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  1. contentType: 'string' is wrong. That's not a MIME type at all for a valid HTTP header in the request. What you're looking for is 'application/json' or 'application/javascript' for JSONP with callback.
  2. First, you may want to read up on LFNFOR,,. Also, as of MS-DOS 7 (you are using 6.22 which is even older), doublequoted strings are treated as a single element, wether they contain delimiters or not. I'm not so sure that this applies to v6.xx. You should run some tests to verify. Anything Windows XP and above, to MS-DOS 6.22 is a huge jump... I can't really see how you'd expect to get anything but the most basic scripts to remain *valid* as much has changed.
  3. MinGw doesn't depend on .NET at all... For that batch file, why not just navigate to the directory? For my MinGw installation, I've put the bin directory path in my Environment variables through the system configuration. Have you tried re-installing MinGw? What does your makefile look like? What does the system %PATH% environment variable look like by default?
  4. It looks as though your subnet mask is incorrect along with the autoconfigured IPv4 address: Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address. . : Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . : Typically, it's of the format "192.168.1.###" with the subnet mask being, and most home configurations do not have multiple subnets for obvious reasons. I would attempt to configure a static IP of perhaps something mid-range like "" and set the subnet mask along with all other fields then try again to see if it's resolved. That Autoconfiguration belongs to APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing)which used only if a DHCP server is not available, or if no static IP was configured. And is a very strange private IP address.
  5. It sounds like this is not an issue with Windows Media Player itself but something else. Windows Media Player fetches content online if you have a network connection available. I would suggest turning that feature off to see if it improves anything for the program itself. I would expect that the issues with web browsing would persist though, so if that's the case, then more investigation is required. Any errors in your EventLog?
  6. You can get a virus from anywhere, but avoiding one comes with some self awareness. Just because she ended up getting a virus that could have been from facebook does not mean that the site itself is bad (nor does it mean I am saying facebook is good, because it is crap). I'm not a facebook user, but any large site like that can be a target host for malicious scripts. The rules are simple though in avoiding a virus otherwise. @Belatucadrus - Just because you don't like PayPal doesn't mean however that other people don't use it. So why neglect that statistic? In doing so, you would potentially be eliminating a method of payment for your users, all because of a personal opinion. @OP - If you have IPN integrated, you can have a backend PHP script that would manage things, essentially making it easier for you to deal with transactions. Imagine how much harder it would be, to have to manage everything manually just by checking your Paypal account or any email notifications you would get from Paypal for updates? This is a solution to those problems. API's are good for this reason.
  7. There is no definite rule that certain BBCode tags have to do what they do everywhere. It's simply just a way of parsing a consistent HTML template out of non-HTML text, because allowing users to post using HTML can be a security risk, unless you take real care, when sanitizing user input. There are standard ones; , , , etc... But there's no rule that says has to be italics, as it could be made to mean underline, and you could even have one called [blah123] to do whatever else you wanted it to do. For this to be (100%) beneficial to users here, it would have to be fore the specific BBCode that this forum uses, as not all the tags mentioned in those links will be available here. Otherwise, it mainly just helps other forum admins understand what BBCode is and how it works. To create a BBcode tag though there's more to it than those links portray. In most cases you also have to have knowledge of Regex in order to decide what text to parse and how it is to be interpretted for formatting. However this is not really "programming"... HTML is not a programming language, and since BBCode is really just a wrapper for it, it's not a programming language either.
  8. I wouldn't recommend downloading anything as Windows already gives you the necessary tools to manage startup applications. Anything extra is just clutter in my opinion.
  9. Check your event viewer, could be that it's having problems initiating on startup because of some other conflicting services or startup entries. Can't troubleshoot much without having a place to start, look for any error codes.
  10. Just in case anybody else comes across this thread, here's a good link: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/18976/A-simple-Binary-Search-Tree-written-in-C
  11. The error shown in the image ndicates that invalid system memory has been referenced, and in this case during a write operation. Defective RAM is a common cause for this, so if you've used a utility like Memtestx86 to figure out that one of your cards is bad then that would be the issue.
