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  1. windows xp (my fathers desktop that i also use): And my netbook (Windows xp):
  2. Hi everyone. Im trying to do some.....uh......."reasearch"? Idk what to call it......probably a project. :s Anyway , I want whoever has the time and wants to here to review ubuntu 11.10 , Os x Lion and Windows 7.The review can be whatever size you want , you can include details if you want or just point out the major defferences etc. Just don't post anything like "Linux and mac suck! Windows 7 is awesome!" i want reasons for your opinions , if you want to include those as well. I'll be posting this thread on an Ubuntu forum , Windows forum and mac forum and then i'll just compare all the answers. Thanks for participating and helping me with this :) (and sorry if this isn't in the right section , i wasn't really sure where to post this :s )
  3. 1) Firefox 2) MSN 3) Microsoft office word 4) Libre office and 5)..... AVG. That stupid thing won't leave me alone :/
  4. i really like NFS , warcraft frozen throne and bf2 :)
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