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  1. Thanks for the link, but I'm a little bit wary of downloading this from anywhere other than Microsoft. How do you know these files are legit?
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, but I've already seen that page. I want to boot from the DVD, completely destroy my windows partition, completely reformat my drive, and then completely reinstall Windows. In order to do that, I need a windows installation disc. Is there any way for me to get an installation disc from Microsoft?
  3. Hey all, So, my computer came with Windows 7 Home Premium installed. It's got a sticker on it with the license number. However, the manufacturer (Gateway) did not provide me with an installation disc. Sadly, my computer has recently become infected with malware. I want to do the safe thing and perform a complete re-partition, re-format, and re-install. How can I get an installation disc for Windows 7?
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