  12. "WinDG requires .net 4 and an installer" - I think you're referring to "WinDbg" However, I got WinDbg from the Windows 64 bit debugging tools download from Microsoft, and WinDbg was an application readily available without installation inside that Zip file, no installation required. @MANEMAN - Your comment is highly silly and childish, and your attitude is of some kind that I completely have a lack of respect for in a person. You just mentioned to me that anonymity keeps you or me from knowing each other on a larger scale so how can you assume what i'm "looking for" by your section of the post here: I am going to give you neither feedback or suggestions on your program. What I am going to do is tilt the axis slightly, so that you are starved of what you want, and offered the food which you need. Whether you will accept that gift, or take heed, judged on your behavior so far this year gives room for doubt. The amount of time that you have actually been an MVP in terms of weeks can easily perhaps be counted on fingers and toes. In a years time you will be up for review. In effect you are in "Probationary State". You have absolutely no comprehension of what a Microsoft MVP is based on my read through all of what you've just said, yet it all starts with your childish attitude to attack me on the littlest things for whatever reason which STILL remains unknown, which is where you're way off tune with deciding to post this little paragraph of yours in attempt to try to make yourself look like a man here. I think you should do some research before you decide to assume things about me as well here. Specifically on the MVP program. I am going to do is tilt the axis slightly, so that you are starved of what you want, and offered the food which you need - You just mentioned in your post that you have no idea who I am, so how can you be so quick to jump on the idea that you know what i'm supposedly looking for in the replies here? I developed this program for my own personal interest in programming, as i've done for the last few hundred programs that I have on my computer that remain unreleased because I take programming in general as a hobby. I CHOSE to be nice, and try to let others in on a tool that MAY help somebody out here. you will be up for review - Who exactly do you think you are here buddy? You think that becuase I have an MVP title I am supposed to conform to the idea that you are my superior and that I need to be judged first? How much more immature does that idea sound to you? I am well known by other MVP's on various other forums, even before my status of MVP, which is really just an extra now, and I really have no intention of being a member on this forum much longer for a few reasons. 1) It's lack of activity 2) It's arrogant members that choose to play a "Who's smarter, and who can outwit eachother game" instead of taking it as a forum that it's supposed to be with centralizing around the idea of support, which isn't possible if people aren't on the same team, and you sir, seem to think that you are the team all on your own, and that without you here that people would be lost based on what i've read. I speak in this instance of the posting and self promotion of your W7 Diag Tool v2.01 a short while after I posted Shyam's SF Diagnostic Tool (AKA Capt. J Sparrow) I did not post this because you posted the SF Diag Tool, which is another assumption of yours that you created in the imaginary world of your own reality influenced by your own corrupted thoughts. I posted "after" mentioned that I was in development of such a tool because I was actually working on the project at the time of posting that I had developed such a tool, not because I seen you post his tool. I personally have lots of respect for Capt. J Sparrow, and have been on a few forums with him. MVP's have a mutual respect for each other because they greatly value the idea of learning. Do you really think that I have to somehow acknowledge the fact that you took the time to post his program up in a thread you created? That doesn't make sense to me, It may be good for some members in the fact that they haven't seen that program. But I did not post this program just because you posted a tool here. My beginning evidence to believe that you need to straighten out your thought process here. As you have completely assumed that this was the reason I posted it. I had posted this program of mine on other forums at the time, not only this forum. I would also take this opportunity to remind you that MVP was not primarily set up to be a "New Age Freemasonry", "Sect" or "Secret Religion", so it would be appreciated if you would stop pretending, or lending implication to the fact that you have been given a map of the path to the "Inner Sanctum", . I would like to think that this is due to immaturity, and immature wording rather than design on your part. If I lay out before you now your quote I think you may see how your words could be misconstrued, and why you have started to put the backs up of a few Microsoft people early into this year. This is some more personal assumptions that you've created in your head and turned into a reality here. I have nothing against any MVP, and if you only seen the PM's between myself and Capt. J