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  1. My original question to the Windows Forum was how to store various dialogue box settings in the link below. />http://www.sevenforums.com/general-discussion/199992-how-do-i-store-various-dialogue-box-settings.html I've since discovered AutoIt, a program that allows you to create scripts/macros to execute various key strokes, mouse clicks at timed intervals. This would theoretically allow me to not only save any configuration but execute more powerful combinations to improve my efficiency. I'm basically looking for a way to say "Hey computer program, sit in the background until I p
  2. Does anybody else have any ideas how to lock in some of these drop-downs/tick boxes?
  3. Everything should be backwards compatible but like that's ever going to happen. :P I'm using Windows 7 32bit on a pretty standard machine, Office 2010 but I think the solution I'm looking for will likely work on earlier versions of Windows as well.. That does solve the particular problem I gave Irene, but I was looking for a more general solution. It's not just limited to dialogue boxes either, I'd also like to be able to do small things like when creating a new text document have the name come in as 'Notes.txt' instead of 'Untitled Text Document.txt' or when saving a PDF using CutePDF it
  4. Hello Windows Forum! Q: Does anybody know of a way to keep certain dialogue box settings the same? The original problem I was having was changing the paper from A4 to A3 every time I needed to print a drawing in the office I work in. This problem I was able to solve by changing the settings in the printer driver. However I often come across small changes that I'm making hundred of times a day and I'd love to learn how to get them to stick. For example, when I select 'File'>'Save As' in Word I'd like to keep the 'Save as type:' as *.doc instead of *.docx. My fairly limited knowledge le
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