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  1. contentType: 'string' is wrong. That's not a MIME type at all for a valid HTTP header in the request. What you're looking for is 'application/json' or 'application/javascript' for JSONP with callback.
  2. First, you may want to read up on LFNFOR,,. Also, as of MS-DOS 7 (you are using 6.22 which is even older), doublequoted strings are treated as a single element, wether they contain delimiters or not. I'm not so sure that this applies to v6.xx. You should run some tests to verify. Anything Windows XP and above, to MS-DOS 6.22 is a huge jump... I can't really see how you'd expect to get anything but the most basic scripts to remain *valid* as much has changed.
  3. MinGw doesn't depend on .NET at all... For that batch file, why not just navigate to the directory? For my MinGw installation, I've put the bin directory path in my Environment variables through the system configuration. Have you tried re-installing MinGw? What does your makefile look like? What does the system %PATH% environment variable look like by default?
  4. It looks as though your subnet mask is incorrect along with the autoconfigured IPv4 address: Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address. . : Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . : Typically, it's of the format "192.168.1.###" with the subnet mask being, and most home configurations do not have multiple subnets for obvious reasons. I would attempt to configure a static IP of perhaps something mid-range like "" and set the subnet mask along with all other fields then try again to see if it's resolved. That Autoconfiguration belongs to APIPA
  5. It sounds like this is not an issue with Windows Media Player itself but something else. Windows Media Player fetches content online if you have a network connection available. I would suggest turning that feature off to see if it improves anything for the program itself. I would expect that the issues with web browsing would persist though, so if that's the case, then more investigation is required. Any errors in your EventLog?
  6. You can get a virus from anywhere, but avoiding one comes with some self awareness. Just because she ended up getting a virus that could have been from facebook does not mean that the site itself is bad (nor does it mean I am saying facebook is good, because it is crap). I'm not a facebook user, but any large site like that can be a target host for malicious scripts. The rules are simple though in avoiding a virus otherwise. @Belatucadrus - Just because you don't like PayPal doesn't mean however that other people don't use it. So why neglect that statistic? In doing so, you would potentially
  7. There is no definite rule that certain BBCode tags have to do what they do everywhere. It's simply just a way of parsing a consistent HTML template out of non-HTML text, because allowing users to post using HTML can be a security risk, unless you take real care, when sanitizing user input. There are standard ones; , , , etc... But there's no rule that says has to be italics, as it could be made to mean underline, and you could even have one called [blah123] to do whatever else you wanted it to do. For this to be (100%) beneficial to users here, it would have to be fore the specific BBCode
  8. I wouldn't recommend downloading anything as Windows already gives you the necessary tools to manage startup applications. Anything extra is just clutter in my opinion.
  9. Check your event viewer, could be that it's having problems initiating on startup because of some other conflicting services or startup entries. Can't troubleshoot much without having a place to start, look for any error codes.
  10. Just in case anybody else comes across this thread, here's a good link: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/18976/A-simple-Binary-Search-Tree-written-in-C
  11. The error shown in the image ndicates that invalid system memory has been referenced, and in this case during a write operation. Defective RAM is a common cause for this, so if you've used a utility like Memtestx86 to figure out that one of your cards is bad then that would be the issue.
  12. "WinDG requires .net 4 and an installer" - I think you're referring to "WinDbg" However, I got WinDbg from the Windows 64 bit debugging tools download from Microsoft, and WinDbg was an application readily available without installation inside that Zip file, no installation required. @MANEMAN - Your comment is highly silly and childish, and your attitude is of some kind that I completely have a lack of respect for in a person. You just mentioned to me that anonymity keeps you or me from knowing each other on a larger scale so how can you assume what i'm "looking for" by your section of the
  13. I created this tool a long while back, and recently got to improving it, so here's a demo of my most recent version: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP7en-DFc20 Any feedback if anyone has any further suggestions or just general comments on my program :) Everything multi-threaded to enhance the most optimal functionality of the program in terms of speed for retrieving and creating the data for review. If there was a way to click every last button at the exact same time, all this data could be retrieved at the exact same time on multiple threads which makes it so fast with it's process
  14. Can't edit my post anymore, so i'm forced to write a new one, but the program I made currently has a lot more features in the to-be-released version specific for retrieving information that may be useful for troubleshooting crashes.
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