Sparrow you'd realize how wrong you are. The only immaturity i'm seeing here is by you. I posted for feedback and you go off into a personal rampage of your own personal emotions way off topic to what this thread was supposed to be intended for. Off topic posting on various forums is frowned upon, which is maybe why I don't see you on many other big tech forums, as you like to believe that you're "on top" or "above" everyone else here for the reason that you've just become such a long time regular member here that thinks he knows it all. You'll never be right all the time, and for what reason you've decided to go off on your own little post complaining about me, is unknown as i've said. But my problem here is much less severe than what you have to deal with. You're problem is the fact that you can't accept the fact that you might be wrong once in a while. It's the only explainable reason as to why you decided to take my post (about my program in development) and turn it into a personal 1 on 1 debate. Very ridiculous. I would also take this opportunity to remind you that MVP was not primarily set up to be a "New Age Freemasonry", "Sect" or "Secret Religion", so it would be appreciated if you would stop pretending, or lending implication to the fact that you have been given a map of the path to the "Inner Sanctum" - "Pretending" based on who's interpretation here? So far that only seems to be you who's taking this way out of proportion here, and assuming things which is completely out of your comprehension. You have not been an MVP from my assumption, so I don't believe that you have an idea of what it's about. It's about a team working towards and spending time to help the tech world. I will not help members though that can't respect the fact that someone who can take lots of time to help others out there without any other bribery other than personal self interest and motivation because they simply take it as a hobby. I could only IMAGINE why this forum is so dead of activity now... The last paragraph seems hardly in the spirit of camaraderie, and seems childishly to shout: "I am a Microsoft MVP, you are now below me, I know things that you dont know." Again, a very childish comment for someone who is supposed to be an adult. "camaraderie"? It has nothing to do with that, i'm bound by an NDA which prohibits me from disclosing any Microsoft confidential, as well as just basic newsletters that I get, which IS what that comment was about. Explain how that is "childish" over some more proper terms like "loyalty". Again, I can only assume that you have no idea what the program is about, and how many terms we're forced to abide by for even keeping our MVP status. I have been asked before, and declined others, so for whatever reason you think it's childish to "shout" that (through text), as far as i'm concerned you just need to get the dust out of your eyes to see some sense of reality here. There are people out there that ask, because they may not get the privilege to be an MVP. Yes you do have a new responsibility. Yet with all of the gifts and skills that you have, you lack the most important. - Humility. You simply lack lots of respect for others. Keep in mind that you don't run this forum here, you're just a member as am I. And I must be mistaken as I believe I came to a tech forum. Not a forum where completely unsolicited messages like this are given about someone on a deeper level when you strictly state yourself that you have no idea who I am. Go forward in the year, and in that year of MVP probation try not once again to make yourself a "Laughing Stock" and tar others of the profession with the brush which you have chosen to use. The only "laughing stock" around here would be a member like yourself trying to belittle others on a tech forum just because they feel the need to do so. I came here to help, but I have no intension of helping members like you who certainly can't comprehend a little self decency and respect for others. That in my opinion should be lots more embarrassing for you considering how long you've had to practice a few basic social norms judging by your profile age. That is simply ridiculous. MVP probation? Again, in all respect, "Who exactly are you to decide that?". You probably don't even have the slightest affiliation with Microsoft, but you feel the responsibility to decide what you judge others as? That is very low, and you should be checking on your mental health here, and trying to get some help in that regard to straighten your brain out here. How is this apt or appropriate? What he's done here is simply gone completely off topic and instigated his own personal issues with me into a little debate where he can try to satisfy himself by posting belittling comments towards others on a forum which has completely segregated from the idea of support for me in my perspective of this forum. Which is what this forum should be trying to practice. His "wise words" are really quite childish in this case, and for that reason there is nothing to benefit from, as it was completely unnecessary. For a guy of his age I could only gain some insight that he has some serious personal issues of his own that he has to deal with here. I have provided as much information to back