking especialy without proper cooling can severely decrease the life of your components and even cause hardware failure in just 1 try. on top of all of that just testing for a stable clock setting is hell on your OS because you will get BSODs until you find a stable setting. Its not something someone new to the concept wants to try alone. plus you're really only going to get at best a 15% increase in speed.
  11. Well this could be done in another OS possibly but I dont think that you want to do this and still use the file in windows. />http://www.worldstart.com/file-name-characters-to-avoid/
  12. Nacht

    Duh herro

    New to the forums here. Little info about me, been messing around with computers since I was big enough to reach the keys. I took my first computer apart (didnt put back together) at the age of 12. After that I started to learn more about the GUI of windows starting from 98 to XP learning as much as I could about what it did. Around 15 I met a friend who was just as into it as I was and we began compiling our knowledge to feel more 1337. It was about this time I got heavy into IRC and learned just how big of a noob I was. After high school I went to a technical college and got some certs like mcp in xp, A+, and server but unfortunately dropped out before I could get the exchange and SQL done on my MCSA. I worked in a repair shop and a few call centers and then basically got totally burned out on IT stuff. Now I learn things as a hobby. Beyond windows I like to play with linux, specifically backtrack if any of you know what that is...if not google it :D. I play alot of counter strike, where I'm admin on a few servers and a community forum for those servers. If anyone else plays feel free to send me a request on steam (xxph4nt0mxx).
  13. Not sure if this is of any help 5 days later but you should just be able to set up ICS on your host machines dongle connection. If that doesnt seem to work try bridging your dongle with the adapter listed on your host as the VM adapter. As for the telnet, that is a stumper. I'm not familiar with telnet but what do you plan on using it for and I'm sure theres a workaround.
  14. Hi guise, new here to this particular forum. I've been digging on google for some time and haven't been able to come up with a way (within my own capabilities) to do what I want. I want to have a timeout for my open windows. Say I get up from the computer for a few hours, I want all my windows open to minimize as with the show desktop button. I am not very partial to the screensavers windows comes with and one you find on the internet tend to use alot of cpu time. I know I could just have it go black or just turn off my monitor but often times I leave my computer after having done something requiring that I have a lot of windows open. In some cases I may have sensitive items open that I wouldn't want others to see or games running. If anyone has a clue as to how I could possibly approach this I would really appreciate the help. I'm not a programmer so that option is out unless you write it for me. If it is not currently possible then don't worry about it as I am well aware of other work arounds like just having the computer lock. I know that you can minimize with a keystroke so I was thinking that maybe some program might exist to hit keystrokes under certain circumstances like inactivity but I have no idea how to go about searching for such a thing...if there is. Thanks in advance.
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