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  1. Yes, many websites had used this. Thanks again.
  2. I think the 2nd choice should be Firefox, it a good browser and very helpful comparing to IE.
  3. I think you need to study CSS properly, referring some tutorial books or W3C.
  4. I think you are new to CSS. As par the image you have attached, you should make three column(divs)-left-sidebar, middle content and the right-sidebar, each with height auto, use float and clear both to make the three columns as par the image, then you can insert the two divs in left-sidebar and one in right-sidebar. Always give ""position:relative;" in CSS and use border to check whether there is overlap problem or not.
  5. Proper indentation, image usage properly, gzip will reduce your page size. If your are using videos then use the API of video hosters.
  6. I don't like to make the browser heavy unless the plugin is necessary. The chrome is good in all respect except the memory usage. Comparatively it uses more memory with is the problem for PC hardware. The version of chrome always changes and the older version of the same are difficult to find in file servers in internet.
  7. -Cumulus Plugin not adjusted properly -Upper Right Corner Red mark image or div is there - At footer navigation links can be placed that gives better look and helps visitors better navigation
  8. The Site is with WP. I thinks you don't have much idea, how to make a site using WP. You have customized whatever you got after installation. You have to think what is objective of making a site. If its news, you can make home page and other pages and also a blog within with the same wordpress installation. You can go for themes for develop theme for yourself. In the present site there is no sidebar navigation and logo.
  9. No appropriate Logo, Design can be better, Header banner is not unique looks like messed up.
  10. You have not mentioned in which CMS you want files to edit. As far as I know many CMS keeps the files or pages in database. If want them edit in code level then need the help of plugins.
  11. You can use "<script type=”text/javascript”> function clearData(){ window.clipboardData.setData(’text’,”); } function ccb(){ if(clipboardData){ clipboardData.clearData(); } } setInterval(”ccb()”, 1000); </script>" in the header section. In the body "onload=”ccb()” onbeforeprint=”return false” onprint=”return false” onbeforecopy=”return false” oncopy=”return false” onbeforecut=”return false” oncut=”return false”>"
  12. Hi, I am new here and introducing Var India - Indian IT News Magazine Publisher to this forum with a hope to get latest information by discussing the industry leaders. That is very useful and you need to have market analysis of the similar application so that it can be updated for more better features. I thinks it would be more more useful if possible with the other phone device apart from windows (with having options to choose).
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