up what i've said in all of my posts on this forum to the best of the ability that I could do, and supposedly he just doesn't like to be accused in any slight of imagination that he's wrong, so he attacks the littlest things that he can point out as a flaw in others. Perhaps some kind of insecurity? And if that's the case he should be signing up on some emotional support forums, or seeing a doctor. He talks about ME posting "childish" content, and then he goes ahead and puts this at the top of his post to start his little rant towards me: The content of the following post in no way reflect the thoughts, opinions, or feelings of this forum, it's moderators or administration. The content therefore is based on the thoughts of one single individual and is not meant to influence the thoughts of any other posters, or be in anyway derogatory to the original poster. lol, and somehow that makes it okay to post what he's wrote, and it's made it okay all of a sudden to completely track off topic in my thread here? That to me would seem like common sense if he wants to target me for posting nonsense. In one thread for example. I post my analysis on a BSOD without even posting a word directed to him, after the fact that he tells the original poster to use BlueScreenView. I took it upon my own time to analyze this dump for that person so he/she didn't have to do it on their own (since you can't assume that the original poster would have any knowledge for even using a program like BlueScreenView in an efficient way to analyze it's data, even if they were to assume that what it's pointing to is the correct problem in that analysis). He posts again after me saying that it looks like a bunch of crap on paper, and it's just there to look impressive because I posted a bit of code in the background to support what i've been saying in the post where i've analyzed the dump for this person, and even though I took the steps that he didn't take to actually try to help the person with the dump. That being said, I could only imagine what kind of personal issues he himself has to deal with. That shows true arrogance to come back at someone who just wants to help. And on that note, i'm gone from this forum, you guys seriously need to work on your invitational skills to members here, as it seems the bunch of you are the only active members here, and this forum undoubtedly is dead. Seeing what i've seen in the very minimal time that i've been here, again, I can only just think of why it's so inactive. There's really nothing left for me to say, although I really feel sorry for this guy if he has the audacity to decide to personally attack me just because we've been in disagreement on a couple things. That's not many things either, i've only been here a member for a few days, and already leaving, but it's been only 1 or 2 very small things that he and I have disagreed upon. The fact that he has to make such a big deal about it is even more sad though, and personally I don't care what he has to say. I'll still walk out of this forum happy as there's nothing for me to be ashamed of in this case lol. Much more on his part that he should be a bit uneasy about for posting such a silly attack on me. I can move on here, he was the only one ALL of those times that tried to continue it on with me about using BlueScreenView over WinDbg. Some people use it, but he couldn't move on because I was in disagreement with him and somehow that bothers him that someone has differing opinions than he does, and that's what I see here. For god sakes, just learn to move on, it's not a big deal. @MANEMAN - You can reply here all you want, but it's not going to mean anything unless it personally satisfies you. You won't be getting a reply back from me here that's for sure, so Congratulations on freeing a member from the forum here and further discouraging the activity that exists here currently. It takes a real man to admit when he's wrong, and I don't see that happening with you. I bet you, you wouldn't even read all of this text before posting your next thought upon insult towards me in a post after this, but it's up to you to take some advice that could be beneficial to your personal being, as it's definitely what you need. ~Ace
  13. I created this tool a long while back, and recently got to improving it, so here's a demo of my most recent version: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP7en-DFc20 Any feedback if anyone has any further suggestions or just general comments on my program :) Everything multi-threaded to enhance the most optimal functionality of the program in terms of speed for retrieving and creating the data for review. If there was a way to click every last button at the exact same time, all this data could be retrieved at the exact same time on multiple threads which makes it so fast with it's processing abilities. I've customized it to fit Windows 7 Operating Systems though, so it will work on Windows 7 only for now.
  14. Can't edit my post anymore, so i'm forced to write a new one, but the program I made currently has a lot more features in the to-be-released version specific for retrieving information that may be useful for troubleshooting crashes.
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